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29/11/2022 17:26:00

Get all of the latest breaking politics stories as they happen, with up to the minute updates and analysis, from Ireland's National Broadcaster.

Social Democrats’ Catherine Murphy questioned the Taoiseach’s record on housing. Micheál Martin said ‘fundamental decisions have been made to change the momentum of housing for the next decade’ | Read more political coverage:

Get all of the latest breaking politics stories as they happen, with up to the minute updates and analysis, from Ireland's National Broadcaster.

Podcasts Reappraisal of neutrality not opportunistic - FG TD Fine Gael TD Charlie Flanagan, Chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, tells the Your Politics team that he does not support a European Army, but believes that 'we can do more'.that there has been a more than 50 per cent rise in cancer survivors in Ireland in a decade.TikTok trends regularly take the internet by storm, and while some are considered dangerous for the public, others end up being great life hacks for a variety of reasons.Well, that was quite the ending 8 hours ago Share Tanya and Portia have some talking to do.

Pointing to Ireland's many friends in Washington, he tackles the Taoiseach's 'Jesuitical distinction' on fuel aid, and explains why the Left gets neutrality wrong.Playlist.Organisers of exhibitions featuring real preserved human bodies will have to obtain a special licence and answer questions about the provenance of the specimens, as part of the Human Tissue Bill.

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Michael Martin action figure this Christmas Comes with 5 settings Blame covid Blame Russia Blame climate change Blame sinn fein Mumble for 90 seconds Limited edition that no one would want anyway Ah yes, parish pump politics is alive and strong..

Spiritans told to keep records as Coalition debates shape of potential inquiry into sexual abuseInside Politics: Cabinet to consider student accommodation plans while TDs complain about ‘freezing’ offices A Statutory Inquiry now... Full disclosure...and compellability. Convictions and reparations made. Even if it the closure of schools and Religious Orders /congregations ! Enough is Enough. Follow BFBT_ for news on spying and terrorism. We tweet daily. PeopleWatching

Sleep expert debunks TikTok's latest wellness trend 'ear seeds'The new trend that claims to help people sleep better has garnered over 200 million views on TikTok so far

The latest episode of 'The White Lotus' has viewers going wildTanya and Portia have some talking to do... *Spoilers for 'The White Lotus' season two, episode five below*'The White Lotus' season two episode five, titled 'T...

Breaking even is hard to do as costs soar, says Fota Island hotelierFive-star resort in east Cork is facing an energy bill this year of about €1m, and its general manager wants the Government to keep the special 9 per cent VAT rate for the hospitality sector via IrishTimesBiz