Teen claiming to have virus allegedly spat at garda

19-year-old arrested in Cork after he allegedly spat at a garda while claiming to have the coronavirus

29/03/2020 12:34:00

19-year-old arrested in Cork after he allegedly spat at a garda while claiming to have the coronavirus

A young man has been charged in relation to an incident in Cork where he allegedly spat at a garda while claiming to have the coronavirus.

Gardaí were attending a domestic incident at the Deanrock Estate in Togher at around 2.30am, when the 19-year-old was stopped as he was leaving his home. Gardaí said he became aggressive towards them before spitting at the garda. 

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19 is not a teenager. He's old enough to vote hope they make an example of him.. Bail . In Italy 🇮🇹 or Spain 🇪🇸 this would’ve been 13 months . Bail omg 😮 spitting on a gardainfo . Kids in Fermoy coughing on a senior citizen in Fermoy supermarket the other day and telling her they’d cv19. What happened to them. Bail ... ahh

nicolatallantsw Lock him up. Preferably in a ward with Covid 19 patients and lets see how funny he finds it then.. Despicable low life. His Ma should be very proud of him while posting his bail.. Punish him severely ! Idiots like this guy should be rewarded by a penalty fee so big that he will need to have 10 years loan to pay it 🤨🤨🤨

Wouldn’t be bothered locking the scum up. It’s just a holiday for them. They should be made pick up rubbish or clean wards wearing a sign around their neck saying what they did. Absolute scum of the earth Make him wipe the floors in the morgues dealing with the deceased from the virus. See if he’s laughing then.

Hard labour It's assault without the coronavirus claim so hopefully that young fella sees some jail time. What is wrong with people... This is a minority doing such acts, but it seems to reflect on everyone of this age group. There should be serious consequences. I'd throw him into the coronavirus ward with no protection and see how manly he is then!!!

Deserves a lengthy sentence regardless if he tested or not. Lock him up Hole meet boot There is no need to 'make an example of'. I'm sure there is laws against transporting and releasing infectious diseases, which i hope are dealt with as acts of terrorism. shit apple Pond life. The absolute full weight of the law must be brought to bear on people that behave in this way. Most likely 67 previous convictions, and the judge will release on bail with no custodial sentence. There is little to no protection for the Gardaí in this country.

Whatever way you see it, this is attempted murder. Make sure the harshest of judgments are enforced to deter this from happening anymore. Prison term should be implemented Leave him on Spike Island. What a throughly evil person 😡 My God! These creatures are everywhere. can he be castrated.. seems the best way to stop vermin like this spreading.

Give him a bloody good kicking.. What is wrong with the youth these days. This is our future we are looking at. Also, isn't an attack with a pathogen like biological warfare? Just found the instant solution do this crime. nicolatallantsw An example needs to be made now to prevent it becoming a weapon against all essential/ emergency workers. I suggest 12 months and serve every day no early release.

Lick these disgusting people up. For n indefinite time. Those Gards have family they have to go home to. It’s a vile thing to do and they should be shown no mercy. Keep him locked in a cell for 14 days in quarantine that should make a fine example to others I've said previously, if he tests positive for Covid19 charge him with attempted manslaughter (if theres such a charge).. just a suggestion.

I hope they lock him up and teach him some manners . scum Thinking they should bring that fucker to a hospital and clean out rooms of poor patients that have passed away from this! 5 years! What in gods name is wrong with people would make you despair!! Vile behaviour! Unfortunately you have them everywhere. I'm ready and prepared with my dragon punch if anybody tries it with me.

This type of threat on frontline workers must be dealt with harshly. This is unacceptable behaviour by a small group of feral people. theirishgripe It depends on the background, if he is a recidivist crim or one of our new ethnic minority, compassion or counselling will be provided, on the other hand if this is a one of criminal act, the book will be thrown at this despicable character.

This is the time to drive home the laws. The spit was accompanied allegedly with the comment I have Covid..therefore the intention was to cause harm including possible death. Intent was clear. Lock him up. .so so so sick of the breakdown in society. I hope he got a mother and father of a beating in the barracks

Just shocking hope victims are OK 👍 Ugh throw away the key. A disgrace 19 year old should be charged with attempted murder. As....e His mother must be proud

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Cork man, 19, arrested for spitting in Garda's face and telling them he had Covid-19Gardaí in Cork have arrested a young man after he spat at an officer and told them he had coronavirus.