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Poll: Do you welcome new garda powers for restricting movement during Covid-19 crisis?

People could face a fine of €2,500 or a jail sentence.

08/04/2020 11:30:00

Today's poll: Do you welcome new garda powers for restricting movement during Covid-19 crisis?

People could face a fine of €2,500 or a jail sentence.

Cabinet members signed off on the measures yesterday, and they were signed by Health Minister Simon Harris, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and the Attorney General last night.Measures in place at present mean members of the public must stay at home, except to gather essential goods, to provide essential care, or to get a brief spell of exercise within 2km of their home.

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However, some people are not abiding by these guidelines and authorities are worried more people will flout the guidelines over the Easter weekend.Those convicted under the new rules could face a maximum of six months in prison or a fine of €2,500.We want to know: Do you welcome the new garda powers for restricting movement during the Covid-19 crisis?

Poll Results:

Yes, but I don't understand why they have to get on the bus every night asking people where they are going when it is a fact people are trying to get home from work after a hard in work. Yes. The spread must be stopped infiltrating into vulnerable rural communities 6 months, but judge, they're letting everyone through our airports, sorry Mark, cased dismissed

New powers to protect us fine but ffs what are we doing letting caravans & motorhomes off the boat along with cars with holiday makers? It's a direct contradiction airports still letting passengers in ? It's a fking joke 100%! I’d have no issue with them beating the shite out of people like they’re doing on India. It’s not a big ask, it's to save lives ffs StayHomeSaveLives

Yes 100% Definitely. I respect the right to life.....and these measures protect lives. Really working well judging by traffic jams to the country here. How sickening listening to all the sheep screaming for their right to be stripped away! Don't think your special they would screw you over in a flash! Look what they do to their own you ticks MauriceMcCabe Goldfish brains

Totally Yes Totally virus doesn’t move we do stay safe stay home Six months! That's a maximum sentence used maybe for someone willfully spreading covid. It was also said it would be used as a last resort. How could a lockdown remain in place without any possibility of a punishment for a blatant disregard for the health/lives of others?

These powers should be given to them in early march. I see more people out on foot and cars Yes. They should have even done it weeks ago. Yes Yes Yes Yes Totally it's a matter of life and death away.. Yes Yep Of course I do as long as no individual Garda acts the bollix and abuses the power. Restrictions don’t go far enough right2health supersedes freedom of movement No ifs no buts

Yes! Extremely tolerant and patient with the penis heads disregarding the measures so far , from my observation it's beginning to slacken out there, more and more solo cyclist going on endurance spins, (see local strava route segments) from looking out dwindow 1/3rd seem nit2 get it On one hand, living in a small tourist town in the west of Ireland I feel it is totally necessary due to the amount of idiots who seem to think it’s ok to up and leave Dublin & other urban areas whenever they feel like it. On other hand I feel this law is very excessive at min

If people did what they were asked to do there would not be any need to do this. protectivemesaure gemmaod1 this is your fault!!! Yes. Yes No, we are heading for facism. Thank god charlie haughey is dead I agree has to be done if people were doing as asked be no need for it but there not These type of powers only grow and will not be removed.

Absolutely !!, I would love to get back to 'normal' as soon as possible but if we do not do as we are asked that day will get further & further away ... A worrying development! Yes. Rather than people coming up with a myriad of 'what if' situations to get around the measures, what if you just stayed at home and did the right thing? You'll be doing the health service a huge favour by doing so!

At last the Garda have more power, should have had from the beginning of this epidemic , having to put up without any power to reprehend. Face masks should be provided to all Garda, as their in the firing line of virous. P.G. Yes Absolutely not we are now a police state - the Government need to give the Irish People a ray of hope for the future-we will have no economy to get back Medical Dictators are in control FFS

Yes If some piece of piss spits at a guard hospital staff or anyone in a threatening way at this time six months will do for starters I can't say here what I think should happen every day of those 6 months but a pliers and a car battery would be handy Yes as long as its strictly related to this pandemic and not left lingering in law to be used when Leo doesn't like a protest.

Yes, saving lives is no small matter. Irish Constitution. Freedom of Travel/Movement guaranteed. I pressed I dont know. I agree with the idea. I dont agree with the 6 month punishment. I dont want my taxes going to pay for someone in jail. I think we need more info, on the lockdown, also defined when it ends (not so much date, but what will they be looking fora flattening/..

Sadly necessary for the greater good, for the public weal. I wish that it had been possible to avoid this but the irresponsible and selfish actions of a very few dictate the need. 2km from ur house means 2k from ur home not driving 6 miles to a beach to walk 2km, some people just don't get it, this is our lives we're trying to save here so yeah make them understand, short sharp shock,,!!

Yes/no. Yes because it's a crazy world now. No because there's gonna be one to abuse this power. Some members (not all) of the Garda already have a God complex. Just shows the nation of sheep on here show me the powers acts and statutes are null in void not laws no laws Most people have no problem giving their human rights away(they're there for a reason), alrighty then.

yes,yes,yes. send the f..kers home with a nice fine on top. You were all warned that governments were getting too powerful the signs were there for anyone to see. Most of you chose to ignore it and scoff and say just a conspiracy theory. Well I hope you enjoy your microchip and your forced vaccines and lock down destruction of your wealth

Anyone caught infringing these rules should be givin a running kick up the hole with a Doc Martin boot!.....🥾🦵🏼 Yes, don’t like them but right cal again Welcome news. Put a bit of back bone into the Garda. They’ve been too lenient through this pandemic. I think it’s unfortunate that it has to be done... but with you have the Cheltenham crowd & all like minded knob heads.. yep it needs to be done!!

Definitely yes, the amount of people gathering outside is crazy I'm really amazed how Simon has changed his mind back in February he laughed and said restricting flights simply wouldn't work But now were are all restricted But the airport are still open When they restrict movement into our country I’ll think about it

You were offered the carrot. Now you get the STICK Dead feckin right Unfortunately yes, if people are stupid enough to be running off to their holiday homes right now they've already ruined it for us all. Stay TF home lads Yes most Definitely How about instead of jail, those who cannot adhere to this are not provided health care should they get the virus. Why, when the Mater hospital as of today is at max have to help a moron who can't obey few short term rules and laws?

1984 Not far enough. Should be higher fines. People are idiots as evidenced by pics in parks, beaches etc Like road road safety, air safety, and workplace safety we have to protect people from themselves. Dad may be the biggest idiot in the village but the authorities have a duty-of-care to his wife & kids.

And let’s not forget about the dog sh*t. Best thing is give the police guns and anyone out walking just shoot all the fu*kers. Ban alcohol too and tv cause it’s at the stage now that it’s not working living. 🥺 This is the start of facism. Thank fuck Charlie haughey is a long time dead No, we should have freedom like Sweden: Peter Hitchens 'In Sweden’s ICU census, which is updated every 30 minutes nationwide, admissions to every ICU in the country are flat or declining, and they have been for a week.'

Absolutely 👍 Yes they are doing well No. There was fairly good compliance so far. I'm ok with gaurds presence during this thing but this seems OTT. 100% I seen it working in Spain. Wondering how many local people are about to make that phone call to their local garda station about their transient visitors. 😉😉😉😉😉

i think they should have more power but it should be immediate, not something that could potentially happen to you down the line maybe once all this paper work get sorted *wags finger* 🙄 Stay at home and you won't have this problem pretty simple. Yes, if you're taking this as seriously as you should then you're fine. Only the inconsiderate & the stupid will be caught out.

It's amazing how the sheep are loving getting theryre basic freedoms stripped, they deserve everything that follows Yes lockdown is lockdown one rule for all Yes - have to stop all these Jackeens ruining the rest of the country Yes. No. I would have thought 'a fine and a slap on the wrist' type stuff, but SIX MONTHS in jail is absolutely farcical. Hitler would be envious of this level of control, and I hope to god it will be temporary

No, it's going to far . Yeahp👍🏻 fines to any idiot & scumbag that put others in danger. Fees towards hse staff, carers, PPE, those in need... If you support our frontline workers then you should support this. A fine of 2,500 or a jail term [which will never be applied] for reckless endangerment is not enough.!!!!

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