Some parents say they ‘won’t send children to school’ if they have to wear a mask

Some parents say they ‘won’t send children to school’ if they have to wear a mask

27/11/2021 00:15:00

Some parents say they ‘won’t send children to school’ if they have to wear a mask

Some parents of primary pupils may not send their school if they have to wear a mask, according to the National Parents’ Council Primary (NPC).

he council has received more calls on this than any other issue, with at least 1,300 logged by mid-afternoon today, according to NPC CEO Áine Lynch.The Indo Daily: Chaos in the classroom - Covid, kids and antigen kits“No one rang to say they were happy; they were all saying they were very upset, very concerned” said Ms Lynch.

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The Government has yet to take a decision on the recommendation from Nphet that children from third class up should wear masks, and the Cabinet will discuss it on Tuesday.Ms Lynch said a recommendation or advice on mask wearing for children was one thing “but a situation that takes choice away from parents would be a problem.”

She said they would “hate to see that, after working so long to keep schools open, something would happen that would create a situation where parents would feel that they didn’t want to send their children to school.”Post-primary pupils are required to wear masks, with exemptions for students with certain medical conditions or because of an additional need, but Ms Lynch said the calls they received were not confined to parents of such children.

She said parents wanted to know the reason for such a dramatic change because there was no evidence provided that anything has changed for young children.“They haven’t been given any new evidence, they have just been told that it was recommended by Nphet. I have never seen parents so exercised. They are saying if it happens they won’t send their children to school.”

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She said the recommendation was made without a review by the expert group in the Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA), which had previously advised Nphet against mask wearing for primary aged children.Ms Lynch said there was “very good evidence based reasons as to why young children don’t need to wear masks and in a lot of cases where young children should not wear masks.”

Ms Lynch said parents were having difficulty with, on the one hand, Nphet saying that schools were safe and that transmission was in the community, and then recommending mask wearing by children“Where is the evidence to say that mask wearing is the thing that will make the difference.” she said.


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Primary teachers union into threatened to close schools unless mask wearing was brought in. Misdirected anger towards the govt this time. Parents are angry and they don’t even know why Why not go ahead and put pillowcases over their heads and waterboard them to death? At least they won't get covid. First masks... then jabs... then kids certs... then jabs every 3/4 months... for healthy children. What is the point? If you are triple vaxxed and wear masks and your kids, why bother what others do? CHOICE

They can home school them so My God, its just a mask! It'll help protect us all (in case people forget that there are OLDER ADULTS in the school setting).. What is your problem folks.. Kids aren't precious snowflakes and are quite capable of wearing them.. 🤬 I'm fact, they know they should be.. Crazy. Our kids in Ontario have worn from age 4. No problems. 500 cases in a population of 14 million. Age 5-11 Vaccine rollout this week. Kids adapt if Parents are calm. This allows kids to physically attend School and Parents to work.

Definitely won't.. its disgusting Gotta hand it to Norma, solved overcrowded classrooms in one fell swoop. She will have it down to a 1 to 10 ratio soon the way she's going Some parents are thick as pig shit I'd have to agree with them Oh now we get to use the line “stay at home and let everyone else get on with life” 😁😁😁

Covid-19: Extra measures for children loom as concern turns to new variantNphet advises that children aged nine and over should wear face masks in school This is ridiculous USA and Canada already vaccinating children. Austria to begin on Monday. Why are we waiting until end of December? Advice is just that. Advice. It can and should be ignored.

Just send them to school and tell the kids they have a choice to wear a mask. The state can't refuse kids in the school. I wear a Mask in work all day!! And I get headaches and feel so tried and very dizzy. There is no way I will have my little girl go though that! Children need to breathe and to see smiles, this is gone to far now!!!

By choice my kids would rather wear a mask in School than risk more home schooling. Not sure how it will work for kids who wear glasses particularly if the classrooms are cold. Well done to them parents Brilliant.Smaller classes.Better attention from the teacher and your child is a bit the parents who say masks are silly are possibly the type that won't get vaxxed so no loss there.

The masks are just another coercive measure to pressure parents into jabbing their kids. Show us the data to support their effectiveness first. It's all about the 💉💉💉💰💲💵💸 People who support masks on children either have none or hate their own. It’s really that simple. I don’t care if he has to wear a turbin and a facemask, he’s going to school.

Let then dumb then.

Nphet recommends all children over nine wear masks in schools, shops and on public transportAll children over the age nine will be asked to wear masks in schools, shops and on public transport, according to the latest recommendations from the National Public Health Emergency Team (Nphet). No Not going to happen, ridiculous thinking masks are the 'silver bullet' FFS But I thought that for the past 16 months you were saying that schools are safe?

Concerned parents could have sent their kids to schools in masks all this time. All the hypochondriacs here could have had their kids in masks for months (doing their bit). They didn’t! Why? Because it’s the segregation they want. The bullying. Their way. They’re mentally ill. If masks is so protective, why we have more cases? Why do you feel sleepy after long time were of masks? Why is hard to breath? Why is my son in secondary school complaining about headache? Why is throat irritated after masks? Those mask wouldn't pass dust test!

Shame on the government , muzzling our children. If this is introduced, a line has been crossed and I will never vote for FF or FG again, no matter the candidates. Crazy people on this,masks are bad for your health after wearing it for many hours a day,also isnt good to your immune system and doesn't stop ya getting infected as told by Many in 2020,do ye also believe politicians are honest 🤣

Some parents may have reasons SOME parents just look for excuses Good. It's about time there was refusal to participate in these theatrical displays. All school children over six years of age wear masks in schools in Italy. I work as a primary school teacher and it really isn't an issue. Kids very compliant and understand completely the reason.

Some parents need to grow up, people are dying from Covid 19 every day, just because they are growing frustrated and tired of it, does not mean the virus has gone away. Great ... we all know its far more more than some

NPHET recommends masks in schools from 3rd class upThe National Public Health Emergency Team has recommended the wearing of masks for primary school children from 3rd class upwards, with the move reviewed in mid-February. morningireland Just tell them it's Halloween everyday! They'll love it! Goes against nature laws. The senses should not be restricted. Poor fuckin kids. Parents stand up would ye. Besides abortion, RTEs most successful campaign yet, to muzzle young children.

Really, so we still have any parents left who see the evil in forcing children to wear useless masks. Hope, perhaps Home education. The best way. Schools are not a good environment for children. Certainly not with masks and policies now. I wont have my daughter injected with a vaccine that we know fuck all about. 🖕🖕🖕

They should all not send their children masks are a joke The very youngest kids in school in Spain wear problem to them. Let those anti-maskers who wish to keep their kids out of school just stay home and school them themselves. They're happy...and the kids of people who are responsible can carry on as usual. Safer all round

I am one of those parents. Mask my child, I will physically hurt you. 100% I'm one of them Yes maybe but MANY more will be relieved and happy to send them in with masks. Majority of parents understand that schools right now are riddled with covid and want to protect their children from being exposed. Let the antimaskers keep their kids out if they wish.


NPHET say kids should avoid indoor activity and wear masks in schoolThe recommendations were made in the latest letter from Dr Tony Holohan to the Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly on Thursday evening

Based Let all the parents who want to force their kids to wear masks all day long in class in order to comply with the absurd thinking of so called health experts go ahead and be part of government abuse in primary schools. Good Its all facke I think kids are more adaptable and accepting than some of the adults. Depriving education of their children does them no benefit. I think put your trust in the teachers they will know how to handle it.

Great the other kids will benefit from a reduction in class numbers 👍👍 If my Autistic Daughter who also has cerebral palsy and epilepsy can manage to wear a mask in school all day and not complain because she understands its necessary then all other kids can too. Stop being so bloody selfish. You can pretty much start any sentence with 'some parents'.

My 3 kids will not be going to school . As long as they have to wear a mask .

NPHET expected to consider increased mask wearingThe National Public Health Emergency Team meets today and is expected to consider proposals around increased mask wearing at outdoor events and possibly in primary schools. Tony Holohan Covid-19 failure checklist ✅ Lockdowns ✅ 2km travel zone ✅ Cocoon eldery ✅ Close non essential retail ✅ Mask wearing adults ✅ €9 immunity meal ✅ Outdoor dining ✅ No singing ✅ No foreign travel ✅ Hotel Quarantine ✅ No Dancing ✅ Vaccines ✅ Boosters Disband NPHET immediately RTE have just completely stopped pretending that NPHET are an 'advisory body to the Government' and report their briefings as essentially a Papal Bull.

Talks on latest NPHET recommendations to get under wayNPHET has recommended the wearing of masks for primary school children from third class upwards until the middle of February Until middle of February after which they’ll recommend it forever These people are monsters, imposing restrictions based on (at best) questionable science Start with this 🖕🖕🖕 and end with this 🖕🖕🖕 Dieve mano jus blet visai isprotejote🙉