Putin blames Ukraine for war in state of nation address

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Ireland Headlines News

Vladimir Putin says the West is 'completely' responsible for the escalation of the Ukraine war

Addressing assembled politicians, he said:"I am making this address at a time which we all know is a difficult, watershed moment for our country, a time of cardinal, irreversible changes around the world, the most important historic events that will shape the future of our country and our people."

Mr Putin said Western countries, led by the United States, were seeking"unlimited power" in world affairs. He thanked Russians for their"courage and resolution" in supporting what Moscow calls a"special military operation" in Ukraine.Planes, trains and automobiles - How Joe Biden got to KyivA year into Ukraine war, there are only grim horizons

The Washington-based Institute for the Study of War has said Mr Putin is"unlikely to announce measures for further escalation of the war in Ukraine, major new Russian mobilization initiatives, or any other significant policy" in the speech, which is delivered to the legislature and televised on national channels.


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He's correct

Invasion from Russia only started after several attacks on Russian civilians in 🇺🇦 by 🇺🇦. US is behind the all thing. There is indeed a scary amount of neo-nazis in🇺🇦 Sadly yes civilians are being killed in war. US/EU (West) have done nothing at all to solve this diplomatically.

America has been in decline for about 40 years, and has decided that if it's going down, it's going to bring Russia and China with it.


And now the local sandbaggers are getting involved

💯 correct

Yep. It is

Putin invaded Ukraine but the West started the war.

Lunatic dictator sez what?

What I wouldn't give for a 100kT now and crush the animal..

I blame men in general for the war. Maybe if they just smiled more or weren't so emotional, this wouldn't be happening.

spot on 100%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%

U just got to laugh at this guy ..

Which is it? Make up your mind!

Dear RTE journaliers, It’s President Putin; notice how you're not calling your dementia-suffering President Biden just “Mr Biden” 🤡

NATO led by USA STARTED this bloody war by getting close and closer to Russia border

I thought it was a special military operation.....

2014 Victoria Nuyland and Robert Kagen, Nordstream Pipeline etc

I blame the yanks for putting biolabs on Putin's doorstep.

Both Russian and US-Nato are responsible for this War

This war in Ukraine was solely started by America EU and Britain in 2014 who overthrough the democratic elected government of Ukraine and installed a puppet regime and armed and trained it to confront Russia on there behalf they don't care about Ukraine

Vlad appeals for the west not to sanction oligarch DJ Carey

Nobody invading Russian. It was the Dictator Putins Russian invaded Ukrainian. The west invading no one. Just help out a smaller democratic country again a bigger invading bulling blackmail war crimes country.

And he is responsible for starting the war in the first place.

Well for once the evidence is massively in his favour. The US president just visited Ukraine and has been pumping billions into this proxy war. That's indisputable, however it is spun by the propaganda blitz.


Wah Ukraine fought back and other countries helped them wah!!!

LOL! Guy losing a war he started blames everyone else for the war he started. Is this really Putin? His whining sounds more like the drivel Trump comes out with every time he’s caught. 😂

No lies detected

He's wrong

So to be clear who is to blame? Is it the West per the tweet or Ukraine per the headline

Nothing to do with huge amount of natural gas an oil under the crimea peninsula 🤣🤣🤦‍♂️🤡

Headline doesn't really match tweet.

As if Ukraine was supposed to just roll over and not fight back 🙄

Hes not wrong either

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