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Poll: Do you support minimum alcohol pricing in Ireland?

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23/05/2020 11:58:00

Today's poll: Do you support minimum alcohol pricing in Ireland?

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However, campaigners say the current Covid-19 crisis means the logic in enacting them is “is as relevant today, if not more so, than any other time”.The argument had been made that if this jurisdiction brought the measure in before Northern Ireland did, it could drive consumers over the border but this claim is “even more tenuous” given the current stay-at-home guidelines according to Alcohol Action Ireland.

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Minimum unit pricing is a set cost below which alcohol can’t be sold. It is a section of the Public Health (Alcohol) Act 2018 that has not yet been commenced.The Act states that the cheapest price for a gram of alcohol is 10 cent. A standard drink has 10 grams of alcohol in it, meaning the lowest price for one standard drink is now €1.

So, today we want to know: Do you support minimum alcohol pricing in Ireland?Poll Results:No (1077) Yes (479) I'm not sure / no opinion (73) #Open journalism No news is bad news Support The Journal Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to you


Absolutely I do support minimum pricing, it is very expensive in this country, i am a French man living in Ireland for the last 41 years , and going back to France hurts when I see the price of wine in France , but saying this I respect alcohol like it should be. Nanny state stuff. Makes no difference either.

Fund mental health and addiction services and stop trying to hurt the most vulnerable people in society. No. Nanny State gone mad. Terrible, lazy idea! If you really want to tackle alcohol abuse how about only selling it in an Off licence, Pub or restaurant. And Ban alcohol advertisements everywhere. Selling it next to groceries and in Petrol stations makes it far too tempting.

Stop marketing Ireland's pub culture to tourists whilst lecturing the locals would be a good start, close the bar in leinster house, reduce the taxes on alcohol so it's cheaper in pubs, most people are more likely to drink more at home than in the pub Exactly same 10€ bottle of vine in Lidl here cost in Slovakia 3€. Hungry bastards...

Of course not it's moronic. No. Bottle of wine in spain 2 euro same bottle in ireland 10 euro. Why not just ban it? Were gone full blown communist anyways! If they're only raising the price of the cheep cans of piss go ahead. I support banning alcohol🤗😑 Pure propaganda. Nope Legalise the weed 😝 No! Yes. The debate has been had and won, the legislation has passed all the tests, only the cowardice of the govt and the ferocious campaigning of the Alcohol industry and Drinkaware to subvert democracy have prevented this proven measure being implemented

No, because in Europe they have much cheaper alcohol prices & it doesn’t make them alcoholics.... it’s a cultural thing here, we need more education... No Yes alcohol destroys many lives- rehabilitation costs money to fund it ? No - but charge a premium charge if admitted a&e with a drink related injury

No it won’t do anything only give the government another opportunity to raise prices but that money won’t go into essential services. - or they’ll just drive to NI- wish they’d think outside the box 📦 No. Responsible people shouldn't have to pay the price for the stupid. There’s a fine line to be drawn. We need far better education around alcohol and cultural shift. Rising prices could lead to more dangerous drinking. (Drinking spirits neat instead of with a mixer if they can’t afford a larger bottle) restricting it to just off licences instead.

No, it’s all we have these days! No Bottle of Jameson in Dublin (where it's distilled) 30 plus euro. Bottle of Jameson in Oleggio, Northern Italy €6,90 No I would not support it,it a bloody nanny state and another tax grab.theres not much too cheap in Ireland and it’s just another way of screwing more money out of us.

No. If this country ever sobered up there would be riots when the pissheads see what's happening. Be careful what you wish for. No it's another hidden tax, nothing to do with health. So kids are gonna stop drinking wine now because it's more expensive! What a joke! camcruise Yes, many like a drink or two and are not drunkards nor alcoholics

The question should be, why does Ireland have the highest tax on cigarettes and alcohol in Europe? What I do support would be a €500 euro charge for any drink related admissions to emergency depts and same for any drunken behaviour that merits a call for the guards. No, educating people about alcohol abuse is much more important.

It's dear enough , won't effect the wine swilling €100 + Kers wanting to change the law though , it's just for the slab drinking untermensch who need to be kettled. No If you can make a reasonable profit without over pricing the specific drink then it shouldn't matter. Different alcoholic drinks sell better than others.

No. Introducing it won’t change anything. If people want to buy alcohol they’ll do so anyway or they’ll start making their own and that’s even more dangerous. no people who enjoy a drink responsibly will suffer for weak ones who can't and shouldn't drink 😔 no

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