Man who stabbed ex-partner's boyfriend in 'sneak attack' found guilty of murder

27/06/2022 22:03:00

Nassar Ahmed the stabbing was in self defence but this was not accepted by the jury.

A man who stabbed his ex-partner's boyfriend to death in a 'sneak attack' after inviting him for a fist fight has been found guilty of murder by a unanimous jury verdict at the Central Criminal Court.

Nassar Ahmed the stabbing was in self defence but this was not accepted by the jury.

File photo of a courtroom Image: Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews.Mr Justice Paul McDermott said there was a very high degree of recklessness in the actions of Martin Kelly from Church Road, Castlecomer and he had shown shocking and callous indifference to the fate of 44-year-old Gerry Nolan.A 20-year-old man has said he is pursuing medically assisted dying after years of struggling with chronic pain due to a mystery illness.The Central Criminal Court heard that 32-year-old Paul Murtagh had a practice of recording daily life and had recorded a huge amount of footage including the fatal attack on him on 6 November 2020.

ie File photo of a courtroom Image: Sasko Lazarov/ A MAN WHO stabbed his ex-partner’s boyfriend to death in a “sneak attack” after inviting him for a fist fight has been found guilty of murder by a unanimous jury verdict at the Central Criminal Court.The court heard Kelly set fire to the mobile home Gerry Nolan lived in, in the early hours of 24 July 2006.The jury took just two hours and five minutes to deliver their verdict, rejecting Nassar Ahmed’s claim that he was acting in self-defence when he stabbed Eoin Boylan three times.READ MORE:Couple's 'wonky' €843k dream house has to be demolished after just 5 years He says he wants to end his suffering after being left with liver and kidney disease because of the mystery gastrointestinal condition.The prosecution had told the jury that Ahmed, 41, stabbed Boylan in a “sneak attack” after inviting him to a fist fight while he had a knife concealed in his pocket.Martin Kelly denied any involvement.Ahmed told gardaí that he grabbed something sharp after being attacked but said he couldn’t remember what it was or where he threw it away.They said he"would not and could not" have done it if he was in the right frame of mind.

Lorcan Staines SC, prosecuting, said in his closing speech that the accused had told “lie after lie” to gardaí about the weapon used and that the lies were so bad they were “borderline laughable”.Gardaí began reviewing the case in 2015.In June 2016, the Parliament of Canada passed federal legislation that allows eligible Canadian adults to request medical assistance in dying.The State’s barrister argued the issue of self-defence did not arise in the case as the deceased had been in “manifest retreat” when he was stabbed three times by the accused.The jury watched CCTV footage of the stabbing which Ahmed accepted in his garda interviews showed Boylan retreating from the attack.She said Kelly had left her home on the night in question, that he had taken their car and that he later admitted to her that he had killed Gerry Nolan.Ahmed had admitted to unlawfully killing Boylan but said he believed he was acting in self-defence." He spoke previously of his desperation to stay in control.The jury rejected his claim, accepting the prosecution’s case that Ahmed was the aggressor and did not believe he was using reasonable force to defend himself.He spent most of his late adolescence and adulthood in custody.The two brothers had been sharing the family home since 2016 when Gary Murtagh returned from Belfast where he had lived for a number of years.

Advertisement Ms Justice Eileen Creedon thanked the jury for their service and remanded Ahmed in custody until a sentencing hearing on 26 July when Boylan’s family will have an opportunity to make a statement to the court.Ahmed faces the mandatory sentence for murder of life imprisonment.Kelly had said he only meant to frighten Mr Nolan but the judge said it went beyond that and was an intention to terrorise.He said last month: "I can go when I'm ready, it's not when I'm sick, it's not when they pull my meds or anything, it's when I'm ready.He did not react after the jury verdict.Nassar Ahmed of The Mews, Kilrush Road, Ennis had pleaded not guilty to murder but guilty to the manslaughter of Eoin Boylan (32) at Gordon Drive, Cloughleigh, Ennis, on April 14, 2020.He said the attack was carried out deliberately in the early hours.The trial heard that Ahmed, who is originally from Sudan in North Africa, came to Ireland in the mid 2000′s and settled in Ennis, Co Clare, where he met Susan O’Doherty, got married in 2007 and had three children.I knew it was what I wanted to do.They forced entry and found Paul Murtagh with a jacket covering his head.

Their marriage broke down however and it ended completely in November 2018.He left the scene without raising the alarm and showed shocking and callous indifference to Gerry Nolan's fate.Around Christmas 2019, Ahmed’s former partner met Eoin Boylan and they started a relationship together.The court heard that Boylan moved into the woman’s house “quite quickly” after their relationship commenced.In mitigation, the judge said Kelly had pleaded guilty.A Facebook page called Eric's Army is filled with love-filled messages and posts from friends, family and strangers hearing about his story.On the day of the attack, the trial heard there was phone communication between Ahmed and his former partner as the accused wanted to come to the house, over which a dispute arose.The deceased’s mother Catherine Martin gave evidence during the trial, telling Staines that the accused did not look “very happy” when he arrived outside the house on the day of the stabbing.The judge said he also took into account Kelly's age when the offence was carried out and his difficult upbringing in which there was a considerable level of drug and alcohol abuse in his family.The death had occurred about three to four hours before he was found by gardaí.

“Although he didn’t show it, I think he was angry,” Martin said.READ NEXT:.She recalled that Ahmed started to call his former partner names as the pair argued outside..“He called her a whore,” she said.The witness then described how her son, who was in the kitchen, came out the front door when he heard Nassar shouting.#Open journalism No news is bad news Support The Journal Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to you Support us now “I came out behind him,” she told the court." When told he could be seen on CCTV attacking his brother he replied"that is where I came out of my room to attack him with a claw hammer.

She said her son said he was going out to ask Ahmed to stop shouting, and to ask him if he wanted to come inside.The witness then told Staines that she watched as Ahmed “stood on his tippy-toes and moved very quickly, then stood on one leg and lunged towards my son”.“I let out a roar for him [Ahmed] to stop,” Martin said.“I put my arm under him to support him [Boylan], to bring him back to the house.Susan [O’Doherty, Ahmed’s former partner] was on the other side, and roaring at Nassar, saying ‘what have you done?’.I pleaded with him, I did not think he would be dead.

” Self-defence Before the jury went out to consider their verdict, Ms Justice Creedon told the seven men and five women that a person has the right to defend themselves if struck but they do not have the right to avenge themselves.She said the jury must first-decide if the accused believed it was necessary to use force to defend himself.If Ahmed was the aggressor, she said, then self defence would not arise and he would be guilty of murder.She told the jury to consider whether Ahmed had an honest belief that the force used was necessary.“If he did not have that honest belief, self-defence does not arise,” she said.He can never undo what was done, can never unsee what he saw or unfeel what he felt, they said adding that it would be with him for the rest of his life and was a life sentence in itself.

If the jury concluded that he used no more force than he believed was necessary to defend himself, but used more force than was reasonably necessary, then the correct verdict would have been not guilty of murder but guilty of manslaughter..

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