Retired GP: 'I want to come back and help people'

22/03/2020 11:00:00

The retired GP from the village of Ballindine in Co Mayo

Coronavirus, Health

The retired GP from the village of Ballindine in Co Mayo

Co Mayo GP Ken Egan, 75, is coming out of retirement as he answers Health Minister Simon Harris' call for help in the battle against Covid-19.

Around 80% of cases of Covid-19 will be a mild to moderate illness, close to 14% have severe disease and around 6% are critical.He was around in the 1950s when an outbreak of tuberculosis in the country claimed tens of thousands of lives, many of them children.

"Then in 1956 the All Ireland Football Final was postponed because of polio in Cork, and everybody was frightened but we got over that.At 75 years of age, Dr Egan is himself in the at-risk category for Covid-19. He also has a heart condition, which makes him even more vulnerable. 

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Not to diminish the offers from retired healthcare workers but surely there are lots of very qualified healthcare works in direct provision who should be allowed to help if they wish?

50,000 in three days apply to be 'On Call for Ireland'The HSELive had put out a request for healthcare professionals, students and volunteers to help it tackle the outbreak HSELive Will they provide full personal protective equipment for these people? Because our management is insisting we Community Mental Health Nurses don't need them. Universal Infection Precaution must be out of fashion. HSELive Physiatric wards need protective equipment. 💯 the scary part within two weeks the hospital beds will be taken over and doctors will have to decide who lives/who dies and it’s sad lots of people aren’t taken this seriously. HSELive People should appreciate their decision and will to help. Stay safe everyone