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Opinion: 'My name is Niall, I'm 32, and I have cancer. I never imagined saying those words'

Palliative care isn't just for the 'old, the very sick and the dying', writes Niall Keaney from Athlone for @TJ_Voices


Palliative care isn't just for the 'old, the very sick and the dying', writes Niall Keaney from Athlone for TJ_Voices

Niall, from Athlone, writes about how he used to think that palliative care was for “the old, the very sick and the dying”, but it’s helping him.

The source of the pressure was a 15cm tumour in my chest. From there, things moved fast – scans, biopsy, the works. In the end, they had a name for it, Thymoma. Cancer of the Thymus. A small gland in our chest that’s remains active until puberty.

Come June I had started chemotherapy. Three days, every three weeks. Despite this, by the end of the third cycle, scans showed things had continued to progress. It was time to consider an alternative route.

The first person I remember seeing when I came to was Rachel, my rock. For some reason she continued to stick around. I was definitely not ready for what was to come.

Myself and Rachel couldn’t sit back and watch the world go by, life goes on. A trip to Budapest for the Christmas markets, Bruges the following March with friends. Before I knew it, I had finished another round of treatment just in time to turn 32.

I had started another round of chemo and symptoms were starting to hamper me. Rory was able to direct and prescribe me ways of managing those symptoms, without the unwanted side effects.

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