Leo is entitled to his day in the sun - he's flesh and blood like rest of us

Roslyn Dee: 'Leo is entitled to his day in the sun - he's flesh and blood like rest of us'

29/05/2020 01:15:00

Roslyn Dee: 'Leo is entitled to his day in the sun - he's flesh and blood like rest of us'

When she sat down beside me on a low stool in the bar in the Shelbourne Hotel that summer's evening I knew that there was something familiar about her. Dressed casually in jeans and a T-shirt and with her hair pulled back off her face, she was the only female in a group of about five or six others.

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Clueless Leo, wants to be leader for life. Weren’t all the media and radio stations and curtain twitchers giving out about every one else doing this. Our Taoiseach does it and it’s meant to be grand no rules broken. So we can all do it now grand job who’s joining me for a picnic and some drinks, Plenty of sun in India

And we should be very Proud that Leo can mingle with the rest of the nation in meeting up with a few friends and enjoying the sun. Not all countries can do that . Sycophant news. 🙄 ZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz For God sake give us a break Old news Only the Eternally offended got their knickers in a twist about this non story, Draw a line under it and move on...

Fair play Roslyn. Media D4ers true to form defending the cash cow. Oh sweet jesus are you still banging on with the same story! Roslyn you lickspittle The last leader of a nation I seen with the top off was Putin so where does that leave Leo? He’s days is the sun are normally spent in private villas! This top of malarkey proves he’s a total geeeeee bag

Leve the lad alone ffs... On a happier Note. Well done Violet-Anne. You are an inspiration to Mortgage Holders everywhere. Oh, swapping from unhinged constant reposting this non story yesterday to sly defenses of his actions. Implying something to defend. Jesus. You wont stop till you invent a story here. Will you? Nothing to defend as nothing happened. Shocker, he sunbathes.

On the day the HSE confirm there is still no cancer screening and cant say when it will resume. But Rosly and indapendent are more worried about Leo and the PR machine. Broke the guidelines Still banging on about this Slow news day if you rehashing last Sunday’s news. Not when govt are saying only essenettt trips

Shinnerbots say NO! Everyone is entitled to a roof over their head, food and a decent standard. Not only has LeoVaradkar & finegael not provided those basic entitlements they have proactively denied them to some. Wish you gave his performance as taoiseach half the coverage you've given his picnic MOVE ON are there any other news?

But he can't do it in his back garden like the rest of us

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