Late Late Toy Show goes back to basics and serves up the maximum festive fun

Pat Stacey: ' #LateLateShow goes back to basics and serves up the maximum festive fun'


27/11/2021 04:00:00

Pat Stacey: ' LateLateShow goes back to basics and serves up the maximum festive fun'

IT’S often been said that an outsider can never understand The Late Late Show. How could they be expected to when there’s nothing else in the world remotely like it?

t’s hard enough for an Irish person, let alone anyone else, to put their finger on exactly what it is that keeps drawing so many viewers back to this insane amalgam of elements so tonally incompatible, they have no right being in the same room together.

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A typical show might feature a celebrity interview or two, a plug for an upcoming RTÉ series, a comedian, a musical act and a heartwarming human interest story about someone who triumphed over adversity, or else a heartbreaking human interest story about someone who succumbed to tragedy.

Then again, it might feature none of these things. It could be a Valentine’s Day special, a country music special, a tribute to a beloved veteran entertainer, a full-scale debate on a burning topical issue or, as was the case recently, a showcase for small- to medium-sized businesses.

Anything goes, really.The appeal of The Late Late Toy Show, which racked up its 46th edition – and the 13th hosted by Ryan Tubridy – is slightly easier to fathom.Children, toys, singing and dancing, celebrity guests, surprises and the sight of a middle-aged host in a garish Christmas jumper dashing enthusiastically around from one table full of toys to another, like Tom Hanks in Big.

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Something, in other words, for everybody in the audience watching at home.Even Russell Crowe, not a man easily impressed, was so moved by last year’s show, he tweeted; “Doesn’t matter where you’re from, if you have a kind soul and an open heart you’ll appreciate how wonderful this tradition from Ireland is.”

The 2020 edition, a necessarily scaled-down affair made under Covid restrictions and without a studio audience, was in many ways a return to the Toy Show of old – more ordinary kids demonstrating the toys, fewer stage school-trained moppets, a minimum of celebrities – and acted as a balm for a nation bruised by months of lockdown.

Video of the DayIt also created a little star, Adam King, who had a hug for everyone and took a place in everyone’s hearts.It was a refreshing change from recent years, when the show has often seemed a little too over-polished and over-rehearsed, more a showbusiness extravaganza than what it started out as: a show featuring kids test-driving the latest toys.

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There seemed to be fewer toy testers and more stage school-trained moppets.The theme of this year’s show was The Lion King.It kicked off with a little mini-movie, filmed (we learned later) in flats in Ringsend, where some suspiciously posh-sounding kids hung out in a playground, and Tubridy – in a smock-coat and flat cap borrowed from Eric Morecambe – appeared from behind a lamppost with a long ladder.

Then it was into the studio and the live, if reduced, studio audience – just 50 instead of the usual 200 – for a raucous rendition of The Lion Sleeps Tonight, with Tubridy (has he been taking singing lessons?) as Timon.After that, it was what we used to tune in to The Toy Show during the Byrne and Kenny years in the hope of seeing: kids in their natural habitat (surrounded by shiny new toys) causing absolute chaos.

A delightful little firecracker called Alanna, dressed as Batgirl, had no intention of sticking to the script and roamed freely, grabbing any toy she fancied and soaking Tubs with bubbles from a bubble-doll.Four-year-old Lorcan was even less inclined to co-operate, spending most of his time spraying ketchup all over some plastic burgers.

Every Toy Show has to have a precocious child, and this time it was Roisin, who appeared to be an expert on dinosaurs and effortlessly rattled off the names as Tubs showed her different toy versions.Still, she wasn’t too grown-up for a good old-fashioned sit-down tea party, while the pair of them fumbled with cakes while wearing some oversized gloves.

Superstar singer Ed Sheeran clearly has a gra for the Late Late Toy Show though as he made a surprise appearance to join kids on stage. Making their night with tickets all round for his upcoming Irish gigs.There was still a way to go when we had to tune out, but this was The Late Late Toy Show as it should be, for the kids, not for the Millennials who live-tweet along.


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Covid spreader event, but it's ok its allowed its RTE What does Tony think? Sure RTE will be grand, separate rules for them lot, always was. Nothing festive or Christmassy about it - besides Tubridy's jumpers. Worst one in a long time. Boring Festive

RTÉ Toy Show Appeal | Charity | Donate | Late Late toy ShowDonate to RTÉ Toy Show Appeal. Your generosity will help charities which provide essential support, healthcare, well-being, play and creativity. All donations help to change children's lives for good. Wow. Nearly enough for Tubridy's salary now..... At least half that money is going up Tubridys nose before Christmas!

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The top 11 moments from this year's Late Late Toy ShowMystery phone bidder Tony Holohan, ringing the bell on cancer, and Hakuna Matata master Kellie Harrington. Tubridy just makes the whole thing unwatchable for me. He’s an almighty goon of the highest order.

Late Late Toy Show ready to roar around the worldThe finishing touches are being put on tonight's Late Late Toy Show, with host Ryan Tubridy and the team promising a 'wild' night inspired by Disney's The Lion King. Hopefully we will get more covid propaganda to warm our hearts Don't let Tony Hula Hoop see all these kids together or he will be taking up a much needed hospital bed when he has a stroke. 😂😂 Why is this super spreader event going ahead?

Late Late Toy Show theme revealed as The Lion KingThe theme of this year’s Late Late Toy Show has been revealed as host Ryan Tubridy and a tribe of young performers and toy testers get ready to go wild for the biggest night on the TV calendar.After a year where children were restricted in play and socialising with their friends, they will get a very special invitation to step into the sun as the theme of this year’s Late Late Toy Show takes inspiration from the Disney classic, The Lion King. The night looks set to live the Hakuna Matata ‘no worries’ philosophy with children ruling the jungle in the studio and at home, for the most exciting TV event of the year.

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