'Unacceptably slow' progress on age barrier for new gardai

'Unacceptably slow' progress on age barrier for new gardai

30/03/2020 01:15:00

'Unacceptably slow' progress on age barrier for new gardai

Progress on plans to review the upper age limit of 35 for new garda recruits has been criticised as 'unacceptably slow'.

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Gardai announce policing measures ahead of midnight lockdown as list of essential workers emergesGardai have commenced a nationwide policing operation this evening to ensure the public comply with new measures put in place to halt the spread of coronavirus. Well publish the list I’ve work at 630 am I dropped food of to a family member, I'm now stuck without. I'll be heading back to home in the morning, no one will stop me. Where was the advanced warning? Absolute shit management of this situation. If ever it was highlighted, that a person who does not have children of their own should be in charge, well now we have it.

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What South Korea can teach Ireland about Covid-19 fightSouth Korea has been lauded internationally for managing to slow the number of new cases of the virus - so what has it done that the rest of the world is not doing, asks MrJustinMac MrJustinMac tests. they did test!!! tests of over 40k here cancelled with no explanation. self isolation in case ur untested positive is biggest nonsense ever. how many ppl have separate locations outside of family home to not to spread it on family? MrJustinMac So we are NOT following this model. SK have an open and transparent system of tracking who has the virus, where they have been etc. Ireland is cloak & dagger from the start. A death in the east, a cluster in the south, 10 cases in the west. We also have restricted testing MrJustinMac Yep I don’t know if we can get that information here they were very shady about this at the start.

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