Varadkar to travel to Áras to resign as Taoiseach

Following the General Election, the 33rd Dáil convened for the first time today but failed to elect a taoiseach.


'Today the Dáil failed to agree on the nomination of Taoiseach': Leo Varadkar says he will tender his resignation to the President tonight, but continue in a caretaking role | Updates

Following the General Election, the 33rd Dáil convened for the first time today but failed to elect a taoiseach.

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Hopefully the last we see of Varadkar but not much hope of what’s coming in either, Michael Martin or Mary Lou,FFS Why does he resign and continue in the role now, rather than do it once he called an election. Does that mean he has to sign on now ? Eamonn Ryan spoke well - constructive & statesmanlike ....

Reduce his salary to that of a regular 'Caretaker' now that he will be officially a caretaker, with responsibility for turning off the lights, checking doors, toilets, waste bins, stationery stocks, and other sundry duties as required. 😜 So long Leo, vulture funds, banks and landlords will sorely miss you 👋👋👋

I hope he’s getting the LUAS About fucking time 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪

Explainer: Leo Varadkar to resign tonight – but nobody is elected to replace him as TaoiseachTHE new Dáil has met for the first time since a seismic general election result delivered a new and fractured political landscape. Great photo by maxwellpix Don't let the door hit u on the ass on the way out Leo and I hope every time u spend a cent of your undeserved pension u see a picture of the people who died on the streets while u wined and dined the rich Thank God LeoVaradkar is resigning. It’s just sicking he still gets a hefty wedge of taxpayers money that he is essentially stealing. Our politicians are so delusional it’s not even funny anymore.

Dáil rejects Varadkar and Martin bids to be TaoiseachTHE Dáil has rejected bids by both Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin to be the next Taoiseach. Excellent. Also in the process of rejecting Mary L & Eamon R, poor headline, irresponsible journalism. Should be corrected when all four votes conclude. ...Mary Lou beats them with 45

Odds slashed on a second General Election in 2020Micheal Martin is still the favourite to become the next Taoiseach at 3/10, while the incumbent Leo Varadkar is second most likely at 13/2

Martin can only survive as FF leader if he becomes Taoiseach, say TDsMicheál Martin can only survive as Fianna Fáil leader if he becomes Taoiseach in the coming weeks, senior TDs have told the Irish Independent. Martin Martin election are over has no one told you yet & unless S/S & Leo lets you become Taoiseach you have to go back to the back of the queue or retire loads of open space on the bog of Allen to retired to & take your sidekick with you any room for Leo to Bye bye Mehole ! It just shows this is all this man cares about, becoming Taoiseach. Not about the people or the country.

Fianna Fail announce negotiating team as they aim to make Martin next TaoiseachFIANNA Fail has announced their Super Six team of negotiators as the party aims to make Micheal Martin the next Taoiseach. The party’s Negotiations Steering Group will be led by deputy leader Dara …

The Irish Examiner View: Reality biting for Taoiseach candidatesFans of reality television may be tempted to break out the popcorn and tune in today to the Oireachtas channel to watch live parliamentary shenanigans, as the 33rd Dáil convenes.

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