Yourview, Brexit

Yourview, Brexit

Letter to the Editor: Dominance of Brexit not good for EU

Letter to the Editor: Dominance of Brexit not good for EU


Letter to the Editor: Dominance of Brexit not good for EU

It is difficult to imagine a more insulting act by a head of government than to send a formal letter on headed notepaper purporting to come from his office and person, but omitting to sign it as a means of authenticating it. And then to send another signed letter saying something quite different.

The current paralysis is preferable to a no deal Brexit and is hurting the UK far more than it is hurting the EU. Far from putting the UK out of its misery, the EU should insist on a lengthy or even indefinite Article 50 extension and just keep the UK dangling on a string until such time the UK has a coherent government, policy, and parliament.

Any attempts at being helpful will only be misconstrued as interfering in the internal affairs of a member state. No further time should be wasted on Brexit at EU Council meetings, and the new incoming commission should be focused on other matters — eg, negotiating trade deals with countries that actually know what they want.

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