Watch: Independent Td Tells Dáil The Government 'Don’T Really Give A F**K' - Independent.İe

Watch: Independent Td Tells Dáil The Government 'Don’T Really Give A F**K' - Independent.İe

WATCH: Independent TD tells Dáil the Government 'don’t really give a f**k' -

Independent TD tells Dáil the Government 'don’t really give a f**k'

09/10/2019 17:30:00

Independent TD tells Dáil the Government 'don’t really give a f**k'

Dublin Independent TD Joan Collins was forced to withdraw the word “f**k” after an angry Dáil contribution on the Budget.

EmailMs Collins heavily criticised both Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil for this week’s Budget, which she insisted did nothing for people on low incomes, dependent on welfare, or left homeless.The Independents4Change TD for Dublin South Central hit out especially at Fianna Fáil’s spokesman, Barry Cowen, who she said had jeered left wing parties in his Budget statement on Tuesday in the Dáil.

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“You in Fianna Fáil are easily amused,” she said of the reaction by Mr Cowen’s colleagues.After pointing up what she deemed serious flaws in an uncaring Budget, Ms Collins addressed the two big parties.“You don’t really give a f**k,” she said.The Leas-Cheann Comhairle of the Dáil, Pat The Cope Gallagher, criticised Ms Collins’s use of “unparliamentary language.” He said in all his years at Leinster House the “four-lettered word” was not permitted.

“Let me say, I think you’re above that,” the Dáil deputy chairman said.Ms Collins immediately agreed to withdraw the word saying she had used it in anger. Read more: »

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She Speaks the language of the people, what’s the problem.? Ne'er a truer word was spoken... And with a nice touch of Irish flair too! Dialing up and then Immediately dialing back down the rhetoric. I would consider myself of the same opinion and I'm telling you from my Twitter profile which is as you see is %100 & she's %100. The government don't give a f**k

She's right. Wouldn't she be better selling Oranges down on Moore Street 🍊 You can take the TD out of the ghetto... Well its true It may be unparliamentary but she was right. Nailed it. She’s 100% right no matter what language she says it in Nothing wrong with telling the truth with emphasis. Dáil JoanCollinsTD You're right they couldn't give a f..k about anyone who isn't one of their monied pals!

She's a waste of space. Independents, any cause, any vote Wahoo go on JoanCollinsTD She's right...

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