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Suspected poacher trampled to death by elephant

An elephant has trampled a suspected poacher to death in South Africa's famed Kruger National Park, a spokesman has said

22/10/2021 18:20:00

An elephant has trampled a suspected poacher to death in South Africa 's famed Kruger National Park, a spokesman has said

An elephant has trampled a suspected poacher to death in South Africa 's famed Kruger National Park, a spokesman has said.

An elephant stomped one poacher to death while the others fled before any animals were harmed, Mr Phaahla said."Initial investigations suspect that the deceased was killed by an elephant and left behind by his accomplices," he added.The elephant conveniently spared the man's cell phone, which rangers have turned over to police to aid their efforts to track down his fellow poachers, he said.

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Last year, lions similarly dispatched a poacher in Kruger. That victim's accomplices called an emergency hotline to report him missing.The lions left behind only the man's head, found three days later, Phaahla said.Kruger has been hard-hit by poaching, particularly of rhinos. The park reported in February that its rhino population had plunged by 70% over the previous decade, to just under 4,000.

The park has succeeded in cracking down on wildlife crimes over the last two years, thanks to new technology and increased patrols that have helped apprehend suspects before they kill, Phaahla said.Covid travel restrictions have also given the park a breather.

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At last.. a good news story!! Karma That's a good elephant. great Hope the elephant was released without charge. Karma Great news Me too. 🐘 Glad for the Elephant. He has a right to defend himself. 🤗

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Mon the elephants So the elephant stood in shit. . . . Hope the elephant is OK 🐘 Oh dear. What a shame. Hope it hurt like fuck. Self defence. Yup!! Bad elephant 😂😂😂 Karma ! Not happening nearly as often as it should.. 🐘🐘 Elephant v Man…….elephant won. Don’t think many will have sympathy with the poacher

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Karma. Don’t you just love KARMA Live by the sword, die by the sword. No sympathy for killers Hope elephant is ok Brilliant news Brilliant news Praise be Finally some good news on twitter Karma strikes again Excellent

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Awesome Gwan Nelly Well done. Self defence your honour! Good elephant.! April_1970s another result for Team Elephant. TheEvilGenius3 Good work 👏 Hope the elephant is OK!!!!!!!!! Good for him or her. The poacher deserves it. Ha. They better look after that beautiful elephant. And fair play to the brave men and woman who fight against the poachers. It really is dangerous, they really care. Making a difference. Well done elephant.

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Good Well done that elephant 🐘🐘🐘 Karma Fair play to the elephant! 👍 Elephant shouted tiocfaidh ar la as it went of with a trumpity trump trump Brilliant. Good So karma does exist… This headline will tell lots about how people view the world today. A poacher, father and no doubt poor man was killed today trying to feed his family. Happened lots in the past in Ireland but people have short memories. Read the comments. Kind of sickening.

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Ah well , a poached leg Good for the elephant! No compassion for the poacher over here. At least as a general rule. I hope his family is ok. KINGGG Well done! If this is true, it is great 👍 Fantastic. Good!!!!!

KARMA! 👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾 Sound Great news Love me some karma!! That must be about 50 poachers trampled to death by elephants this year, couldn’t be that many left. Revenge is sweet. . . . Can we let a few loose in Dáil Eireann?

Good heffalump ❤️ Now that's fair game! well done, elephant! The elephant will need a manicure after that, poor crater 😎 Good stuff…. Hopefully happens to more of them. And it’s a Bank holiday weekend!!! Just keeps gettin’ better 🥃 Good news The elephants' claim of self defence was accepted by the court. Case dismissed.

We need to allow policy of getting people off the street by expert both Council and charity lead. These well intentioned amateurs are disrupting this plan. Happy Days 😊 When I lived in Africa, a man used to come to the door selling ivory. He was trying to make a living. He was later shot dead by an Askari for stealing trousers off our washing line. It's easy to be obnoxious about the dead poacher from the comfort of your keyboard in Ireland

Lol! Hurray! Fair play ! Delighted Karma? 🤷🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️ rickygervais will love this 😂😂 Nice one