Stephen Collins: Higgins didn’t follow through on McAleese’s message of hope

President’s decision on partition event has breathed new life into a narrow nationalism

22/10/2021 04:01:00

President’s decision on partition event has breathed new life into a narrow nationalism

President’s decision on partition event has breathed new life into a narrow nationalism

Minister for Foreign Affairs, Simon Coveney and British prime minister Boris Johnson were among those in attendance at St Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh for a service to mark the centenary of Northern Ireland. Video: ReutersPresident Michael D Higgins has made ‘ethical remembering’ a theme of a series of events organised by his office to reflect on events of the past. File photograph: The Irish Times

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The unavoidable absence of Queen Elizabeth from the church ceremony in Armagh to mark the 100th anniversary of partition may have spared the blushes of the deliberately absent President Michael D Higgins, but it has not assuaged the embarrassment felt by all those who believe in a genuine parity of esteem between the two traditions on this island.

What precisely the President found so offensive about the event organised by the four leading Christian denominations in Ireland, billed as a Service for Reflection and Hope, is still not clear but his refusal to attend has raised a number of uncomfortable questions about the commitment of the Irish State to genuine reconciliation. headtopics.com

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Narrow nationalism... Oh ffs. Article in Guardian by Brian Hanley worth a read not this Says the breathing new life into narrow journalism by stirring the (soup?) pot! 🙄 Standard for the Irish times All the good hard work seems to be out the window. Just more of the tired old bs from Collins. He’s like a dog barking at the moon, utterly pointless

It is disappointing how disrespectful the IT has become towards our democratically elected President, the same President who they loudly praised when he stood for election on two occasions . A poll showed 80% of the population supported the president's decision. Quite possibly 90% now given the reaction of the media. Who are out of touch with most people and despised by quite a few of them.

'the blushes of the deliberately absent President Michael D Higgins'. You need to research the role of the President of Ireland. Its a non political role, this was a politically charged event. Clickbait article. Seriously PatLeahyIT irishtimes Pol Biz you're becoming more partitionist than the Indo. Your south Dublin myopia plays well in Milltown golf club but even by your own standards this getting ridiculous !!!

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Who in their right mind would celebrate the partition of their own country? The West Brit Times gets it wrong again. You do not speak for the Irish people. This you? Did he say he would... Collins at it again. How is such partisan, partitionist FG shill who turns out opinion pieces called a political correspondent?

Just cancelled my subscription. Embarrassing journalism! full of ludicrous assertions with usual IT bias. If church leaders in Ireland had wanted to do something to promote reconciliation, they could have chosen so many other events & not one as obviously divisive as a commemoration on partition which was and is a terrible catastrophe.

Will yis give it a rest lads. Stephen Collins' feeble attempt to further stir a pot by using the adjective 'narrow' beside nationalism here. The Irish Times is happy painting the majority that want a United Ireland and didn't support this celebration as short sighted or bigots now? Hadn’t a political bone in their bodies before social media. Armchair republicans looking for attention.

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Southern unionists up in arms. Good Oh bore off Collins. Let's get real here. Imperialist Britain forced partition under the threat of 'immediate and terrible war.' I agree on one thing, Martin McAleese did enjoy looking for things that united....Freeloading the K Club with Jackie MacDonald. The Queen's out now too so go suck an egg, nobody's going to the event and his approval rating rose sharply over the stance.

Basic Irish republicanism is not a 'narrow nationalism' unless you're a corporatized West Brit. Collins, the West Brit annoyed we don't cheerlead partition. IT continuing to maliciously gaslight Ireland, think our subscription will be cancelled next month, as this narrative is quite toxic. Just as toxic as Partition.

It amazes me that some soup takers in Ireland still feel they must apologise for defeating british crown forces & kicking them out of 26 counties of Ireland!! Learn a little dignity!! think32 🇮🇪🇮🇪🇮🇪💪😀👌👇 Must every envelope opening marked ‘Peace’ be attended? Like a stick of rock, this event had ‘politics’ writ through it. None so blind as those who will not see… The presence of the current British PM alone mocks all those who believe in true peace and social justice.

Yet again, proving their 🇬🇧🇬🇧 rooted agenda by vilified publications regarding a decision made by the democratically elected President of our country which was supported by 80% of the electorate. WOW! Woke generation thinking we should be sorry for the wrongdoing of others..I never like Higgins but I'd be 100% in is camp ( no pun intended ) on this one..sure didn't Donaldson say if international agreements aren't working they should be scrapped and obviously partition isn't.

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