Micheál Martin speaks to Leo Varadkar for the first time about forming a grand coalition

Micheál Martin speaks to Leo Varadkar for the first time about forming a grand coalition


Micheál Martin speaks to Leo Varadkar for the first time about forming a grand coalition

Fianna Fáil leader Micheal Martin has called Fine Gael leader Leo Varadkar for the first time about forming a grand coalition.

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At least we can drop the charade that FF and FG are two different parties So threatened by sinnfeinireland that they'll do anything to keep them out. We do this want you Surprise Surprise...... MichealMartinTD has Lied to the people Again...... Is this the best fiannafailparty have to offer... A so Called Leader with No Credibility... Micheal would join ISIS if they would make him Taoiseach... DumpMicheal.

countryboy606 People will need to take to streets if this happens ..to the streets hard. Dumb and dumber... The ppl, well majority will protest hard. Voted to rid ourselves of these dinosaurs..still lingering around like a bad smell! Showing total disrespect for most of the people who voted on the first count, for change...by trying to form a government that was not wanted and most voted in on the last count and transfers...a big finger to the people of ireland....big companies must be rubbing there hands..

👎🏻👎🏻 No and No!! This Country has had way too much of these two guys and their parties’ self-serving nonsense, that has damaged both the Country and its citizens!! He talks to him about a plan to keep SF out of government and framing it as being in “The National Interest” as Jim Royle would say nationalinterestmyarse

Micheál Martin to meet Leo Varadkar for Goverment formation talksThe Fianna Fáil leader declined however to answer questions about coalition options. MichealMartinTD and LeoVaradkar meeting Gwan de lads It seems like they are significantly over complicating this Taoiseach business.

Well done lads Took advice from the Master “Dirty Ahern “ nuff Said 👿 oops Meant to say “Bertie” 🤭 Micheal Martin resembles a sad leader doing anything to remain in a job as he knows the grassroot members are out to get the worst FF leader in History. Grand in the Irish sense..? Fine. Ok. Dont do it again

Now that’s just untrue What a surprise😶😶 Why did it take so long? Resign, the two of you!!!

Micheál Martin and Mary Lou McDonald clash in the Dail over IRAFianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin launched a scathing attack on Mary Lou McDonald and Sinn Féin during a heated debate on the first day of the new Dáil. Mary Lou is the sharpest when it comes to speaking she just leaves them standing, just saying. So what? The IRA were necessary at the time and is it a crime to speak one's native language? Rent free!!! Now if FF could just provide the rest of the population with affordable accommodation Mr Martin wouldn't be coming a poor second to her in votes for Taoiseach....

They better discuss going back for election No 2 not even their arrogance could get this past the electorate.... they have no mandate the people have spoken. The people are sick of your combined Tory policies, you’ve been told load and clear both at personnel and party level. Two helmets... Shite off the pair of ya

Micheál Martin promises review of Fianna Fail’s dismal electionFIANNA Fáil leader Micheál Martin has promised a review of his party’s dismal election. The Fianna Fáil grassroots should elect a new leader. No need for a complicated and lengthy review. Simples. Fianna Fail are unelectable. They have lost, through their own greed, corruption and mismanagement their preeminent position in Irish politics forever, I would think. Review over. Just get RTE to produce a montage of Reeling in the years and whack it up on the the big screen at the next 'ard fheis'! Job is oxo!!

Explainer: Leo Varadkar to resign tonight – but nobody is elected to replace him as TaoiseachTHE new Dáil has met for the first time since a seismic general election result delivered a new and fractured political landscape. Great photo by maxwellpix Don't let the door hit u on the ass on the way out Leo and I hope every time u spend a cent of your undeserved pension u see a picture of the people who died on the streets while u wined and dined the rich Thank God LeoVaradkar is resigning. It’s just sicking he still gets a hefty wedge of taxpayers money that he is essentially stealing. Our politicians are so delusional it’s not even funny anymore.

Dáil rejects Varadkar and Martin bids to be TaoiseachTHE Dáil has rejected bids by both Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin to be the next Taoiseach. Excellent. Also in the process of rejecting Mary L & Eamon R, poor headline, irresponsible journalism. Should be corrected when all four votes conclude. ...Mary Lou beats them with 45

Micheál Martin announces FF negotiating team, but says coalition with SF 'not the right thing to do'Micheál Martin says Dara Calleary, Anne Rabbitte, Michael McGrath, Barry Cowen, Darragh O’Brien and Thomas Byrne will make up his party's government formation negotiating team ....'WHO FUCKING CARES?'

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