Rain garden rollout expands in Dublin's inner city

03/12/2022 12:00:00

A project which offers a nature-based solution to urban water problems is expanding in Dublin.

Can a nature-based solution help to prevent urban flooding and pollution after heavy rainfall? Scientists are analysing the impact of rain garden planters in Dublin's north inner city. 🌧️🪴 ClimateHeroes |

A project which offers a nature-based solution to urban water problems is expanding in Dublin.

Social enterprise Bí Urban is aiming to install 100 rain garden planters in the north inner city following the success of a pilot project in Stoneybatter last year.Lyndsey Davey celebrates with the Brendan Martin Cup after the 2018 TG4 All-Ireland Ladies Football Senior Championship Final.The first four contestants of Dancing with The Stars 2022 has been released with Irish celebrities including Suzanne Jackson, Eurovision’s Brooke Scullion, drag queen Panti Bliss and Paul Brogan set to hit the dancefloor.The Movie Quiz: Who gets swallowed whole at the end of Jaws? Kate Hills, head of safeguarding, ethics and youth development at Swim Ireland, outlined a range of safeguarding measures put in place by the organisation If Ireland had an independent sports integrity body, that would halve her workload and she would be able to concentrate on developing young people within the sport.

Each rain garden planter takes rainwater from residential rooftops via a connection to a downpipe.The diversion reduces the overflow into storm drains that can lead to flooding and the pollution of watercourses.Almost two decades on from making her senior debut as a precocious 14-year-old in July 2004, as a substitute in a Leinster semi-final win over Louth, Lyndsey Davey has opted to bring the curtain down on an illustrious inter-county career.Sadhbh Burt-Fitzgerald, one of the project coordinators at Bí Urban, said:"When rainwater passes over our roofs or our streets and other impermeable surfaces, it collects a lot of pollutants, chemicals or oils, and that then gets washed into our urban drainage system.But will he have what it takes to swap the GAA pitch for a ballroom? We can’t wait to find out."All of that urban drainage goes to the same combined system, which includes grey water, rainwater and sewerage.Additionally, she amassed an astounding 13 Leinster senior championship titles and four National Football League crowns – spread evenly across Divisions 1 and 2.And the issue is that when we have an intense downpour, the system can't really take it because it’s quite outdated at this stage, so a lot of that water doesn't reach the treatment facility.“Sport will never be safe, it will only be safer, but it is very much about putting the athlete first.

" In addition to diverting rainwater, Ms Burt-Fitzgerald said that the planters act as a bio-retention because the plants within them filter out the water.The decision to retire isn’t one the 33-year-old Dublin Airport firefighter took lightly, but Davey insists it is the right time to step away.This is something that is way out of my comfort zone but what a challenge and what a show."It also provides habitat for urban pollinators and wildlife.So we are creating little pockets of biodiversity and little eco systems in usually grey, sterile areas.It kind of has to be done on a year-on-year basis." The rain garden project also involves scientists at University College Dublin (UCD) who are examining data from measuring the water inflow and outflow of planters.His most notable sporting achievement to date being that he was a member of the winning 2011 All Ireland Senior football squad, alongside his well-known older brothers Bernard and Alan Brogan.Sarah Cotterill, Assistant Professor of Civil Engineering at UCD, said that while rain garden planters have multiple benefits, one of the challenges is that there has been little analysis of their impact on the drainage network.It just probably gets harder every year to keep putting your body through that.6m dollars had been paid by Hockey Canada out of a national equity fund, partially funded by player registration fees, to meet the cost of 21 sexual misconduct cases in the sport of men’s ice hockey since 1989.

"So, it's hard to know whether one planter or lots of planters are needed to have an impact," she said."What we're looking at doing is trying to quantify some of those benefits by integrating sensors into the planter.“From each session to each match, you just get that realisation that it’s the right thing for your body and probably at the stage in my life that I’m at, it’s probably the right time to move onto the next chapter.Father Bernard Brogan senior commented that he supported his sons in pursuing a variety of sports as he felt that it was an important life lesson to learn.And in doing so that will allow us to measure the flow in and out of the planter and be able to understand what that impact is on the volume and the flow rate reduction into the drainage network."Potentially, if these are installed en masse, there could be a significant portion of the rainwater runoff reduced from the drainage network.“Also, I recently became a paramedic, so getting delayed at calls would sometimes delay me getting to training on time.And in doing so that would prevent the system becoming overwhelmed, which could lead to flooding in urban areas or pollution incidents in our water bodies.When you’re playing multiple sports as a child, you’re practicing everything.He referred to studies noting, because of the culture of organised sport, sport tends to see itself as a central force for good which can only have positive outcomes for the benefit of children and youth, both in terms of physical health and mental character.

" Early adopters of the pilot project are already seeing the benefits of having a garden planter.” While retirement is something that Davey openly contemplated for a number of years, she was always able to find an incentive to remain in the Dublin fold.Liz McLaren, who lives in Stoneybatter, had a planter installed outside her house and says that it attracts wildlife."It really encourages wildlife, all the bees and hoverflies - everything's coming up.“After 2020, we had the four in-a-row.The brother’s involvement in many sports is suggestive that Paul may adapt quickly in dance rehearsals."Even this morning I saw lots of action with lots of insects there.So, it's great to see and I feel like I’m doing my bit.Last year, I was very indecisive about what to do because obviously we had lost to Meath and just with how the game panned out, I don’t think I would have had one of my finest performances.That includes new rules and an independently appointed and government funded Sports Integrity Commissioner, in place since June 2022, with a remit to deal with maltreatment including administering a universal code of conduct to address that.

" The rain garden project has been supported by Wavin, the Local Authorities Waters Programme, Dublin City Council, Arbour Hill Workshops and Bonneville Environmental Foundation.ie series, The GAA Gene Bernard Brogan discussed how he felt his sibling Paul’s sporting career was disadvantaged due to ongoing injuries.Homeowners, community groups, schools or businesses who are interested in taking part in the rain garden project can get more information on the Bí urban website.When you want to play, you will always look for a reason to go back.In our 'Climate Heroes' series of reports, we shine a light on the people who are stepping up to protect the environment and tackle climate change.While these people come from all walks of life, they share a common purpose to improve the world around us.I kind of knew this year that this was always going to be my last year, regardless of the outcome.“Do I think he was good enough to get more chances? I do..

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cool. big neighborhood cisterns with basic sand/gravel filters might be another option. people could wash their cars, use it to water landscaping or even just as a controlled slow release back into the local ecosystem instead of going down the drain to the water treatment plant. What a gorgeous news story.

Don't they tax it in Germany now? Oh my god the townies are discovering how drainage works kv_ofarrell Tell opwireland : scientific breakthrough - roots hold water! Trees manage floods! Try updating the waste water system. No works on the system for 60 years. Try dredging the rivers now and again I hate to be negative on good intentions but this a lot of wasted and polluting resources, timber, plastics, paints that wont hold much rainwater. Perhaps gutters feeding a toilet flush tank or water treatment wetlands. Planters would make sense done bigger in new developments

Every garden in Dublin was either built on concreted or tarmacadam In the last 20 years No soakaway all water going to drainage system that can't cope An excellent project which has the potential to address a variety of issues. Looking forward to hearing the results of the study. The corpo shouldn't have built on so many green fields around the city. In my area alone three football pitches are now housing estates.I'm sure that true for all areas.Well done to the city planners. To absorb the rain and avoid flooding the corpo could clear the drains sometime

Dublin great Davey retires - 'It’s probably the right time to move onto the next chapter'Almost two decades on from making her senior debut as a precocious 14-year-old in July 2004, Lyndsey Davey has opted to bring the curtain down on an illustrious inter-county career.

Rainfall goes up and down....

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