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Poll: Do you think the country should remove all Covid-19 restrictions this week?

Poll: Do you think the country should remove all Covid-19 restrictions this week?

18/10/2021 10:41:00

Poll : Do you think the country should remove all Covid-19 restrictions this week?

Nphet meet today to discuss their advice for Government as the country prepares to reopen.

The body will decide the advice it will give to Government ahead of the planned easing of restrictions on Friday.Almost all remaining Covid-19 restrictions are due to be lifted on 22 October but a recent rise in cases numbers and hospitalisations has thrown the plan into doubt.

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The cabinet will make its decision tomorrow.Government has already indicated that the requirement to show a Digital Covid-19 Certificate in hospitality settings to prove you’ve been vaccinated is likely to be extended beyond Friday.This morning we ask: Do you think the country should remove all Covid-19 restrictions this week?

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No Why is all trolls say yes and real people have balanced views? Yeah Yes they should be. No dispandNphet dispandISAG No! Is it a forced vacation or not. ? Anyone explain what chemicals. Are in the vaccine ? Can you legally lose your job and civil rights when not vaccinated? No Absolutely NO

Micheál Martin says Government 'not contemplating going backwards' on Covid-19 restrictions | JOE.ieMicheál Martin says Government 'not contemplating going backwards' on Covid-19 restrictions Hope this isn't IMF, Part 2.

No Bollox to this government and their covid No we should go back to level 5 lockdown amiebaby3691 Yes, of course. We need to continue to taking NPHETs advice, they are seeing the live data and how it corresponds to the modeling. It may not be ideal but it's what we've got. No Not all I would think. drjaneholland Open everything and disband nphet Also hse needs to sack Paul Reid and get someone who can do a reasonable job.

No Yes

Vaccines effective despite rise in cases - De GascunIt is likely that Covid-19 case numbers will rise as restrictions ease, but this does not mean that vaccines are not effective as they are protecting against hospitalisation and severe disease, Dr Cillian De Gascun has said. Exactly, figures are there in plain sight. Most of the people in ICU aren't vaccinated, even 90% of adults in Ireland are. That small 10% account for around 69% people in ICU.

Yep. No Ireland needs a CLEAN sweep of YOU all,Fake Journalists,,,Media NPHET,,,,Government,,,in fact the COMPLETE DAIL I don't know what to think anymore. Do you mean “just let people die”? No, and they should actually look at the changes made in Sept that caused this increase and go back and adjust those to make them safer.. IE contact tracing for vaccinated and in schools. Better ventilation requirements in buildings. We need additional measures + vaccines.

Yes yes yes yes yes yes yes absolutely yes yes yes yes yes Those who support vaccine passports have been infiltrated by communist ideas. no Yes! Let's follow bright boy Boris Johnson's If Not Now, When? Plague Island covid plan. If we can't have retraumatised healthcare workers, a rake of damaged unvaccinated kids, and at least 1,000+ people dead just in time for Christmas - it's just not a meaningful winter yanno?

Hospitals fear surge in patients if Covid restrictions are easedHospitals are bracing for a spike in people being hospitalised with Covid-19 as the National Public Health Emergency Team ( Nphet ) meets today to discuss the easing of restrictions. Due to death threats I received for speaking the real truth you would neither understand or defend I remain as I claim the speaker of the REAL TRUTH on the island-I'd challenge church-State any given day-They lose-My questions will dismiss all-It's that simple We need to protect our hospitals lockdown now I’m not protecting the unvaccinated

Don't really mind the masks or passport but they should get rid of the 11.30 closing times and this is coming from non drinker. No. Fucking. Way. If you know your behaviour is killing people, and you still do it, you're responsible for those deaths. Yes Yes they wanted us vaccinated we got vaccinated, they wanted certs we use them, we wear masks everything the government has asked most have done it’s time to stop this now and open up otherwise what was the point of vaccination?

Why on earth would we blindly follow the policies of UK...Surely this graph shows which country's policies we should looking to copy here in Ireland? Yes yes, but asking people to show their covid certificate. there is no reason to keep Ireland with those restrictions while the majority is already vaccinated

Yes, as we learned already, lockdowns or restrictions don't matter, people have had enough, how about living with we already are... No. It would be a farce. Remove NPHET

No plan to deploy surge capacity despite rise in Covid cases in ICU, as Nphet to meet todayTotal of 470 Covid-19 patients in hospital on Sunday night, including 74 in ICU Government re opening policies can only be interpreted as a direct assault on our already battered health system.. HSE mandarins on mega bucks ain't goanna buck FF/FG policy.. 950 000 citizens on waiting lists and another disaster unfolding in Donegal.. Resignations =Zero

The vaccine is not protecting people as it should, as hoped,a false sense of protection in the vaxxed is aiding the spread of the virus So we are locked down for xmas for the sake of night clubs. How about no. No. Numbers too high. 900,000 under 12s still need protecting.. No It seems very premature Yes and give nphet the boot while they are at it

Yes No So 60% of ppl want covid rules to go on longer. Do most ppl just want them forever and if so why? 💯 % Well if now then when?, cos I'm sorry to break it to the covid Karen's and lockdown mob, but even 100% of the country quad jabbed doesn't mean cases will go away and neither will covid. We were warned not to rely on vaccines as the silver bullet or use lockdowns to beat covid

Covid-19: 2,180 new cases and 406 in hospitalThe Department of Health has been notified of 2,180 new cases of Covid-19 . The number of people in intensive care units is 71, down two on yesterday. There are 406 people being treated for the virus, down seven. It is a seasonal respiratory virus cases will go up in winter....Being vaccinated reduces hospital numbers and deaths to normal winter flu.....40% of hospital numbers are unvaccinated and 70% of ICU patients..... NO Shit Sherlock 400 covid patients out of a population of 5 million and We can't cope. Clown country. That's what, 15 people per county? M'up away will Ye. Absolute gombeens

No. Only if we want to be in lockdown again for christmas. We should remove NPHET and investigate what exactly they've achieved. We have more dead with Covid in August September and October 2021 than in 2020. They are ineffective and incompetent. disbandNphet Forever yes I think it's time that we bill the unvacinated adults, for Covid - 19 related hospital stays. They opt not to get vaccinated, so let them pick up the related tab, if they get Covid. Once that's brought in, then open everything back up.

Dunno about all, but you can't keep in lock down for ever. Humans must face this virus, as prepared as possible. Yep... but it won't because official Ireland doesn't do u turns while admitting fault If you cant open up fully with 90% of people vaccinated despite whatever numbers they float around, its seriously fucked up. Wait and see the emigration rate rocket up next year.

Yes yes yes no is following rules anyway I think they should get rid of the government

Personally I'm not bothered about nightclubs but if they are to open then it should be with a vaccine pass system. Keep 😷 mandates in all indoor settings too for the winter Open up with masks and certs. No's leading my an overwhelming margin at this point Hospital capacity is the issue. No need to place restrictions on us just because of failed governance and missed targets going back 10+ years.

Yes. If any one wants to put blame for hospitals been overrun blame FG. They are in power for years and have not increased capacity or staff. yes remove all covid 19 restrictions. why would they go back on their word? No it should not. Save Christmas at any cost. Absolutely not Just over a quarter of capacity of hospitals being taken up by covid patients. 25%. Open up the country.

What restrictions? Keep the masks and vaccine passports but open everything. “Just 11 ICU adult beds and one paediatric ICU bed were available in hospitals across the State on Sunday night as Covid-19 patients accounted for more than one-quarter of total capacity” Irish Times. Yeah absolutely, we have to at some stage so why not now 🤔

Please don't b doing the awful journals silly polls lads I think they should definitely open up the nightclubs, concert venues and return football stadiums to 100% capacity, but everyone over 18 has to provide an immunity certificate. Not until it's safe to do so and the over 300,000 unvaccinated get vaccinated.