Met Eireann forecast wet July as they confirm the return of sunny days

29/06/2022 00:05:00

Don't worry there are sunny days ahead

Don't worry there are sunny days ahead

As multiple counties are put under weather alerts with heavy showers and a wet week forecast, the national forecaster stated that sunny spells will peek through the rain

Met Eireann has forecast a wet and rainy July as they outline the next month of weather.After a wet and windy end to June, some good weather is finally on the way as a band of high pressure near the Azores edges up to Ireland later this week.Met Eireann has issued weather warnings for five counties as Ireland is set to be bashed with horrid conditions.After a wet and rainy June, many people are hoping for the summer weather to finally arrive onto Irish shores and Met Éireann has given us all hope on that front.

However, don’t get too down as the national forecaster also confirmed when we can expect sunny days to return.As multiple counties are put under Status Yellow weather alerts, they explained that the weekend will see rain showers easing off.However, high pressure near the Azores may increase from Thursday to Friday, bringing drier conditions.Read more: Army set to be put on standby for Dublin airport security in case of Covid surge Met.READ MORE: Ireland weather: Met Eireann forecast 'Azores high' to bring change our way later this week Status Yellow Rain warning for the three counties will remain in place from 1pm Monday to 10am stated: “Friday morning will bring a few scattered showers and some bright spells at first.The forecaster added: "Overall, it is expected to be wetter than normal.Outbreaks of rain or drizzle then spreading over the country during the afternoon and evening.The national forecaster said high pressure from the Azores may edge up for a time on Thursday into Friday bringing drier conditions on those days.

Highs of 14 to 17 degrees, in mostly moderate south to southwesterly winds.Marine wind warnings are likely to be in operation early in the period too.The Status Yellow Rain warning for Cork will come into play at 6pm Monday and will last until 12pm Tuesday.” Saturday will see further showers but also “a lot of dry weather in the south and southwest”.They continued: “Some bright or sunny spells too especially later in the day with temperatures marginally higher.It looks like the Azores high will extend an influence up over Ireland from the southwest.“Current indications suggest that Sunday will be a bright fresh day with sunny spells and a few light passing showers, mainly in the north..” However, don’t expect a heatwave anytime soon, as Met Eireann shared their forecast for July.Here's a more detailed look at Met Eireann's forecast for this week.Here is Met Eireann’s long-range forecast for the next 14 days: Week 1: Monday June 27 - Sunday July 3 Low pressure is expected to dominate Ireland, for a time anyway, bringing unstable air down from the north.

Week 1 (Friday 01 July to Thursday 07 July) Over the next week a ridge of high pressure will build in from the west, however in the northwesterly airflow it will remain cooler than average over much of Connacht and west Ulster, with average temperatures elsewhere.In contrast to this past week it will be drier that average across the country.Cloud increasing from the Atlantic will bring outbreaks of rain and drizzle to western areas during the afternoon and evening.However, scattered showers will develop in places.The potential for hazardous conditions in the coming week will be low.Week 2 (Friday 08 July to Thursday 14 July) In week 2, high pressure will build to the west of Ireland continuing drier than average conditions and temperature in the south and southwest of the country will be slightly above average while the rest of the country will have near average temperatures and the airflow will be quite slack.Highest temperatures of 14 to 17 or 18 degrees.The potential for hazards should remain low.Highest temperatures will reach 14 to 17 or 18 degrees.Week 2: Monday July 4 - Sunday July 10 It looks more settled for this week with drier than normal conditions overall.

Week 3 (Friday 15 July to Thursday 21 July) In Week three overall the pattern will tend towards average for the time of year, a weakening high pressure to the northeast of Ireland the predominantly easterly airflow should maintain below average rainfall, however temperatures will fall closer to average.Wet and breezy tonight with heavy thundery rain bursts leading to spot flooding.The potential for hazards should remain low.Week 4 (Friday 22 July to Thursday 28 July) By week 4, low pressure will return to the west of Ireland providing a southerly airflow over the country.Tuesday, June 28 Lingering overnight rain will clear eastwards on Tuesday morning with sunny spells and scattered heavy showers following for the rest of the day.Lowest temperatures 10 to 13 degrees in fresh to strong southerly winds.Slightly above average rainfall is expected in some southern and eastern coastal counties, with near average rainfall elsewhere, while temperatures will remain near average.While there will be above average rainfall in some parts, the potential for hazardous conditions should remain low.A milder day with highest temperatures of 14 to 19 degrees, best values across the northeast.

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