Coronavirus, Health

Coronavirus, Health

Shipment of PPE supplies arrives here from China

Aer Lingus plane carrying shipment of personal protective equipment (PPE) equipment from China lands back at Dublin Airport

29/03/2020 17:22:00

Aer Lingus plane carrying shipment of personal protective equipment (PPE) equipment from China lands back at Dublin Airport

The Aer Lingus A330 carrying a shipment of personal protective equipment (PPE) equipment from China has landed back at Dublin Airport.

It is the first of 10 flights to Beijing to deliver PPE to Ireland as part of a €208m deal.The Health Service Executive has said that around €30 million of PPE equipment has already arrived in Ireland from a number of destinations across the globe, including from China.

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The supplies have been flown in as the death toll from Covid-19 in the Republic of Ireland rose to 36.So far, 445 out of almost 2,000 cases of the virus analysed here are associated with healthcare workers and there is concern they will not have the proper equipment to protect themselves, as they work in the coming days and weeks.

Minister for Health Simon Harris and the HSE have said there is a global shortage of such equipment.The Department of Health has now spent more than €200m on sourcing extra PPE supplies from China.The normal annual spend would be around €15m.

The shipment from Beijing, worth around €28m, landed in Dublin Airport this afternoon.The Aer Lingus plane flew out to China yesterday and the Department of Foreign affairs posted pictures on social media of equipment crated up and ready to load onto the plane.

Minister Harris said the HSE would begin distributing the masks, gowns and eye shields from this evening. Ten more flights are due to deliver equipment over the coming days. 🇮🇪Amb Eoin O'Leary thanking Mr MU Hong, GM of 🇨🇳 Resources Group as vital Personal Protection Equipment 😷 are crated up for our friends in @AerLingus ✈️ for delivery to front line health service staff 👨🏼‍⚕️👩🏻‍⚕️all over Ireland

— Irish Foreign Ministry (@dfatirl) March 28, 2020 Separately, the HSE held a media briefing this morning at the Citywest Hotel and Conference Centre. Read more: RTÉ News »

ProfJohnCrown CillianDeGascun simoncoveney SimonHarrisTD how will these PPE items be assessed for efficacy? Are the masks NIOSH or CE certified? Thank you AerLingus Yeah, full of CHINA pox Ah brilliant, hopefully they are not faulty and will protect frontline staff Why not add 'along with other passengers being brought from other parts of theWorld with potential to be carrying the Virus'

That GREEN plane says it all AerLingus Iconic, our history. Thank you Welcome home and go racing maith agat xs Breaking Bad was brilliant. Shane Ross was there to congratulate Percy Protective on his success in the Olympics Owwweeee Is Shane ross there to meet it? With this influx of additional PPE ensure that all Nursing Home staff are included and prioritised.

ivanabacik Let's hope it's not the recent substandard junk China sent other EU countries that had to be sent back to China. Reports of 80% of the exported Chinese test kits and PPE failing. KateEganRTE 🙌🏼🙌🏼 Well done to you all. Thank you 🙏🏼 That we paid for and many more to come.... we need to be able to produce our own PPE gear in the future as this virus scenario continues being a constant issue. Sustainable in the for our own countries health.

Nice €28 million for China who caused the whole pandemic!!🤬🤬 Fuck China! China lied people died and then we paid them for it! Great news. I'm glad for those nervously awaiting PPE. Every bit helps. Strength to u all. 💖 Who giiiiiives a fuuuuuuck!!! Test the PPE is security before use. Pilots might be required to be on stand by, to go back to China I pray I am wrong this time

Genuine question. Is a passenger aircraft, with all seats in place, the most efficient way of transporting air freight? RonanLowry thanks, you are a sound lad x Huge well done to the Aer Lingus crew and all those who made the flight possible thereby helping to save lives. This is a warning for the future. The EU urgently needs to become self-sustaining in critical areas. Ireland also needs to look to itself.

Thank you AerLingus Saw the plane coming in to land when I was out walking 🙌🏻 Irish government doing deals with the country who infected the world? How wonderful thank you to everyone in Beijing and thank you AerLingus Everyone! 🌻 HEARTFELT THANK YOU! 🙏 let's hope these one's aren't recalled for being faulty 🙄

brexit_sham Is China going to charge for this or is it a down payment on the reparations they owe us..? (Just saying) CoronaUpdate KINGKAVOSTYLE1 real pic Send it back Now to get them quickly to all our frontline staff. So emotional about this Are all the government lads out there for photos? KarlvKtrading

First shipment of PPE for frontline hospital staff to arrive todayA video shared by the Department of Foreign Affairs showed pallets of equipment stacked high

Irish flight bringing PPE from China arrives in DublinAer Lingus plane is first of 10 due to bring equipment back for State’s health service KINGKAVOSTYLE1 wrong plane Better check the quality before using I wonder if this is the same PPE that the US sent to China in February, ignoring it’s own crisis...

Aer Lingus jet flies to China to pick up PPE for healthcare workersTHE Chinese Embassy in Ireland said, “We have got your back” as the first cargo plane left Dublin for Bejing to pick up protective equipment for healthcare workers. The Aer Lingus passe… Get the warranty docs too..

Irish nurses using baby monitors to talk to patients due to lack of PPEThe monitors are saving not just time but also the need for nurses and doctors changing vital scrubs every time they visit a patient Innovative

Six Chinese business persons in Ireland donate ventilators, masks and PPE to HSEIt comes after Aer Lingus flew to China on Saturday morning in its first of up to 60 voyages to collect medical supplies

'Bíodh turas sábháilte agat': Air traffic control's good luck message to plane due to carry PPE from ChinaAer Lingus flight E19018 left Dublin Airport at 10.53 am this morning. Go n-éirí an spéir leo ☘️