Health Minister, Simon Harris

Health Minister, Simon Harris

Simon Harris: 'Racism disgusts me, but protests that don't support social distancing are not possible'

Simon Harris: 'Racism disgusts me, but protests that don't support social distancing are not possible'

02/06/2020 23:58:00

Simon Harris : 'Racism disgusts me, but protests that don't support social distancing are not possible'

The Heallth Minister said he understood the motivations of protesters and “would have been there with people in normal times”.

Yesterday, thousands marched through Dublin – from the GPO to the US embassy – in a show of solidarity to anti-police brutality and anti-racism demonstrators in the US.Due to the size of the crowds that gathered, social distancing wasn’t possible which has led to concerns about health and safety in the midst of a global pandemic.

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Gardaí said this evening that they were investigating potential breaches of Covid-19 regulations at the demonstration.Speaking this evening, Harris said “I know how emotional the issue is”.“Racism is a sick virus in and of itself, it disgusts me and makes me feel ill to the pit of my stomach, it has no place in society, no place in this country, no place in this world.

“But mass gatherings and are not possible because we have to do everything we possibly can to keep each other safe. I fully understand the motivations of people’s protest, I would have been there with people in normal [times]. We’re all sickened by racism – but mass gatherings that don’t practice social distancing, at the moment, are not possible. When asked about the issue at this evening’s Department of Health briefing, Chief Medical Officer Dr Tony Holohan said that the ban on mass gatherings is in place is “because we think that can increase the risk of transmission of this virus”, which represents a risk to life to a certain cohort of the population.

Notwithstanding your sense of feeling… now is not the right time to be attending events that have the potential to become mass gathering, if many more like-minded people like you, however well-motivated, attend. #Open journalism No news is bad news Support The Journal Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to you

Support us now“So I’d be asking people to exercise judgement in their decisions to attend, on the basis of them becoming essentially impromptu mass gathering events.” Read more: »

Racism is a pandemic sir, it needs as much attention as Covid-19. There were no hesitations putting procedures in place to fight the coronavirus. Why wait to fight the deadly virus that is racism? It is also a global pandemic. Oh so racism disgusts you, bull, why do you and your cronies continue to force people to exist in direct provision?

I cannot abide Simon Harris. I did not spend the last two months cooped up in my house just so a thousand or more people could casually flout the rules with the Taoiseach's endorsement. The lockdown rules have zero legitimacy as of now And you Harris disgust me. Our elderly being treated appallingly and dying in nursing homes disgusts me but Simon Harris reigned over that.

But SimonHarrisTD it is possible because it did happen! It was not stopped by Gardai and the Taoiseach tweeted his approval of it. And TDs took part too! Will there be any sanction against them? rtenews They're a joke now. Either large gatherings are allowed or they are not. Viruses don't care about causes.

And yet not only have mass protests already taken place, but more are planned for this Saturday He says, as part of the establishment that is the whole reason we need these protests in the first place Outrage over Gemma O’Doherty and her crew of nut jobs ( about 10 people) gathering outside the high court.....but no problem with thousands protesting the killing of George Floyd in the city centre..really can’t blame people getting frustrated with the double standards going on.

When will you realise that apart from FGers and sheeple who are living in lalaland nobody cares what you say,you are incompetent and out of your depth No social distancing = no protests. It’s really simple Simon. Go back to school before you do anymore damage. There will be no consequences. Containment of covid has lost all political legitimacy, started with LV’s picnic, now it’s just gone.

Well they are and your boss has endorsed them Racism is disgusting..but in reality it seem ok now to protest so..But not ok to return to work and visit your social distancing between strangers is ok as long it's a protest but with family a big no no..wake up Ireland to this maddness not possible well it seems I was watching the impossible then 🙄🙄

This all started when nothing happened with the O'Doherty/Waters supporters. That should never have been allowed. Similarly, this gathering should not have been allowed despite it being a show of solidarity against racism. Harris retweeted Leo's 'Racism is a virus' tweet, but now that the winds of public opinion seem to have shifted and with rumors swirling that a riot is planned for Dublin next weekend, everyones favourite former pro lifer moves to cover his posterior.

Except for Gemma’s lot. Then why did your party vote against rescuing refugees in the European parliament, why are you warehousing people of colour for private profit & then deporting many after years of pain in an open prison, why have your party mistreated Travellers? - piss off with your bullshit. They clearly are possible as it was already done! What he's saying now is that nobody should protest against him and his party's actions. Never can tell it straight them government spinsters.

Bit late Simon! George Clooney: Racism Is Our Pandemic And In 400 Years We’ve Yet To Find A Vaccine 🙊🙉🙈 endthelockdownfarce the protest was the unofficial end of the lockdown and more protest planned the weekend. If racism disgusted him he wouldn't be supporting Direct Provision. p5ychologist This new Irish govt. line that ‘racism is a virus’ is verging on the ridiculous now. Read some history please!

Shut up .... take care of the elderly and vulnerable ppl you ignored for weeks and weeks ffs :..... Hilarious - good thing he wasn't around in 1916 or the war of independence!!!!! Bit late .. damage is done .. prep for in infection spike next week .. ffs. What Mr 19 Covids says is completely Irrelevant to normal people

Good old dependable Simon, gauging the nation before commenting what most said yesterday. All the people protesting yesterday are scum bags and are fools for protesting about a foreign police force. What utter morons to see how these muppets could jump on any bandwagon even during a pandemic , they should be dealt with harshly

Is that it? That is all you are going to say? You're only a day too late. Are there still people following the B.S. social distancing sh!te? Meelymouth And what you’re going to do about it? Nothing😂😂😂😂 Leo support the protest last night with his tweet Talk about seeing what direct the wind is blowing in

This movie is crazy SimonHarrisTD We need a stronger answer than this more protests planned for the 6th SimonHarrisTD bit too late for that dude... hope none of those idiots are carriers... otherwise we are f🤬🤬ked... now u should hold phase two and taste them all... the garda knew this was happening they must off, but were afaid of back lash if they broke it up

The gardai were there and done nothing, so what are you going to do about it So what did the Gardai so about it ? CharlieFlanagan

Thousands gather for anti-racism protest in Dublin city centre | JOE.ieThere's been a huge turnout in solidarity with the BlackLivesMatter movement in Dublin I see a covid jump in the morning. Justice for George! All lives matter! Mass gatherings are currently banned so if these protesters spread the virus and 5 people die! Is that okay? Where is the garda, this is a mass gathering. dohertyeoghan The lack of social distancing is truly disturbing.

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