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Coronavirus, Covıd-19

Up to 4 million could be vaccinated by end of September

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has indicated that up to four million people could be vaccinated against Covid-19 by the end of September.

14/01/2021 02:15:00

Minister Stephen Donnelly has indicated, in a letter to TDs, that up to four million people could be vaccinated against Covid-19 by the end of September

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly has indicated that up to four million people could be vaccinated against Covid-19 by the end of September.

In a letter to TDs, Stephen Donnelly said the current plan is to to vaccinate 700,000 people by the end of March.The Government is then expected to receive approximately 3.7 million doses from April to the end of June and a further 3.8 million between July and the end of September.

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This would allow up to four million people get the two-dose vaccine by the end of September.However, the minister warned that projections and timelines are constantly evolving."We plan to use these vaccines as soon after delivery as possible," he told TDs.

The Government is aiming to have 70,000 residents and staff in 589 long-term care facilities vaccinated by 24 January.Minister Donnelly said that after the initial phase, there will be a considerable scale-up in the roll out of vaccinations."This will be achieved through partnerships with GPs, Pharmacists and ultimately delivered through Mass Vaccination Centres (MVCs).

"Engagement with GPs and pharmacist representatives is advanced and we expect to conclude terms for their participation in the vaccination programme in the coming days," he said.Meanwhile, the Taoiseach has told a Fianna Fáil parliamentary party meeting that the world would look very different in June when the vaccine roll out was at an advanced stage.

Micheál Martin told party colleagues this would allow room for manoeuvre around decision making at that point.Earlier, Mr Donnelly told the Dáil that the plans to vaccinate 700,000 people by the end of March would cover the top three groups on the prioritisation list - those in long-term residential care (staff and residents), frontline healthcare workers, and those aged over 70.

He also said that a variant of the virus, which was first reported in the UK and is more contagious, now accounts for more than half of all new cases.The latest vaccination figures will be available on the Covid Data Hub from this weekend and regular updates will follow.

Work is also under way to add vaccine numbers to the Covid Tracker App as soon as possible.Fianna Fáil TD Marc MacSharry described preparation and roll out of the vaccine as an "abject disaster and disgrace".He said the European Union failed miserably in getting appropriate supply and he asked if Ireland could have done "side-deals" to secure additional vaccines.

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"The reality is we didn't prepare when we had time to prepare", he told the Dáil.The Government TD said that the vaccine was not "sprung upon as a surprise" and asked that Minister Donnelly "up the game", set some goals and start doing "side-deals".

Sinn Féin health spokesperson David Cullinane said details around the vaccine roll out is "sketchy".He said Opposition health spokespeople were briefed last week that there was and continued to be a lack of detail around mass vaccination centres and staffing levels.

Deputy Cullinane warned Mr Donnelly that a lack of information would be" filled by misinformation".Social Democrats co-leader Róisín Shortall criticised the Government for blaming a variant of the virus first detected in the UK for a rise in cases here prior to Christmas.

Ms Shortall said this was simply not the case and cited reports from the National Public Health Emergency Team, the Chief Medical Officer and the World Health Organization.She said the impact of the new variant is only evident in daily figures over recent days.

Deputy Shortall accused the minister and his colleagues of "talking up the vaccine" before Christmas which, coupled with talk of a meaningful Christmas, led to a false sense of security and we are all paying an "exceptionally high price for that".

The Dublin North-West TD suggested that rather than announce restrictions for a number of weeks, the Government should instead announce a target of daily case numbers and, once a safe number is reached, it could then consider easing restrictions.She also criticised the vaccine roll out, pointing out that there is no "delivery forecast", despite being told that the EU received one from Pfizer. Ms Shortall asked that the forecast be shared.

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She also said there was a lack of detail around IT systems and the staff who would administer the vaccine when mass roll out begins. Latest coronavirus stories Expert warns of risk of infection even after vaccineAn immunologist at Trinity College Dublin has warned that there is still a risk of infection even after receiving a vaccination.

Speaking on RTÉ's Today with Claire Byrne, Professor Luke O'Neill said that while it might be a low level of infection, people could still be transmitting the virus."The good news is you won't get sick if you're vaccinated," he said.

"But there's still a risk that you might still be infectious, so don't think that you can go back to behaving like you used to. You must still keep to all the guidelines."He said there is a "really good chance" that if someone has had the virus, the risk of reinfection is low.

Those who have had the virus already and are in a low-risk group "might step back slightly" until more vaccinations become available, he said."It's very sensible suggestion if supply is the issue, but we hope by then supply shouldn't be the issue and we can just vaccinate everybody as we go along," he said.

"But there is a good scientific basis for saying if you've been infected and you're in a low risk group, you might step back slightly for a few weeks until the vaccine becomes available."Prof O'Neill said the "worst case scenario" would be if the death rate climbs above yesterday's number of 46.

This is the "low point" of the pandemic, he said, and the next several days are critical."We will turn this ship around," he said."The fact that we're all staying home means this has to stop spreading. It's the next seven to ten to 14-day period that will reveal this policy that we're all following. We've just got to keep doing what we're doing."

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Why are we getting different figures. Also the goalposts keep moving. Get your bloody fingers out and do the job you're way overpaid for. 'Could be'..... I'd say he means September 2022 'up to' What a spin! Could Be.. Eight months Time.. Israel 🇮🇱 Will have 8.5 million Vaccinated by end of April 👏 👏 👏

How? Why only 4m? I’m vaccinating as here in the UK and we are doing 2m per week!! 'Could' is the key word here. 😕 Too far away.. pressure should be put on the move this into 1st quarter How is September in any way acceptable when there are 2 vaccines available in the market currently and 1 other hopefully on the way. Talk about a total lack of ambition. What is wrong with the Govt. Give me strength. DonnellyStephen MichealMartinTD LeoVaradkar patphelan

Annabeg Nursing Home in Ballybrack has 32 positive residents and vaccination is not even scheduled. What is going on? Who is doing the prioritizing? Love the way he says could. He knows it wont happen, they're already struggling to keep up with demand. I'd like to know what happens to the vaccine left over from groups who refuse to get it? Will it be let go to waste or start early with the next groups to get vaccinated

This is impossible giving vaccine supply and rollout for starters along with the fact nearly 1 million people combined have asthma, immuno disorders, allergies and other diseases that shouldn't be getting it anyways. Honestly, the answers on here! Anybody would think we were all infected, and millions had died already! Fear is a terrible thing in a person, it's lethal in an almost whole population.

Is that the vaccine that will probably still have us, having to abide with your ridiculous rules, mask wearing, social distancing, et al? One question. What's the point of it all, then? Either he’s lying or delusional We’re a small country. September!!! FFS get the finger out, they should be using the defense forces and rapidly rolling this out not ambing along at a pedestrian rate. The program should be happening 24/7 seven days a week.

Assuming (seems a big assumption at present) 4 million by Sep can be achieved. Its not good enough, when Israel vaccinated 2 million already. coxm1 Stephen Donnelly reckons that nearly four million of us are going to have the vaccine by September 😂😂😂 I won’t be one of those people... not a chance He just keeps doubling the numbers.. this guy is the worlds biggest fuck head

open up the country you insane tyrants Shocking, we are like a third world country, other countries doing that monthly, get it sorted So our mental health has to suffer another year of this shit cos they cant get a simple vaccination administration.. what a joke 😡 Could is a big word. This government are inept in most things so I'm not convident that they'll reach those numbers

Get Michael O'Leary to roll it out. We'd all be vaccinated by next month You guys should have an Irish version of the chase. 🤣🤣🤣 According to this 'vaccination calculator', at a rate of 42K vacs per week, and a 74% uptake, it would take 4.5 years. Slow start..... They're trying to drag this out for as long as possible. Sad really!

Translation, about 10% of that will actualy be vaccinated. Cant trust a single one of these cunts 'Lockdown will be short', piss off They are just trying to drag this out for as long as possible. They get a kick out of all this BS. Of course' these guys in government aren't really losing out in anything really.. Misery guts!

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This is the dream. However, I don’t think I could physically believe a single word that comes out of that idiotic mans mouth. We don’t want the “could”. We want the ‘CAN’ and sooner than September. If england can get up to 13 million by May. We can get 4 million by May They take their time because there is no danger.

Could being the most important word here Today, Minister Donnelly could not give any figues that could be confirmed. We are 10 months into a pandemic that has turned our world upside down. Our government ministers can not talk to each other, communicate as one, and get the information to the public, with facts.

I wrote a letter to Santa asking for Buckaroo in 1976. I have more chance of getting that by Xmas than 4 million vaccinations. How it be dealing with the people in charge DarraBourke8 So we’re expecting restrictions for the whole year again basically! Wow class Why would that many need to vaccinated, young people have probably 50%-95% chance of having no symptoms anyway.

We'll have herd immunity by then ffs 'Could' What year As of thus week 2 million people will have been vaccinated in the UK. Can we go over the border to get vaccinated? I don't want to wait until September! Is it not doubtful that 4 million would take the vaccine so all who want it should have it before then?

If we can’t get 100% normality back why bother? You’ll need to show a clean Bill of health to go anywhere. Where’s people self respect gone? When have you ever talked about your health in public? Why are we the only country affected by a new variant? 🐑🐑🐑 If DonnellyStephen told me that 1. today is Wednesday. 2. it's 13th January and 3. the year was 2021 I wouldn't believe any of the three statements

September Would half of all UK varient cases in Ireland have anything to do with the 40 flights a day into Belfast, before they hopped on buses to the 4 corners of our little 'ISLAND' (4M vacines by September my bollox)!! Very optimistic based on performance so far ... is it not close to 100k doses delivered to date, with a low administration rate here. Denmark is a similar size within EU, so will have a similar delivery schedule and has 3x doses administered (they must be taking it seriously). 👎

Bullshit ferdiewiang Four million where? Be lucky to have 4 million done by the end of the year with our government and the snail pace of our EU overlords. I’m not quite sure how he plans to achieve those number unless the HSE carpet bombs the entire country with vaccines for everyone to self administer.

Donnelly’s vaccine delivery strategy. That's most of the population! Unless they plan to strap people down to jab them I doubt 4 million people will be vaccinated at all. My guess the uptake will be less than 40%. Young healthy people don't need a drug for something they cannot die from. September will be too late for the working population, have you thought about the age group that work & will be without jobs by then.

This is gas half the country won’t be taking the dodgy vaccines never mind 4 million Doesn’t stop you getting covid doesn’t stop you transmitting it, what does it do 🤔 HSE aren't even giving the jab on weekends ffs. Less talking 🤫 more doing 👍🏻 Why it can't be faster? Why this country has no mass vaccination?

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24/7 approach. Get it over and done with and salvage what we can of this year The so called clowns 🤡 over the sea 🌊 have done 2.5 million already and we have been in lockdown longer ....... That 2.5 will do most of our at risk and key workers So the economy the tourists industry and all the kids will just wait? 🇮🇪 we are failing

Unless you are planning on forcing this experimental poison into people you won't be getting anywhere near 4 million lab rats vaccinated. Can we not roll out a vaccine give out in Aldi like the UK are in Asda asking for a friend Indicated his resignation in a letter more like it... 'Up to' and 'could be' being the critical words here I'd like to see the 'More than' and 'will be' version

Can we not look at a 24/7 approach? Just get this done fast Probably talking about next year with how slow it is Good luck with that,I'm not very sure a lot of people trust you lot now,I wouldn't buy a used car off Stephen no to mind take a vaccine that he recommends. September of what year. Because if its to go by the current rate it will be September 2022

Well if he said it, it must be true liesdamnliesandstephendonnelly This year? Is it arriving by snail? 4 million Lmao I’m not taking a rushed “vaccine”