Louise McSharry: Break out of the prison of dental shame

Forgive me for the terrible expression but friends, I’m on a journey. A dental journey.

02/01/2021 15:30:00

It’s never too late to start treating your teeth properly, as our beauty columnist discovered when she finally plucked up the courage to go to the dentist

Forgive me for the terrible expression but friends, I’m on a journey. A dental journey.

Given the choice between expensive dentistry and an expensive social life, you will be unsurprised to hear that in my twenties, I chose the latter.By the time my thirties rolled around, things were bad. I had a couple of emergency root canals, which did nothing for my perception that dentistry was unaffordable.

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Once again, I plunged my head deeply into the sand, managing to even ignore significant pain and broken teeth.At this point, it wasn’t so much the money—I was shelling out regularly for brow and nail appointments—but the shame. How could I sit down in a dentist’s chair and show them the horror show in my mouth? They might give out to me! (There is nothing I fear more than being given out to.)

Read MoreLouise McSharry: My go-to products for a perfect, dewy complexionThis year, though, I met a nice dentist who basically forced me (in a nice way) to come in to him and get my teeth checked out. I was terrified.Again, not of pain or procedure, but of the shame of having taken such poor care of my teeth for so many years. “I’m sure it won’t be as bad as you think,” friends said, “they’re probably fine!” headtopics.com

As it turns out, they’re really not fine, but I’m OK with that now because I am, ahem, on a new dental journey. Now that I’ve started, the anxiety I’ve been carrying around with me for 15 or so years has dissipated.Now, I’m using all that energy to try out every dental product on the market. Now, I’ve fallen in love with a toothbrush.

Read MoreTheSpotlight Sonic Toothbrush (€110), from Irish dentists Dr Lisa and Vanessa Craven’s company Spotlight Oral Care, genuinely brings me joy every day.Like many electric toothbrushes these days, the brush is set to work for two minutes, pulsing every 30 seconds to indicate when you should move to a different quarter of your mouth. It’s sleek and beautifully designed and the battery lasts for months. The first time I used it, I genuinely felt like I was getting a professional clean. It feels like self-care.

Aside from that, I’ve become essentially reliant on Read more: Independent.ie »

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