Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace, Thames Valley Police

Winston Churchill, Blenheim Palace

Solid gold toilet worth €5.4m stolen from palace in UK

Earlier reports had said the toilet was worth an estimated £1m


Earlier reports had said the toilet was worth an estimated £1m

An 18-carat solid gold toilet stolen from Blenheim Palace in the UK has been valued at €5.4m, its chief executive has said.

He said: "We have a very sophisticated security operation and we have not had an incident like this in living memory.

A 66-year-old man has been arrested over the incident and the palace was closed to the public on Saturday.

"We believe they used at least two vehicles during the offence and left the scene at around 4.50am.

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Blenheim Palace flooded after thieves steal €1.1million solid gold toiletTHIEVES have stolen a €1.1million solid gold toilet in a 5am raid at Bleinheim Palace today. Cops are searching for the loo swiped just two days after the 18-carat masterpiece went on display at Wi…

Golden toilet - worth £1m - reportedly stolen from palace - Independent.ieA golden toilet worth £1 million has reportedly been stolen from Blenheim Palace .

Golden loo stolen from Blenheim PalaceA golden toilet worth around €1.1m and installed as part of an art exhibition at Blenheim Palace in the UK, has been stolen 1.1million on a gold toilet that's been stolen. we don't have money for the homeless,children sharing beds with parents/siblings. Children hungry. No room for children with additional needs.we have money for a toilet made of gold. Please explain what I'm missing? Disgusting that such an item would even exist.

Solid gold toilet worth over €1 million stolen from Winston Churchill's birthplace | Thames Valley Police believe 'at least two vehicles' were used, and an investigation is now underway.

Toilet made out of gold stolen from palace in EnglandPolice issued an appeal in an attempt to flush out the thieves.

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