Lorraine Courtney: 'Give Your Vote To A Woman - İt's The Only Way To Break The Tyranny Of Mediocre M

Lorraine Courtney: 'Give Your Vote To A Woman - İt's The Only Way To Break The Tyranny Of Mediocre M

Lorraine Courtney: 'Give your vote to a woman - it's the only way to break the tyranny of mediocre men' - Independent.ie

Lorraine Courtney: 'Give your vote to a woman - it's the only way to break the tyranny of mediocre men'

24/01/2020 11:50:00

Lorraine Courtney: 'Give your vote to a woman - it's the only way to break the tyranny of mediocre men'

If a man has a suit and can put a poster on a pole, people automatically assume he's TD material and vote for him. Women have a harder time. We make up more than half of the population,

Friday 24 January 2020Lorraine Courtney: 'Give your vote to a woman - it's the only way to break the tyranny of mediocre men' Read more: Independent.ie »

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Rubbish journalism But only to a good woman, not a mediocre one. Like Joan Burton If they are not suitable to the job then No they should not get the vote! Pretty sexist stuff Is it just me but is anyone else sick of this women are the answer shit . Wasn't Joan Burton a woman Did she not introduce slavery back to Ireland,

Voting based on gender? Ffs. Will ye ever give over with this shite, we’re not America. Seeing this article put out for the second time today Oh yes, we need another Regina Doherty like a hole in the head, and why not another Joan Burton while we're at it. Eh, no. I’ll vote for a PERSON that I believe will be beneficial. Nothing more, nothing less. Grow up.

Hmm...Vote for feminists! NWCI The world would be a better place if it was run entirely by women. No doubt. Promoting this article is a really bad idea. It's sexist claptrap. Unfortunately there's plenty of mediocre women out there too The stupidest thing I've heard in a long time. Vote for hazel-eyed people only. Cat owners only. People born on a Tuesday...

Give your vote to the best candidate regardless of their gender is true equality. I’m a women and I’ve just spotted Bacik, Coughlan and Burton in that photograph and wait for it..Francis Fitzgerald peeping out from behind🙄...enough said...no women’s vote from me anyway! Women are the definition of mediocrity. Why do you think that ALL forms of collectivism are female dominated?

I would never vote on anyone becouse there gender... Becouse then we just vote in the tyranny of mediocre woman No Blokes for Irish Independent... Reminds me of a view some English landlords apparently had. That’s one astronomical level of hypocrisy! Had never heard of her but did a quick Google and this popped up! So is she against “soft sexism” or not?

Feminist: men and women are completely equal in every way and to treat them differently is a hate crime. Also Feminist: Women should vote for women purely because they are women. So we get Frances Fitz, Josepha Madigan, Regina Doherty Katherine Zappone, Seriously let's look for competence which can come in either gender. Yes I meant either,

Heather humphreys? Eh, NO More rubbish journalism How did that work out for the UK? More identity politics bullshit. How about giving our votes to the best candidate regardless of sex? Toxic femininity I will be voting for a woman but I will do it on this backward idea of thinking she is the best candidate. Oh how dare I. I suppose we should forget about asking for solutions on health and housing, just shout that you're a woman and all is well.

No. Gender is no guarantee of anything better. This is simply sexism of a different shade. Vote for those who consistently espouse policies that benefit working class women, of all minorities. Fgff women don't. Seriously some of the worse culprits the last few years have been woman. Joan Burton and Regina Doherty to name a few. Joan Briton proposed the new pension age. Ffs hat has gender got to do with it. I’d prefer them to be competent

Free sanitory pads for everyone Or maybe vote for the best candidate regardless of their sex? Sexist claptrap. Most of the women in the Dáil have been as corrupt & useless as the male TDs. A few stellar exceptions including Catherine Murphy & the lady from Galway, but “tyranny of mediocre women” is just as bad (Burton, Zappone, Doherty, Fitzgerald, Bailey, Chambers, etc)

wouldn't vote for any of these Ouch. Look, nobody loves pretending to be a feminist more than me. But this is fucking awful. Joan Burton That's all I'm saying What utter rubbish. Fed up of mediocre woman who can’t do on their own merit. Mitchel O’ Connor is a great reason not to vote on gender basis only.

What a load of sexist claptrap why are you engaging in misandry. Regina Doherty..... That is all If the woman candidate is a hottie she’ll get my vote. if she’s not then sorry. Back of the queue please. Sweet suffering Jesus. Give your vote to the best qualified candidate who represents your views and will work for their constituency, regardless of what's in their pants.

EWdeVlieger DonArturito Women are no different. All they want is expenses and good pensions just like Mary Robinson and Co, Great idea! Base your vote exclusively on genitalia Way to go ‘feminists’ - it must feel ‘empowering’ to want voters to, first & foremost, consider ONLY candidates who have a vagina -competence, intelligence, substance, experience -those are all less important issues to assess👍

If the electorate were to base their voting decision on the performance of the women in the current Oireachtas,they would not vote for any female candidate at all.Women who,in recent times,have reached the top in politics,with a few honourable exceptions,are strident viragos. If a man said that they'd be uproar. 2 female presidents did she forget that little fact🤔

Embarrassing It's like a miss universe competition from the dark ages Right so we should vote for Gemma O'Doherty in this election? That....does not sound like a great idea. Vomit inducing bullshit Sorry but as a female I’m very uncomfortable with the tone of this article. Gender does not determine mediocracy

Joan Burton 🤦‍♀️ Sounds sexist. My local Female candidate was squarely against repeal of the 8th. So, back to the drawing board. Women can be worse for other women. Said as a feminist. Thank for adding to the tyranny of sub mediocre articles in this world of outrage,that’s not fit for a tabloid.Your article undermines the hard work that women politicians are putting in to be elected,who want not to be elected because of their gender but of their political views

Ah yes cos Ivana Bacik, Mary Coughlan and Joan Burton are top class politicians!!! This has to be the worst attempt to stir up a sexism row!!! Cut the crap and just vote for the best candidate, male, female, donkey, goat...who cares once they’re the best suited to the job!!! What about ReginaDo joanburton MariaBaileyFG ? Vampires are vampires, gender not withstanding

No thanks as a woman I can safely say the likes of Maria Bailey, Regina O Doherty, Joan Bruton, Michelle Mulhern, Francis Fitzgerald, Mary Harney Lisa Chambers and many more like them are not worth a vote and indeed set back equality with their swings and roundabouts Sexist! As a woman... NO 🚫 I will give my vote to the best person, regardless of gender. My votes are going to men this yr because the only running female is an anti-choice, slanderous bullsh*tter. Feminism isn't about women ganging up on men. We need to be equally accountable.

Gemma o Doherty number 1 let’s take back control MIGA Mediocre journalism. What utter sexist bollox. We're not exactly spoiled for choice with this bunch. This is ridiculous. Why is the same not been said about male National School teachers or male nurses. Let numbers if male in those positions and not a word about it. Whoever is best for a job gets the job. Should be no quotas. People make choices.

This person really doesn't understand what democracy is. There are infinite ways one can categorize a society and doing it by the bits between your legs is only one of them. She also seems to think that all women think the same and would look out for each other, which is rubbish TDs are TDs no matter the gender, unfortunate choice of words

Sweden is ran by man hating feminists and is a complete disaster, from grenades going off everyday to being rape capital of Europe Remember the disaster that was Mary harney? Nah. I'll go for the candidate QuinlivanTD Neither tyranny nor mediocrity are gender specific. Then why were two women from Fine Gael deselected? Women cannot have it both ways and need step up to the mark to truly represent more issues that impact on women's lives.

Ehh No!! I'll vote for a person that i feel will represent people like me,gender,colour etc is irrelevant. Sexism is okay for woman Trouble is they are mediocre too. I see joanburton in this pic Great alternative Someone like Regina Dorothy I don't think so . Forget women have went along with them everytime, in fact some were even worse Joan

Good looking bunch😨 Doesn’t say much for the ability of women if they have to ask even mediocre men to give them a break. Strange concept coming here so stick with me, we can get through this together, ready? - How about you do some actual research into the candidates & party's running in your area and then give your vote to the one who most represents your views on the topics important to you.

Yes because there are no mediocre women-really!!! I'll vote for who I think can do the job not because it's a woman, cop on to yourself This is what a person in that picture did to my family. Has she been living under a rock.. I won't name the women who have screwed us over there isn't enough room.. You know who you are..

Seeing as moral outrage is the in-thing these days, I’m deeply offended that this woman isn’t respecting women’s democratic right to vote for whomever they choose Because Mary Harney, Joan Burton, Regina Doherty, Ruth Coppinger, Maria Bailey and Ivana Bacik are such paragons of excellence 🙄 Can someone tell me how I can make formal complaint on this article/'journalist '

'Give your vote to a woman'. Such a banal election cry. Such condemnation of women's ability to good ideas. Such disregard for women's intellect. She's essentially saying that women can't get elected based on their character. DefendYourFriends CosainDoChairde FridayFeeling Total sexism 🤨 Not if those women are members of FG or FF!!! Incompetence is not a gender issue

What a load of crap!!! Is this some challenged person from primary school writing this dribble Imagine if a man said something along these lines or even hinted at it trolling again. Enough is enough. Unfollowed. get a grip on reality will you ffs. Maria Bailey anyone? An exemplar of integrity. I will vote based upon character not gender. This article is juvenile 🙄

I see a lot of notoriously mediocre women in that photo. Ivana (Nobody loves me) Bacik, Joan Burton, Frances FitzGerald? The very definition of mediocrity. I’ll give preferences to any man or woman regardless of sex, orientation, religion, colour if their views represent my own. Katherine Zappone. Josepha Madigan. Lisa Chambers. Kate O'Connell. Frances Fitzgerald. Regina Doherty. Tell us, how do we go about replacing the mediocre women?

In fairness, a lot of the women in politics are equally mediocre. If a Male politician referred to a woman in that manner he would be destroyed..if playing the gender card is her strategy for election no problem, but by doing so she acknowleges that men are superior and are more capable and that she should be elected on gender grounds alone..

its doesnt matter the gender the sexual orientation of a person the colour of a person, its their character of the person, what they will do for the public, this indenity politics need to be nipped in the bud, i certainly would not vote for her just cause she is a woman Yes indeed,, Imelda Marcos, Indira Ghandi, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Aung San Suu Kyi.....such shining examples GE2020

OMG! Does realise that Lorraine Courtney is a sexist bigot? Have you seen the women in the cabinet and the Tory mp’s. Mediocre flatters them. Would that include Regina Doherty? I always give my vote on the merits of the candidate. And what about mediocre women 🤔 The fume if a man said this about not voting for women !!!!?

You have some balls, Lorraine. I would expect a 12yr old to write a better article than this. The gender not the party? No males, females or bisexuals in FFG, Liebour, Greeners!

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