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Budget 2020, Eoghan Murphy

'No long-term housing' will be built with Budget 2020 funding, expert warns

'No long-term housing' will be built with Budget 2020 funding, experts warn


'No long-term housing' will be built with Budget 2020 funding, experts warn

The government announced it would support the delivery of over 11,000 new social homes next year.

Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy subsequently said that 7,736 homes would be built next year, with a further 800 acquired and 2,631 leased in the long-term.

“New builds, which are so desperately required, will be quite small and their numbers have not been specified in the Budget yet.

“€1.1 billion will not ‘build’ 11,000 homes,” he added. “I suspect that the Government is again putting much of this money into the private rental sector, where extortionate rents are charged.”

“Building is very important because it’d be increasing the actual supply. But we should also ignore the fact that there are vacant homes and other homes that we brought into stock as well.

“We do have people waiting on the housing list, we do have people in emergency accommodation, and we have a responsibility to look after those who are most vulnerable in our society,” he added.

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