The Ukraine war in five chapters

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Ireland Headlines News

Russian President Vladimir Putin launched the biggest attack on a European country since World War II when he ordered the invasion of Ukraine on 24 February 2022. Here is a timeline of the main developments

At dawn on 24 February 2022, after repeatedly denying plans to invade Ukraine, Mr Putin announces a"special military operation" to demilitarise and"de-Nazify" the former Soviet country.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky stays in the capital Kyiv to lead the resistance, despite the United States warning that Russia is out to"decapitate" his government. Moscow's troops also attempt to encircle Kyiv and heavily bombard Ukraine's second largest city, Kharkiv, near the Russian border.A month into the fighting, having failed to break through to Kyiv, the Russian army withdraws from northern Ukraine to focus on the east and south.On 2 April, the bodies of at least 20 civilians, some with their hands tied behind their backs, are found lying on a single street in the northwestern Kyiv suburb of Bucha.

Around 2,000 Ukrainian fighters hold out for nearly a month in the city's sprawling Azovstal steelworks before being ordered in May by Kyiv to surrender to the Russians to save their lives.


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Taught nazi were winning

You are full of the stuff that comes out the bulls hole.


Putin is a Vile Deluded Dictator

Hail putin

Rte we pay a licence to you please give impartial coverage of both sides, which you have not done so far, your embarrassing, send journalists to the Donbass

Europe could stop it but they want the war to happen ☺️☺️☺️ everyone knows the truth now.. stop posting fake news lol

A timeline of lies from RTE.

Russia is part of Europe as well, this is a proxy war for the benefit of the war economy. No one sensible in Europe or Russia wants this conflict. Putin was put in a corner by NATO. What kind of reporting is this? Rte is an absolute joke.

Don't care stop reporting on it


Another way to look at it. Imagine the USA armed us in Ireland to fight and slaughter British people in N.Ireland. Gave us , Guns, tanks, bombs and tried disable the region. Wouldn't the UK respond? Dam right... Now, Do you think the UK would consider war with the USA?

It's a pitty EU, US and Ukraine started the war their in 2014 and broke their peace agrement with Russia then by allowing Ukraine slaughter 14,000 citizens in Dumbas who wanted to stay with Russia. EU allowed Ukraine continually bomb them for years while arming them to start ww3

The hypocrisy of the western media

Was it not NATA which started the war ?

Since America invaded Iraq with no evidence of weapons of mass destruction...

Russia is situated in Europe and Asia. Most parts of Russia are also part of Europe . It is wrong that Russia start war against Europe after World War two.Most of the Western media broadcast propaganda news. Because they support Ukraine. Russia and Ukraine both are nasty.

Nato on Serbia?

So the war in Donbass didn’t start in 2014. Well done rte 😂

Propaganda news about war when humans beings are died every day is not, I wish President Regan, Prime minister Margaret, President Gorbachev were still alive they could ends this war peacefully


How many of you cabbages still stand with Ukraine? Where have all the flags gone?

Ammmmm ukraine not a European country ?

What about Yugoslavia🤷‍♂️🤔🤔🤔

We had more footage of the Turkish and Syria earthquake, than we've had of this whole war 🤷‍♂️

Amazing how Ukraine went from the biggest currpt and biggest humans traffickers to a European country within a few years , Ukraine isn't in the EU RTE , in 2014 they were bombing ethnic Russians in Ukraine, because they they identified as Russians,

Keep telling the lies RTE. We know the Truth. And better still alternative media don't accept bribes from Traitors. All of you including your office staff will be held accountable in international military tribunals for crimes against humanity. 19% excess mortality from vax.

Ukraine were attacking Russian speaking areas of Ukraine since 2014. But you didn't report on that did you

There are no nazis in Ukraine 🙄

Ukraine isnt in europe and putin has no interest in fighting with any other country. So let him batter away

Rte continues the propaganda in favour of the neo Nazi puppet regime in Ukraine. One of the myths is that the war started on Feb 24 2022. When in fact the war was begun in 2014 by the American installed puppet gov. when they began killing thousands of civilians in the Donbas

Your propaganda is getting as bad as the nazis used spread theirs. Why aren't reporting the Azov Battalion that were killing russian living in the Donbas pre 2022

The US massacred 98%of native Americans. Who is the badie here.

Inside the meeting halls of the luxury Bayerische Hof hotel in Munich world leaders today pledged to step up military support for Ukraine. But on the streets outside, tens of thousands called for them to stop!

Roderic O'Gorman, hold my beer.

Russia promoted constructive dialog on addressing security concerns. Ukraine and their US pals wanted war.

Everyone knows this whole mess started in 2014 and even before that.

The comments under this are just embarrassing.

“…since the yanks bombed the Balkans” Just fixed that for you there.

Any footage of this war?

Maybe Russia will bomb RTE... That would be Hilarious..

Russian terrorist Putin !!

Well they keep poking at the bear..without forcing peace talks..NATIO wants WW3’s a war we can’t win..

When did they joint Europe

American-backed coup in 2014 RTE?

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