Some candidates jump the gun on election posters

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Before Taoiseach LeoVaradkar had even formally announced he was seeking the dissolution of the Dáil, election posters were springing up. |

The Taoiseach @LeoVaradkar team putting up posters before the Dáil has been dissolved? #dubw @rtenews @VirginMedia_One @IvanYatesNT @PatKennyNT @RyanTubridyShow

The rules for election posters are covered in section 19 of the Litter Pollution Act 1997 and the Electoral Act 2009.


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LeoVaradkar That sign is illegal under Road Traffic Act 1961, Section 95, Subsection 14 (a) -regardless of when it goes up. As it is purposely made to look like an official traffic warning sign. carrie_smyth putting lives at risk for her own financial gain. Sickening desperate tactics. SCUM

LeoVaradkar Good on the council. They shouldn't be allowed put up posters anyway. What a waste of tax payers money and plastic.

LeoVaradkar How well you record a labour poster going up Leo was also one if the offending parties with posters up and photos on FB.

LeoVaradkar Polling order required before poster go up.

LeoVaradkar All posters should be banned, full stop.

LeoVaradkar And these guys want to serve the country? They deliberately and knowingly flout the rules...

LeoVaradkar Great move by Kevin, you wont get more publicity than the 6 o clock news. Epie move my man.

LeoVaradkar I was in Manchester during the election campaign last month! I saw one tiny poster in a front garden near Wythenshaw! Otherwise there wasn’t a poster to be seen anywhere! Why do we have to litter lampposts with them?

LeoVaradkar The scourge of never ending political posters begin 🙄🙄

LeoVaradkar Anyone who says that posters have no impact should look at this case study.... posters and ladders have s long tradition in elections in Dublin south east now in Dublin bay south GE2020 KHumphreysDBS carrying on that tradition...

LeoVaradkar They absolutely should be banned....I hate them...

LeoVaradkar Will those cut down be recycled DubCityCouncil? If not, is it because they are made of non-recycleable material?

LeoVaradkar Typical run by LeoVaradkar best friend WilliamsJon Leo the first to put up illegal posters but tweet written like he was innocent in all this! This is the bullshit that we will get from RTÉ until the election is over! FG did well to pay them before the election

LeoVaradkar The thing I hate the most about elections is the unnecessary use of plastic posters. Has anyone really looked at one of these posters, saw the creepy smiling polititan and said to themselves 'that's exactly who I'm voting for!'. Seriously, what is the point of posters in 2020..


LeoVaradkar Thank god, but fines aren’t out of he’s pocket unfortunately. They are an eye sore on our Main Streets.

LeoVaradkar The posters are an eye sore and are obviously bad for the environment. Should be banned. Also sick of having to drive past so many faces only a mother could love 😬

LeoVaradkar Good old Liebour. This was their top priority. It is the only way they will ever top the polls.

LeoVaradkar LeoVaradkar has his poster up in Castleknock first thing this morning apparently. Didn’t see his getting taken down.

LeoVaradkar I would love to know if anyone has ever voted for a party because they seen their posters, seems like a waste of resources to me

LeoVaradkar How come ye used labour posters and not Leo's. Is it because ye wer told not too?

LeoVaradkar But were Leo's removed

LeoVaradkar Don't see dccc taking down any of LeoVaradkar posters. Some of which were erected in areas outside his constituency

LeoVaradkar Is it first past the post Or first up the post..

LeoVaradkar Are DUBLIN council expecting snow

Down with Liebour

LeoVaradkar It’s the cable ties left over afterwards.

LeoVaradkar Not bothered about who I vote for this time but maybe best strategy is first posters I see mark them off my list.

LeoVaradkar Typical......

LeoVaradkar I Won’t be voting for that party anyways.

LeoVaradkar time to get varadker out notmytaoiseach gethimout

LeoVaradkar Including his own. Were they taken down by Fingalcoco ? ge20

LeoVaradkar Kevin humphreys - no surprise. He’s got precious little else to do.

LeoVaradkar Is there a fine for this ?

LeoVaradkar Hey gardainfo DubCityCouncil RTE caught KHumphreysDBS of the labour party littering. What's the fine 🤔

LeoVaradkar Were Leo's ones taken down? 🤔

LeoVaradkar Can the next Dail bring in a law to ban this, there's no need for these hideous things to be all over the country, plus they are surely not good for the environment

LeoVaradkar LeoVaradkar posters were going up in Castleknock at lunchtime, before he even went to Áras an Uachtaráin.Election2020

LeoVaradkar Leo me aul pal theres loads of them gone up all over Ongar today too

LeoVaradkar His head was up on poles all around Ennis as of yesterday evening. Surely they should only go up AFTER an election date has been set?

LeoVaradkar Labour, can't even put up their posters right! Would you give them your vote?

LeoVaradkar Well, that did not last long, did it 😂

LeoVaradkar Is Leo a prick?

LeoVaradkar LeoVaradkar did the same how about you show that to

LeoVaradkar This is a form of littering....

LeoVaradkar That's how I decide who to vote for....first one to get the election posters up 🙄

LeoVaradkar What a set of wallies 😂😂

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