Trump to call for lifting lockdown in some states soon

24/03/2020 10:29:00

US President Donald Trump has said he will soon call for lifting the lockdown in some parts of the country.


Donald Trump told reporters he would be 'opening up our country to business because our country was meant to be open'

US President Donald Trump has said he will soon call for lifting the lockdown in some parts of the country.

As the number of deaths in the United States from COVID-19 soared to 560, with almost 44,000 declared cases, New York has found itself the US bullseye of the global pandemic.Mayor Bill de Blasio warned New York was just at "the beginning" of dealing with the pandemic as soldiers from the National Guard began converting a convention centre into a facility with hospital beds.

Generally, a person needs to be 15 minutes or more in the vicinity of an infected person, within 1-2 metres, to be considered at-risk or a close contact. In Congress, efforts to advance a nearly two-trillion-dollar rescue of the economy failed for a second straight day after Democrats said the Republican proposal insufficiently protected workers.

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What remains closed is the tiny mind of Donald a Trump. Kick him out. And THAT is how the US becomes the epicentre. Pure show to help keep stock markets floating. Flippin and floppin like a fish out of water! And why is that news RTE muh Trump is bad! Meanwhile Leo left in flights from Italy by and will kill 100s of Irish

Say what nowbit yes and no here,more trump wordery 🤡 🙈🙈 Hotel owners have reason to worry More lies from Fake45 The virus won’t go near Trump because it doesn’t realise that something so stupid could be a living organism.

'Our country is meant to be open': Donald Trump could remove Covid-19 restrictions by next weekTrump said that state governors would have the final say on any measures he introduced. Delightful stuff Genius

He’s a real kind of stupid Here’s a conspiracy for you :) ... DT the putin plant to render the USA ineffective on the world theatre ... as the Chinese allegedly were developing bio weapons. What ever the conspiracy please please follow HSE guidelines here. Fake news, he said it will be open for business when the virus' is defeated Why don't you tell us about his stimulus package, for families and small businesses, mortgage and rent freezes, income tax freeze till July, plus potential cures, could go on, now tell me what's leo doing

Probably the states with Trump hotels right? Note to Ireland: worry more about our problems , thanks Only worried about his businesses losing money. Cos his doctor told him he’s the healthiest president in history he thinks he can’t get it. Though I’m sure the syphilis would kill the corona were he to get it!

They made their bed of nails in Nov 2016 therefore sympathy is in short supply. They really should have impeached and removed him when they had the chance. The death toll is going to be staggering He really is an imbecile Trump is so ignorant. That decision is up to the Governors.

What a dangerous dangerous man!! Business is more important than lives in his world. Governors will make final decisions in their own states! Wow, this guy is senile? Or delusional? Please help us. -America