Vogue Williams says she is ‘thankful’ she was cheated on by an ex

Vogue Williams says she is ‘thankful’ she was cheated on by an ex

26/11/2021 23:45:00

Vogue Williams says she is ‘thankful’ she was cheated on by an ex

Vogue Williams has said that she is “thankful” that she was cheated on by an ex boyfriend.

he 36-year-old TV presenter opened up about her experience on her podcast My Therapist Ghosted Me, which she hosts with her best pal Joanne McNally."I got cheated on and one of the things I really regret - I did call that person out because I found out there was a lot of cheating that had gone on,” she said.

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"I saw one of the girls [her ex] had cheated on me with and I’m raging I didn’t go up to her and be like… I was just going to be like to her, 'You knew... and you still did that'. I kinda regret not doing that."Then I saw something about her, and I had twitchy fingers to be like, 'Oh, well how would you like [it]?

"I find [cheating] outrageous. Even finding out after you're still like, 'Aw man' you feel like an idiot, you feel so disrespected, and you just feel like, 'You know what? I’m f***ing brilliant – why did you do that to me?'"But then actually, as years go on and you look back, you'll be like thank you, thank you. Get them a thank you letter and thank them for cheating on you because I am so thankful." headtopics.com

It came as the duo were discussing hard break-ups.“We all go bonkers when we break up with somebody - stalk them on social, everything like that, you can’t help yourself but dig deep.“When you get dumped, you just go into this like ‘nobody else exists in the world’, even if it's the worst relationship in the world ever you're just desperate to get back with them for a certain amount of time.

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No More Sleeps! The Story of The Late Late Toy ShowVideo of the Day“Now when I look back on certain relationships I'm just like ‘Oh god, thank god that didn't work out’, whereas before you’d be devo,” Vogue said."I'm trying to think about my relationships," Vogue said adding: "But I kind of did the last two dumpings."

"I hate dumping people she said."The media personality was previously married to Westlife singer Brian McFadden.The pair began dating in 2011 before getting engaged in January 2012. They got married in Florence, Italy later that year before separating in 2015. Their divorce was finalised in 2017.

Vogue went on to marry reality TV star Spencer Matthews in June 2018, they welcomed their first child in 2018, and another in 2020. The couple announced that they are expecting their third child in 2021.During the podcast, Vogue asked her best pal to be her new baby’s godmother. headtopics.com

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"Spenny and I have decided that we're going to ask you to be godmother to this one,” she said.Screaming with excitement, Joanne responded: "I'd love to. I'd be absolutely honoured."

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