'Our country is meant to be open': Donald Trump could remove Covid-19 restrictions by next week

24/03/2020 10:44:00

Donald Trump says he could remove Covid-19 restrictions in the US by next week

Donald Trump says he could remove Covid-19 restrictions in the US by next week

Trump said that state governors would have the final say on any measures he introduced.

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what a twit Foolish man doesn't give a toss about people Well he does need the tanning booths back open.... He should remove himself ,fucking idiot🤡 GOOD MAN DONALD 😂 Maybe produce your medical degree? Maybe the world needs to build a wall around America This man is not sane Death sentence for thousands. God bless America, God bless capitalism 😔

Crikey - the 'because I say so' position of flies in the face of medical evidence to the contrary. The expressions on the faces in the background suggest they they dont believe him either Does he really think so?

Trump orders emergency aid to New York, CaliforniaUS President Donald Trump has ordered the deployment of emergency medical stations with capacity of 4,000 hospital beds to coronavirus hotspots around the United States. Wanker!!!

This is what you call a Covidiot! Maybe he should remove himself Trying to win the Darwin awards outright POTUS Leo, will look to him for guidance 🙈🙉🙊 Fake 45 has no control over the states and he knows it. What? Trump is a bigger danger than Covid-19. Dreamer Tool. Utter degenerate idiot!!

Irish footballer, 28, left 'unable to breathe' due to coronavirusCoronavirus Ireland: Irish footballer, 28, issues warning after he was left 'unable to breathe' due to COVID-19 Why do you always focus on sever cases and deaths? People are recovering from this you know.

Land of the Free and stupid How stupid is he in thinking he understands this Just the same way as he said this was nothing just a flu.. the man is more interested in money than human lives..he is total and utter scum. The virus will wipe out the demographic who vote for him first... Of course he could. Fox News have been telling him to do so for the last 24 hours

He owns hotels... He’s gunna be impeached again for being a national embarrassment in global eyes Why is this clown doing😕 It’s a global problem and can only be tackled globally and all countries have to work together and apply the same measures. USA will become the weakest link in the chain and weaken everyone’s ability to defeat Covid 19!

If somebody dont remove him before that 🤣🤣🤣🧻🤧🙂

This man is proving every day how dangerous and reckless he really is The guy is a dangerous fool Excellent leadership once again from the Donald. America will be world leaders in the defeating of the the China virus. God bless America and God bless Donald Trump Is this the same guy that wanted to build a big wall to close the country?

We’ll have to impose a ban on Travel from the US in the future too Genius Delightful stuff