Rival protesters clash at Dáil rally against hate speech law

Rival protesters clash at Dáil rally against hate speech law

01/02/2020 21:09:00

Rival protesters clash at Dáil rally against hate speech law

A smoke bomb was thrown and three people were arrested by the Garda

A group of about 100 people waving Irish flags and carrying placards calling for the protection of “free speech” gathered outside the Dáil at lunch time.Spokeswoman Tracey O’Mahoney said the event was a gathering of individuals opposed to plans to introduce legislation criminalising hate speech. A number of people said they were supporters of the groups Free Speech Ireland and the Irish Freedom Party.

Members of the rally against proposed hate speech legislation outside Leinster House. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill / The Irish TimesThe Government opened a public consultation on hate crime last October with view to strengthening the provisions of the Prohibition of Incitement to Hatred Act 1989, which Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan described a “weak”.

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Rival protesters did not clash. Antifa Scumbags attacked the Gardai. Peaceful free speech protesters did not clash with anyone! There was no, 'clash' and damn well you know and that is disgraceful reporting. The more Tracey o’Mahoney speaks. The more sense she makes? I’d ask anyone to look at her YouTube videos and ask yourself, “What Country/World do you want to live in?” I say, “Ban nothing, Question everything”. This is what Democracy should look like! Use your common sense.

It was a clash between anti fascists & fascists, not rival groups Typical Irish times - you will skew facts to suit your agenda Interesting ... Turning into China ..say nothing or else !! Commies try to stop freedom of speech. Simple. Antifa believe there should be no limitations to the right to free speech, as they do their right to protest/associate. Ironically far right and left !!

I feel like I'm not further in after reading that article. What is the root of the legislation? Rival Protesters? Rally against Hate Speech Law? All negative connotations against the crowd the IT don’t like. Why didn’t they go with the actual fact headline ‘Antifa terrorist mob attack peaceful Free Speech Rally’

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Uhhh it was the antifa communists that were engaging in the violence? Ah, I see the aul Paddy Goebbels TheIrishTim is at it again with the infamous delivering of false information to the masses. You are part of the problem. Do your job!! Fair play to the Gardai today taking on Antifa scum! Free speech v non free speech

Violent far left thugs, led by Antifa Ireland, (Antifa Ireland set up by a convicted pedo who was convicted for possession of child porn. ) Attempted to attack women and children peacefully protesting for freedom of speech today, before they attacked the garda. “You’re a racist!!” That’s the hate-speech phrase I see in the media almost every single day, but you just know that the government will never stop people from using it without the slightest foundation in reality.

'rival protesters' , it's a bunch of commie filth attacking those who defend freedom of speech. Without a shred of irony, I am sure. Antifa at it again. Greta Thunbergs mates. It's not a 'hate speech' law, it's a denial of free speech law. Censorship

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Well that's not really the truth now is it 🤨 more like 'antifa thugs harass and abuse irish people who believe in freedom of speech and the right to peaceful protests. So called 'hate speech laws' being used as an excuse to dictate what people can talk about. Stick your fake news. The headline should be - lawful protest attacked by Antifa thugs.

angelo_bottone hate speech loonies Errrmmm. That's not what happened and you know this. The Antifa gang attacked the free speech rally and the guards. Change your headline! The only clashes with Gardai were made by leftist thugs, NOT the free speech advocates. You are deliberately misleading people. Why is free speech in inverted commas? You’re journalists ffs. So, in Ireland today, we have violent gangs against free speech. Who are they taking their orders from? It was an extreme reaction to a small demonstration. Let’s ask ourselves why?

AntiFa (Deranged left-wing soy boys), attack members of the Gardaí: Is that the friends of hazechu and trocaire ? fake news

The piece seems relatively accurate in that I think it makes it clear the violence came from one side only, those promoting “hate speech” laws. BUT the headline is ridiculously unclear! Who wrote that headline! No wonder so many ordinary Irish people think the media is biased. Lies, Far-Left thugs clashed with Garda while Free Speech supporters stood back and watched.

Hard to believe the Irish Times newspaper on anything anymore. It’s like reading a press release from that Iraq general all those years back😂. It’s as if they are paid by Sinn Fein to write this rubbish. You can hear the far-right gurriers making homophobic slurs and shouting 'We're proud to be racist' here on their livestream video from earlier

Why is free speech in inverted commas but hate speech is not? More balanced reporting from the Oirish Times. A viewspaper, not a newspaper. Your headline is misleading. The anti Free Speech yobs were violent. The normal, decent pro Free Speech people were not violent. Why did you write a misleading headline? Do you think you are 'Journalists'? Headlines like that are biased rubbish. Shame on you.

Rivals? Antifa are far left extremists founded by a convicted pedophile More Fake News! Sinn Fein mob attack free speech advocates. See I fixed the headline for fakenews These are pro govt uneducated degenerates

FakeNews Wow Joseph Goebbels would be very proud to have the irish times in 40s. Really? Is this what passes as journalism these days? “Free speech rally attacked by far left, who assaulted a female Garda ” That’s ur headline now fix it. FakeNews Stop buying The Irish Times. Every election in Europe will have this kind of Dog Whistle behavior testing the water of Divisions in each country. All sides of free speech arguments are vital. The danger comes from the international money funding the smoke bombs, misinformation websites and YouTube videos

'Rival protesters clash' correction Antifa thugs (the paramilitary wing of the left) attack peaceful attendees and GardaTraffic at free speech rally It appears a more accurate description from reports would be : Hate speech activists break up a free speech rally. No1uNoh The illiberal liberals Wow, I can't believe 3 people were arrested. I mean, do we really need legislation to tell us what not to say? I think it should be common sense.

Hate speech personified? I think the correct analysis is that leftists violently attacked Gardai and public in an attempt to curb free speech in Ireland. Why are you afraid to say that ?

The importance of free speech, without free speech you cant have a Republic ☘️☘️☘️ Antifa and leftist thugs attacked people protesting against restrictions on freedom of speech. Deliberate and dishonest headline from the IT. 'I may disagree with what you say. But I shall defend to the death your right to say it!' - Voltaire.

I'd say they set this up themselves just so it made the news. People are well able to throw and take a punch without interfering of uniform.ed bullies And Gardai look most aggressive in photo. fitzfromdublin Rival protesters clash at Dáil rally for free speech. That’s more accurate. fitzfromdublin Violence at a free speech rally. The irony would be delicious if not for the taste of sadness.

Ireland's freeze peach wannabe fascists making idiots out of themselves as usual. They don't care about free speech, is just an excuse for live action role playing, pretending they are relevant.