Black Lives Matter, Dublin Protest, George Floyd, Racism

Black Lives Matter, Dublin Protest

'No justice, no peace': Thousands march in Dublin against racism and US police brutality

Thousands march in Dublin against racism and US police brutality

01/06/2020 19:23:00

Thousands march in Dublin against racism and US police brutality

Protesters marched to the US Embassy in solidarity with protesters in the US.

THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE marched through Dublin city centre this afternoon as part of a peaceful protest against recent US police killings of black people.Protestors marched from the Spire on O’Connell Street to the US Embassy in Ballsbridge, chanting: “Black lives matter, no justice no peace.”

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Upon arrival at the embassy, a minute’s silence was observed.US protests began in Minneapolis on Monday, triggered by the death of George Floyd, a black man who pleaded for air as a police officer pressed a knee into his neck in Minneapolis.Protests have been echoed around the world as people decry years of deaths of black people at police hands. Derek Chauvin, the police officer who pressed his knee on to Floyd’s neck has been charged with murder.

Source: Sam BoalSource: Sam Boal/RollingnewsSource: Stephen McDermott/TwitterToday marks the second day of protest in Dublin after dozens gathered outside the US Embassy and outside the US Ambassador’s residence in the Phoenix Park yesterday.Among the thousands marching in today’s peaceful protest was Solidarity – People Before Profit TD Bríd Smith.

“This is the most powerful and youngest protest I have been in since the death of Savita Halappanavar,” Smith told“It’s spontaneous, peaceful and untied against institutional racism. People want change, they want to stand in solidarity with African Americans – and are shouting George Floyd’s name repeatedly.

“Young people are fed up with racism, it’s everywhere. Black lives matter.”#Open journalism No news is bad news Support The Journal Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to youSupport us nowSource: Gráinne Ní Aodha/Twitter

Source: Sam Boal/RollingnewsSource: Sam Boal/RollingnwsIn Washington, US President Donald Trump was rushed to a White House bunker by Secret Service agents as hundreds of people protesting the death of George Floyd gathered outside the executive mansion.


Please. WTF ..all lives Matter, what is wrong with you all . . Cant open a playground for kids in dublin. But we can let these sheep wander around no problem.the government want to get their priorities right. If this was just against police brutality it would be great. No it is just display of programmed, virtue signalling pawns in someone else's divide and conquer game.... It's not their fault.

this_vid Name and shame. This justified protest could have been done safely from their own homes. Its a kick in the teeth to our front line workers. Gardai need to investigate those in attendance like they did those at the 4 courts a few weeks ago. Where is the social distancing? This is a disgrace we are in middle of a pandemic

Naive leftie kids....treating black people the same way that conservationists treat endangered species. 'No Justice'....and no intelligence! Apparently CoViD19 is over🤷‍♀️ Psychopath(?) cop murdered Amrcn n USA. So yes: Intrntnl Condemnation! This wz Extra-Judicial Assassination, that shud b condemned by Dáil&EU. BUT: US=ContagionDisaray=Protest☑️ Éire=Lockdown=Protest?❎ dfatirl

What are they chanting The lockdown is legally unenforceable after today .. anyone charged with breaching the emergency legislation can simply cite these protests. Looks like COVID 19 and the lives of the Irish elderly don't matter anyway. Ah what an absolute crock .. They are protesting for black lives matter but they are actually putting more black people at risk . Covid-19 is more is 4 times more likely to kill a black person as data proves . This is stupidity on a new level , people can’t think . Prime example of low IQ lefty ideology

Shame they don’t do it for their fellow Irish, no protests when the Waterford teenager got attacked by acid, guess it’s only when it’s world news and sheep wanna follow Wtf like,protest at home LeoVaradkar what’s your view on this FFS what idiots, we are in a pandemic do they not realise? I suppose it's worth the death of how many vulnerable people for an inspirational Instagram story. Shame on these twats

Imagine the same outrage about this, Ireland might be a better place. Thousands have taken part in a rally in Dublin city centre to show how woke they are and get facebook likes for the wokeness. Do these ignorant idiots with the help of NOGs and RTE are stoking the racial hatred in Ireland... We don't need that shite here.

A potential petri dish for Covid 19 StayHomeSaveLives?!?!?!! 2 weeks will all be in lockdown again. Understand anger but PANDEMIC I've been to the US many times and have spoken to people from all communities. There are huge divisions within the black community regarding attitude and response to poverty and to perceived and/or real discrimination.

A black person in the US is 5 times more likely to get shot by a black policeman than by white policeman. This is due to the huge amount of black police serving in black areas. You won't hear this on tv. I think these stats are suppressed. But folks not allowed funeral for loved ones ......go figure Lockdown 2.0 will be commencing very soon. Thank you all for this. Dumbasses

This is selfish virtue signalling Great. So now that’s the end of the complaining when O’Doherty or Waters organise a protest. equality PROTESTING ireland ALLLIVESMATER What's wrong with people ? This isn't socially distancing So the lock down over Covid 19? When's the rally for ElderlyLivesMatter CareHomeGate Covid19Ireland ALLLIVESMATER balcklivesmatter GeorgeFloyd

These people don’t seem to value lives in their own community disregarding social distancing rules. Sign a petition online. Don’t have to take a video for social media purposes of that time you protested against oppression in another country. _joshpray One of the primary causes of death for Black people is other Black people. When people say 'Black Lives Matter' what they mean is that White lives don't matter. Otherwise they would primarily be concerned about Black violence and Black crime. But they're not.

People are getting turned away from parks and beaches by the gardaí but if you virtue signall it's ok 👍 Debenhams workers must feel like fools MickBarryTD RuthCoppingerSP Imbeciles....all that good work done for what ?These cretins probably set the Country back to square 1😡 Stop Virtue signalling and go home

Rip George Floyd. First World March. Will post covid, the marches be for the rohinga people , Yemeni people and all the other non white faces being slaughtered across the rest of the world on a daily basis. Expect a spike in covid cases, community transmission ALL lives matter! Which is why people are increasingly vegantarian. And does 'life/lives' have colour anyway, since: 'We all breath the same air. We all cherish our children's future!' - JFK.

Hundreds matched against people dying on Irish streets But I assumed that all lives should matter, no? I suppose that only Black lives matter now! It's pathetic to see so much empty virtue signalling. I bet all the mostly upper middle class White folks here would never want to live in an all Black neighborhood! That'll never happen!!

EcoEye Watch this 🙏. gardainfo guys what did you do about this today? So many talking about this. People are going fuk these restrictions if these guys can be packed together for hours today without garda intervention. look usa we hate trump but we r with you stay strong in eire we would have kicked our leader out but he cares and we love him kick trump out

Low IQ footsoldiers of neoliberal globalism. Some of them definitely needed the exercise though So we all just spent 8 weeks on lockdown for fuck all. Bunch of gobshites silver lining is we'll know in 2 weeks time how contagious this virus really is 🤔 Government needs to answer for this charade. Would these same people protest about Direct Provision? Racism comes in many forms...

ColmHand The overall number of the deaths linked to the virus here is 1,650. 77 confirmed cases of the virus, bringing the overall number of cases here to 25,062. PickleQueenT1 ALL LIFE MATTER!!!! ANYONE WHO JOINED THIS TODAY IS ACTUALLY DEMONSTRATING HOW LITTLE THEY RESPECT LIFE!!! PROTEST FROM YOUR HOUSE!!!

Wasters Utter wan*ers. If I see one more bogus African migrant in Ireland ranting about the Irish people being racist I might just scream. Don't like it here? Then fook off home, nobody invited you. Nobody will miss you. Debenhams workers couldn't protest but different rules for whites. Thank you, it's a great show of solidarity, equality must return

Social distancing!!! No problem! Why are we at home can’t go anywhere!! How come ye don’t care about other people!! Are ye special!! Just why, when was the last time a white US cop kill black guy in Ireland also I'm still in lockdown social distancing where did the coronavirus go 🤔 these donkeys all gathering to protest in the middle of a pandemic

LouiseMensch lockdown is over in Dublin No Garda down there instead there taking point less photos of f..king sunsets bring out Garda with balls teargas the lot and start hosing people we have lost loved ones and 1000s of business over the coved and look at this Great Social distancing. Joke Gobshites. There's no other apt word to describe these people

Careless and thoughtless! Immature entitlement at its best! We have a cause right now that directly impacts our own citizens! This is not the time to protest for a country that neglects their own lazy populace who intermittently protest when it suits their agenda or mood! Bunch of scroats. We are all restricted and then this happens. Fuk that I'm back to work tomorrow.

All lives matter. JUSTICEFORCHILDX Window lickers the fucking lot them. And what about their own country Idiots I don't see the snowflake journalists crying out about social distancing like they have in other situations 😂😂 What about Direct Provision Centres? 🤔 What about Nicola? Absolute bellends. Beyond bellendness

White lives matter There is no racism in ireland. Scruffy bastards just want something to kick off over Why ? What difference is it going to make , In the middle of a pandemic seriously who organised this and who is taking responsibility for this? We were appalled by the reckleness or G'oD's groups at the High Court - multiply this by

Is the virus gone in Dublin? And the leader of SF/PIRA in the RoI stated that SF/PIRA sectarian terror was justified. The murder of mothers & children & that she would have taken up the bomb & gun. Before the RoI tries to sort out the USA it needs to have a good look at its self. Don't spread the virus, support bail funds for peaceful protesters instead

When will they march against a government, who's decisions not to protect nursing homes caused the deaths of hundreds of old people right down the road from them What a pack of absolute thicks! I understand the cause but for fuck sake we are currently battling in a pandemic and because of this now people will die cause there is bound to be people there that have it and will pass it on to someone else. Not a care in the world.. well done 👍🏼

no protest or solidarity with Dissidents in China, Tiananmen or Hong Kong? no protest agains China Regime? brainwashed idiots! Yeah great let’s protest and not social distance.... which will bring a second wave and more death for the more at risk black community 🤔🤔🤔 Use your heads! Completely understand the anger at them animals over there, but we do have a pandemic people.

Absolute clowns and I am stunned something like this was allowed to go ahead. Where were the Gardai to prevent this sort of mass gathering. All the sacrifices this country has gone through over the last couple of months and they think it's acceptable to gather like this Now that the hippies have legalised Abortion and All the rest the hippies are back breaking covid rules on another crusade, where are the arrests

So wait. I’ve stayed home locked down in my house since March and apparently now it’s fine to go out and march in crowded streets? More of this crap and we’ll all be locked down until next year. What a stupid time to be alive When does the looting start? if beaches were not closed would not have this problem

Absolute hams Now do China Well Done Ireland 🇮🇪 How many of them work in tax payer funded NGOs or are accompanying people who work in State funded Organizations? We do not want Identity Politics / Victim Hood Politics / Politics of Resentment in Ireland. Virtue signaling Media will manufacture racism etc. out of tiniest events

You said it was a couple of hundred at the water protest !!! FG and FF capitalist propaganda machine and just like that CV-19 is cured in Ireland. Time to go back to work folks! I understand the feelings but this is not the time for large crowds, we still have a pandemic to fight. Remember that? If these bandwagon jumpers cause one death by there actions its one too many.

Fantastic lack of social distancing going on here A joke to ordinary people who have made such monumental sacrifices in the last months Rip George Floyd. First World March. Will post covid, the marches be for the rohinga people , Yemeni people and all the other non white faces being slaughtered across the rest of the world on a daily basis.

Nice one distancing dickheads!! Funny how no one cared when everyone was going the beach but , are all of a sudden concerned when people are protesting a serious issue that the whole world including Ireland faces Almost like there is a group of people wishing for a spike incases so the miserable bastards can say I told ya so. Back away from the window yas curtain twitching bastards and get a grip of your lives

No justice no peace? Seriously? In ireland. What a bunch of morons. If you asked any one of them about our nursing home scandal they would be clueless. 2nd highest death rate in the world. But they will march about police brutality from a different country 🤷‍♂️ So much for distancing I am thrilled to see this solidarity happening in Ireland, now let's do something about the racist direct provision institutions that should not exist in 2020 Ireland.

Bird brains. All lives matter. We dont have a racism problem on this island so stop making one. Why are they protesting against US police brutality? Have we not got enough going on at home to protest at? Idiots should demonstrated against racism at the Chinese embassy AntifaTerrorist Restrictions are now pointless.

Do they care about risking the vulnerable in Ireland during a pandemic ? Clowns I didn’t know we found a cure to covid. Must’ve missed something. Totally support what's going on in the states. But as far us what happened to social distancing. We are still in the middle of a pandemic even if we are at the tail end.. just need 1 person in that mix and we are fucked again.

No social distancing.... there are no words for how dumb these people are. What a bunch of morons. No doubt we all stand against the brutal treatment of African American communities in the USA, but this march is nothing more than virtue signaling by fools who have forgotten about a certain pandemic we are trying to get rid of.

First World March. Will post covid, the marches be for the rohinga people , Yemeni people and all the other non white faces being slaughtered across the rest of the world on a daily basis. Spitting in the face of 1,600 dead from COVID19 The lives of the citizens of the country that these clowns live in matters more. “I can’t breathe” said sufferers and victims of the corona virus!

BTriagain Most wore masks and kept to social distancing rules. I think 200 anti USA rag I think that Ireland should get it's house in order as regards Racism first. Why aren't the Garda arresting these people for not social distancing? Not wearing a face mask? are they checking the 5KM travel? Oh that's right that is only for housewives driving to the other town to shop.

All lives matter, especially during a pandemic. Not the time to march about something that happened in another country. The rallies for change need to happen post covid. Wrecklessness abounds. Thousands march in Dublin coz they have sweet fk all important in their lives. If we are in the middle of a global pandemic then no lives matter to these protesters.

Our government caused 18 women to die from cancer for absolutely no reason and these people are protesting something thats in another country, we are a pathetic excuse for a country Can you help your colleagues at rtenews with the maths? They're reporting up to a thousand 🤦‍♀️ The stupidity of the irish really amazes me

More than 100 people take part in Dublin demonstrations showing solidarity with US protestsDonald Trump taunts White House protesters as unrest spreads across the country. What an incredible waste of time

Dozens gather in Dublin for peaceful protests against US police brutalityTwo protests were held in Dublin this afternoon in solidarity with protesters in the US. Make sure to show your support by looting a few shops on the way home At least they're getting a tan.... Desperate to be American and appropriate all their problems. Freaks.

Demonstrations to take place in Dublin in solidarity with George Floyd protests in the USDonald Trump taunts White House protesters as unrest spreads across the country. What idiot is organising a protest here ? Bunch of muppets