Mary Lou McDonald: 'Quite disgraceful' that Sinn Féin excluded by FF and FG

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Mary Lou McDonald: 'Quite disgraceful' that Sinn Féin would be excluded by Fianna Fáil and Fine Gael.

— Sean Murray February 14, 2020 Source: Sean Murray/Twitter

Both parties said ahead of polling day on Saturday 8 February that they would not go into government with Sinn Féin, with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar referring to them as “not a normal party”. Fine Gael ministers – Varadkar included - have repeatedly said that they would consider going into government with all parties but Sinn Féin.


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Good afternoon darling. They have no jobs. Don't call him. You work things out. Take your money to down Patrick.

The people - Voted for change. Establishment - No No we do think so, we like where we are. Is this not basically it.

So FG + FF have 73 seats but including SF own seats there are 87 between the rest.. A majority.. So why does she need FF + FG..

If the left wanted change they could all band together. Why dont they? It's almost like SFGPSDIND dont actually want a change for the people - they want their own change

Ignore Martin the voters did!!


Always the victim

var_dee Looks like FG/FF coalition I don't expect it to last long, so another election?

She spent the whole election campaign telling the country what a disaster it would be for FF or FG to be in government. But now she needs them it's a different story. How is FF suddenly fit for government. I don't think that people who voted SF wanted FF back. Total hypocrisy !!

She hadn’t a good enough mandate in 2016...wake up the ones who keep harping on this issue...

A voice crying in the wilderness . Apparently they plan to upgrade it to communication by Morse Code next .

I'm honestly shocked that FF & FG are refusing to work with SF, shocked that they're both actually sticking to a promise made during the campaign.


Hello Mary loo , isn't this what you canvassed on ? FF and FG out ?

MaryLouMcDonald What’s disgraceful is running on a resolving the Homelessness crisis platform and then one of your newly elected TDs elected on that premise having stung a Homeless Charity for €12k FactsMatter SFspin

MaryLouMcDonald Anyone with a shred of decency would not touch SFIRA with a shovel

MaryLouMcDonald Excluding FF and FG didn't last long.

When I voted for FF and FG candidates I did not so so expecting them to form a government with SF and I still hold that view

Is that not want democracy is about ? The two other parties were at 22% plus and don’t really buy into the SF manifesto. Nothing disgraceful at all .... you can’t have it every way !!!!

Is this the democratic press that’s showing what’s going on in France? Or the vastly reduced numbers at the protests


MaryLouMcDonald Send him a snapchat

I heard on news meeting was going ahead in the back of a high ace van with bag over his head

It's big boys hurling now and your sitting on the beach.

Labour is Red Fine gael is Blue I can't talk to Sinn Féin Because it's the right thing to do

And he should

No problem excluding herself in 2016 🤷‍♂️

She’s been outmanoeuvred

Boo hoo Mary Lou

FF and FG supporters are very very wary of SF and want to keep well away from them

Absolutely.. shameful ba$tards !!!

Roses are red Violets are blue The establishment is afraid Of Mary Lou 😂😂😂

Let’s be honest your grasping at straws your chances of getting power are fading.... anyone but Sinn Fein at this stage

Ash for cash

In all seriousness though, all 3 parties are having chats with the smaller parties and in a numbers game, why do we have to wait until May to go back to the polls? Last time around we were the laughing stock of the world

christineh5559 Mary-Lou needs to understand that 24% of the vote is just a quarter. 76% did not vote for SF.

Shouldn't be any surprise these rats will do anything for they're overseers

FF & FG together yea that's what the people voted for there'll be plenty of change happening. Say goodbye to farming,hospitals an the youth

It must be really hard to do a U turn that fast. You wanted nothing to do with them a couple of days ago!

Why? MaryLouMcDonald Why?! You knew their stance before the election 🤷🏽‍♂️ Has anything changed... have you revised your manifesto?!

& Undemocratic - Ceann Comhairle, Fianna Fáil's Seán Ó Fearghaíl, was returned without contest, both of the top 2 parties won same number of seats - Not right, outdated that this seat should be allowed w no vote. SF & FF same amount of votes = a tie.

Always the victims. Wise up

No it's not. It's the opposite of disgraceful surely.....

Thought she excluded them. Prefer to lead a govt without FG/FF....

Several times she said she would form a government with either Ff or Fg. Go and talk to Mehole Martin and stop whinging.

But, didn’t she say they wanted to form a government without FF or FG?

No it’s not. It’s called politics and they don’t want the Shinners in power. Simple.

You go girl 👊🏻

They ran with that pledge to there voters.

Leo Varadkar LeoVaradkar said in Dec 2019 that he did not want to be coalition with FF after GE2020. So which statements is he going to honour ? TonightVMTV RTEpt GeneralElection2020


Like how in 2016 she refused to enter into coalition talks with any party?

whine whine whine

National Govt then FF/SF/FG

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