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Ivan Yates, Normal People

Ivan Yates attacks Normal People for showing 'debauchery' and 'gratuitous sex'

Ivan Yates attacks Normal People for showing 'debauchery' and 'gratuitous sex'

04/06/2020 21:40:00

Ivan Yates attacks Normal People for showing 'debauchery' and 'gratuitous sex'

The Newstalk presenter lashed into the successful TV series during his Hard Shoulder programme

The Newstalk presenter lashed into the TV series, which has been a phenomenal success, during his Hard Shoulder radio programme.Talking to former film censor and producer John Kelleher and TV and movie expert John Fardy, the motormouth former TD said he was shocked by all the flesh on display during the 12-part drama.

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He stormed: “Well, I watched it after my own show last night and the unnecessary nudity and displays… if they weren’t having sex with one person, the two main actors were having it with someone else.“It was often very robust. John Kelleher, as a censor, you must express… this debauchery now is so popular that the national broadcaster will do anything to get ratings.

“Surely you have to say some of the nudity was gratuitous, it wasn’t necessary, and apparently the book wasn’t that lurid at all.”A shocked John Kelleher was stunned into silence by the attack on Wednesday night’s show before saying: “Gosh, Ivan, I mustn’t have seen what you saw at all.”

Yates said: “Well, did you not see the steamy, sweaty sex scenes?”Kelleher replied that he had not, but had seen “very romantic” scenes with “excellent dialogue” which were “brilliantly directed” by Lenny Abrahamson.“He has done a terrific job on this,” said the film producer.

Yates then turned to his other guest saying: “The other thing John Fardy is it didn’t have much of a storyline. It just kind of petered out. He was heading off to NY maybe…”Fardy had to jump in and tell the host not to spoil the ending for those who had not seen it yet.

Yates, who revealed he had seen every episode but one, said: “The point I’m making is there wasn’t much movement in the story. It was an inconclusive ending.”Fardy said great endings often were and added: “I think the sex scenes are very much part of the story.

“They weren’t there to titillate, they were there to convey dramatic lines and characterisations of the people involved.“I actually thought the sex was very well handled.”But Yates would not be dissuaded: “It was gratuitous entertainment that was unnecessary.”

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His comments follow a previous row on Joe Duffy’s Liveline programme when some viewers rang up to express their disgust at the show for “being like a porno movie” and for “encouraging fornication”.The series, which has been a massive success in Ireland, the UK and the US, ended on Tuesday night with the last two episodes being broadcast on RTE.

The story, which followed the troubled love affair of characters Connell and Marianna from school to Trinity College, has been the biggest hit ever on the RTE Player.It has already attracted 3.3 million streams, nearly three times the previous record of 1.2 million for the fourth season of Love/Hate. And that figure looks set to rise and rise.

In Britain it was BBC Three’s most popular ever show.The series has made household names out of its previously little-know stars, Paul Mescal, from Maynooth, Co Kildare, and Londoner Daisy Edgar-Jones.Celebrities like Kourtney Kardashian, Katy Perry, Niall Horan, Chris O’Dowd, Mia Farrow and James Corden have heaped praise on the explicit but poignant series which has now been sold to over 20 countries.

Many fans have taken to social media to demand a second series but writer Sally Rooney, author of the book the drama was based on, is currently working on a different novel. Read more: Irish Daily Mirror »

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