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Solidarity call for Travellers during Covid-19 outbreak

Pavee Point is running an online campaign for people to show solidarity with the Traveller and Roma communities during the pandemic

08/04/2020 08:41:00

Pavee Point is running an online campaign for people to show solidarity with the Traveller and Roma communities during the pandemic

Since the introduction of Covid-19 restrictions, concerns have been raised about the difficulty of self isolation in some communities, including the Traveller and Roma communities.

Those concerns extend to the Traveller Community, particularly those living on sites with limited facilities.Today is International Traveller and Roma Day and the representative body for the Traveller and Roma communities in Ireland is running an online campaign for people to show solidarity with them during the pandemic through the hashtag #TravellerandRoma2020 

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Pavee Point said there are cases of Covid-19 among Travellers nationally and a number of them are in critical care.However, without an official ethnic identifier - something Pavee Point has called for previously – it is difficult to see the impact of the virus on the community in terms of data.

What they do know is that the conditions in which the Travelling and Roma communities live makes them vulnerable. The Travelling Community experiences higher levels of chronic disease such as asthma, stroke, heart disease and respiratory disease and live in over crowded conditions, even when they are in standard housing. 

The National Roma Needs Assessment carried out in 2018 showed that 45% of Roma surveyed did not have enough beds in their accommodation. Almost 3,000 Travellers live in unofficial sites or on the side of the road without access to running water, electricity and toilets.

This makes cocooning, self-isolation and hand washing particularly difficult.Despite the difficulties a Department of Housing circular has led to some local authorities working well with Traveller organisations to help isolate those who may have symptoms. 

Efforts are being made to find prompt and practical solutions on existing sites. Where they are not possible, it has been suggested that local authorities work with the families involved, to move residents to alternative accommodation on a temporary basis.

Extra caravans are being brought on to some sites to help isolation but for Travellers on the side of the road, Pavee Point said is not aware of extra caravans for self-isolation.The Tallaght Travellers Community Development Project is keeping in contact with the community through its Facebook page.

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Key individuals on sites have been nominated to provide information, food parcels and hand hygiene kits when they are available.Its co-ordinator Patrick Nevin said Traveller men are being encouraged to take on the challenge of Covid-19 by protecting families and loved ones. 

They are being asked to stay at home, stay safe, stay well and to stay still."This is not a time for movement or nomadism", he said. Members of the Travelling Community who are located on the side of the road during the current restrictions cannot be moved as they are included in the ban on evictions.

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Eh no, we won't be doing that, thanks anyway hun Hundreds of travellers turned up at Crosstown Graveyard in Wexford on Saturday. Zero social distancing. Left a load of litter behind them showing absolutely no solidarity to their fellow citizens. Could not care less Would that they comply with the requirements.

Respect , much like solidarity, is earned MagdaDavitt77 8TFU MagdaDavitt77 So many. And Jesus wept ..... Solidarity is much like respect. Its earned, not given. How about they stop threatening to cut peoples heads off and blow places up first. Unfortunately they do what they want at will and use the ethnic card as an excuse

How about travellers show solidarity with the rest of Ireland by acting like human beings instead of animals? MagdaDavitt77 Rule. Yes boss _IHREC Everybody deserves support in times of crisis. Even those bigots & hate-mongers tweeting here. Littering, theft, tax-avoidance & flouting social distancing regulations abound among the sedentary population too, y'know. Especially at this time, shame on you. Stay safe.

Collen Co Louth 2 weeks ago. They have a point, I can see how everybody staying at home would cause problems. Thoughts and prayers.. Have they registered their solidarity with VAT/PAYE/CAT/CGT/PROPERTY TAX? Imagine how much better our country would be without these vermin. This is comedy gold, not one positive comment about our traveller cousins.... everyone can’t be wrong!!! PaveePoint

It hasn't affected them in rathkeale huge gatherings of them there. Let the Covid burn through them. Country would be a lot safer place then. I’ve never seen a Twitter feed in such total and absolute agreement. What a joke They were doing just fine 2 nights ago in my local park. This was only half of them

We’re all Irish ! I hope they are all safe what was pavee point's position on the hair-cutting gathering that took place in Rathkeale last week - totally ignoring social distancing guidelines - solidarity requires both sides to engage!! Stop stealing, littering and being all round toe rags, then get back to us about it👍

Good aul pavee point MagdaDavitt77 Have you seen this? Roma? Organised begging and conning over 70s is more difficult now, poor things. What a load of shite, there was a traveller funeral in New Ross Co Wexford last week and about 200 of them showed up, not much social distancing going on there and the Garda too afraid to do anything about it. They get far too much solidarity as it is.

marymhealy Maybe when they obey the law like everyone else and account for their money, cars, houses, considering none of them work No problem, when they show solidarity with others by respecting them & their property and perhaps an idea make a contribution by paying taxes like everybody else. Fair is works both ways.

Thank God you've highlighted this. I was worried about the poor boyos. With their bare knuckle fighting, burglaries, roofing scams, social welfare fraud, littering, and general hostile attitudes, we need to protect the vulnerable in our society. How about no Show solidarity,are they for fuing real,what about asking the people they represent to show solidarity with everyone else when it comes to feuding and crime and holding funeral processions up through a village when the public guidelines of ten people only are ignored.

They showed solidarity in Cork last night didn't they. In fairness travellers have always called to my elderly neighbour's. With everyone at home, Traveller culture has become really difficult!! We should all agree a time during the day to vacate our houses, so they have a chance to culture some of our property

If the Romani wasn’t in Dublin/Ireland pickpocketing they could be safely self-isolating In their mansions back in Romanian. Politely Ram it 👍🏻 Aww no thanks and calling this news please Any chance of Travellers showing solidarity with settled folk, and to stop stealing from farmers and elderly country folk? Or to stop bringing slash hooks to funerals

How about they show solidarity and stop littering up the place and start obeying the law. No problem with that as long as they are showing solidarity with the rest of society. It does not seem to be the case so far. Lol Looks like Twaddell Avenue all over again.

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