Poll, Your Say

Poll, Your Say

Poll: Should eating on public transport be banned to help fight obesity?

England's chief medical officer made the suggestion in a report published today

10/10/2019 12:11:00

England's chief medical officer made the suggestion in a report published today

England’s chief medical officer made the suggestion in a report published today.

In the brief, Sally Davies made specific warning about the dangers of youth obesity, warning that “children are drowning in a flood of unhealthy food and drink options”.The report makes several recommendations such as bans on the advertising of junk food, but it also proposes a ban on “eating and drinking on urban public transport”.

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The report suggests a number of exceptions to the ban including “fresh water, breastfeeding and for medical conditions”.The suggestion has made newspaper headlines in the UK today, but what do you think about the idea?Poll Results: Read more: TheJournal.ie »

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Yes it should. Nothing more yeuch than watching a fat face stuffing itself. absolutely It should be banned because people leave terrible mess What is it about government . advisors that they can never seem to find the line between providing useful public health advice and demanding we all be micromanaged using legislation annd / or new taxes?

Make fat people stand at the end of the queue. Let non-fatties on first and when the first fat person is about to get on pull away to make the fuckers run a bit. I’ve no issues once the lunchbox full of mackerel is kept closed. As a wise man once said “let the fatties eat cake” 🎂 It should be banned so people don’t eat disgusting smelling rolls

Absurd. sure just wait on Brexit then eating will be banned everywhere

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