Courtcase, Noel Baker

Courtcase, Noel Baker

Mother’s fears for daughter come true

Mother’s fears for daughter come true


Mother’s fears for daughter come true

“I drove to Dublin with this awful feeling,” Kay Clifford told the coroner. Sadly, her mother’s instinct was right.

Taxi driver John Mulcahy had raised the alarm. He or his wife, who also drives a taxi, delivered her medication every morning as well as nutritional drinks that were too big to push through the letterbox. On Saturday, Friday’s drinks were still on the porch. By Sunday, so were Saturday’s.

Kay Clifford told the coroner: “She did want to get her life back.”

There was no answer to texts, calls, email on Friday. On Saturday morning, Kay called over and shouted in the letterbox. She had a key but didn’t want to disturb her daughter.

Kay Clifford then produced another note, written by her daughter and addressed to “whoever finds this note”. It was written two days before she was last seen alive by John Mulcahy and found under her pillow.

The letter, read out in court, explained how Sarah felt she couldn’t walk or even breath and had a soaring temperature.

The coroner ruled that Ms Clifford died at her home early on November 24, 2018, as a result of bronchial pneumonia, sepsis and an abscess, with a background of medication for pain relief and her ill health, this being the underlying cause of death.

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