Martin hopeful of programme for govt within two weeks

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has said that his party, Fine Gael and the Greens could sign off on a programme for government within two weeks.

23/05/2020 01:21:00

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has said that his party, Fine Gael and the Greens could sign off on a programme for government within two weeks RTELateLateShow |

Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has said that his party, Fine Gael and the Greens could sign off on a programme for government within two weeks.

Speaking on RTÉ's Late Late Show, Mr Martin described the talks as "serious".He said if negotiations were successful, a programme for government could be signed off on if "not by the end of next week but very shortly after that".

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Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has said that his party, Fine Gael and the Greens could sign off on a programme for government within two weeks @RTELateLateShow |— RTÉ News (@rtenews) May 22, 2020 He said he "100%" could understand why the public were wondering why it was taking so long to form a government - adding there was an obligation to do so.

Mr Martin said it would be an "appalling indictment on politics" if a government was not formed given the Covid-19 pandemic.He added: "I think we can put this together."He described the relationships between the party leaders as "good and respectful, we understand each other's challenges".

Asked if the government formation talks failed would he consider dealing with Sinn Féin, Mr Martin replied: "I am not going to speculate on that."He said he was not bothered by recent opinion polls, including the Business Post survey which suggested his party was standing at 14%.

Mr Martin said he wanted to dispel the "unfair myth" that the Green Party would be bad for Irish agriculture. Asked about the suggestion that he was concerned he could be the first leader of Fianna Fáil who did not become a Taoiseach, Mr Martin said: "I don't buy that."

He said of the general election, in which his party won 38 seats: "I was very disappointed. It wasn't what I expected but we are still the largest party in the Dáil."The Fianna Fáil leader said he has not seen his family in "six or seven weeks" due to Covid-19 restrictions, which have left him in Dublin and his family in Cork.

He observed that while he spent a long time in Leinster House, it meant he had not "really discovered Dublin" but was now walking the streets and doing laps of Merrion Square.Asked if he was Taoiseach in a few weeks' time, would he be nervous? "No, the important point is to get a programme for government that works."

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The @fiannafailparty leader @MichealMartinTD has said the economic situation, due to Covid-19, is 'very serious' and Ireland could expect 'very high levels of unempoyment between now and Christmas.' @rtenews— Paul Cunningham (@RTENewsPaulC) May 22, 2020 The Fianna Fáil leader said the economic situation, due to Covid-19, is "very serious" and Ireland could expect "very high levels of unemployment between now and Christmas".

Asked about Covid payments, Mr Martin said they would be phased-out, adding this "won't happen immediately" and he hoped that "quite a lot of sectors will be back by then".He said the roadmap to open-up the economy, and society, is flexible and some areas of the economy could be opened faster than the plan.

Mr Martin said there was "a lot of uncertainty" and added that "small and medium sized enterprises are the ones I fear most about".He said shutting down the economy was "easier than opening it up". Read more: RTÉ News »

RTELateLateShow RTELateLateShow Back in 1974 Irish people were much tougher:) Unlike now, we can’t even get rid of those parasites called FF FG and the Greens. RTELateLateShow The Greens will do more damage to the Irish economy than covid 19. RTELateLateShow Wish we got a government. Not happy Greens will be part of it. Their policies v expensive & most cant afford.

RTELateLateShow A country that voted for change. And they insist on the same sham as before. FineGael & fiannafailparty Same TDs same beliefs. Won’t be getting my number 7 in the next election. 1, 2, 3. Let them all fight it out. Transfers has caused this whole sham of a government for 2020. RTELateLateShow Please dont

RTELateLateShow Hahahahaha RTELateLateShow Mehole martin RTELateLateShow Weak man no leader RTELateLateShow As George Carlin said”the game is rigged folks”. RTELateLateShow Soon as Covid19 is gone any new government formed as envisaged by MichealMartinTD will be gone too. People won’t accept another regime.

RTELateLateShow Protest is the only thing we have left with. Election was a waste of time and money according to this. RTELateLateShow Why stand for it then.?,the voters don't want him,so how is this horrible cretin getting airtime.ff and fg b delighted that they've scared the shit out of people so much that we won't b able to voice ourselves tru protests on the rail anymore.

RTELateLateShow Sinn Fein should be in government, not the greens. This is not who the country voted for. RTELateLateShow Government RTE Propaganda pal Tubs rollIng out THIS shite once again, WAKE THE HELL OUT OF YOUR SLEEPY VIRUS ,PEOPLE RTELateLateShow And you literally lock people up in prison for refusing to pay for this muck

RTELateLateShow No no no, did not vote for this arrangement at all RTELateLateShow Sounds like RTELateLateShow Let’s hope so and keep the IRA out of government 👍 RTELateLateShow Fake news RTELateLateShow They’re going into government with these people. Really? RTELateLateShow Thought he promised just few months back he’d get rid of FG?🤔

RTELateLateShow fiannafailparty that was almost as insincere as this yoke RTELateLateShow Come out of covid and have to look forward to a man who was in government wen country was brought to its knees by this man and his party fuck me 🤢 RTELateLateShow What was point of election2020 majority voted for change what right do fg ff greens have to ignore wishes of people sf have to have a say in gov that's what we voted for change not same old same old and ministers preaching in dail who lost their seats time for them to go

RTELateLateShow RTELateLateShow Something very off with this man. He makes my flesh crawl. RTELateLateShow What this man lacks is likeabity RTELateLateShow How people vote this cowboy in is beyond me RTELateLateShow Only one thing he cares about and that’s being Taoiseach he’d make a deal with the devil to get into the hot seat.

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RTELateLateShow His party,!! RTELateLateShow That’s fucking depression considering he said before the election that ff would not go into power with fg. RTELateLateShow Who the fluck votes for the Greens? Do he have no memory? RTELateLateShow Good interview RTELateLateShow A pure bluffer RTELateLateShow Why in the fuck did we have an election for then?!

RTELateLateShow Helped ruin this country 12 year ago now hes back to hammer in the final nail in irelands coffin. Scumbag. RTELateLateShow If fiannafailparty go into coalition with Fine Gael and the greens it will ruin the party for good.Fianna Fáil needs to go into coalition with Sinn Fein and stay social conservative.

RTELateLateShow No rush lads! The economy will so far around the U bend by the time you get your act together to form a government, we will all be wiping are arses with home grown lettuce leafs. RTELateLateShow RTELateLateShow We voted for change & we get these fraggles RTELateLateShow The sell-out Greens will be the final nail in the coffin of Ireland.

RTELateLateShow He said he would never do that AGAIN, after the last 4 years. It's a shame he is such a nasty career politician RTELateLateShow Remember this mehole ? RTELateLateShow RTE is a joke

The Floating Voter: Micheal Martin 'defined by his hatred' of Sinn Féin, a TD claimsFianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin has become defined by his “hatred” of Sinn Féin, a senior member of the party has claimed. True that. It's his only personality trait. The man who is leading fiannafailparty down labours path Will be a small splinter grouping in few years Its more a case that he is afraid ofhaving to deal with MaryLou! He is spineless......

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Harris says mandatory self-isolation for two weeks for those arriving in Ireland from next weekAnyone arriving in Ireland will have to fill out a mandatory passenger location form and could face follow-up checks to ensure that people are staying where they said they would be. Months too late. And if they are not where they should be SimonHarrisTD ? We don’t have OT for gardainfo to police this? “Could face follow up checks”. In other words: “ah go on through, your grand, try fill out the form but if you don’t it’s fine. Go ahead and go wherever the *you know* you want”.

Visitors to UK will receive £1,000 fine if two-week quarantine brokenif only countries had brought in and enforced rules like this at the first signs of the virus. Locking the stable door after the horse has bolted.

Fears within FG of attempts to 'undermine' government negotiationsForces within Fine Gael are actively trying to “pull down from within” the talks aimed at forming a new Government, it has been claimed. More worried about the loss of the €200,000+