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Irish men the 'undisputed ugliest' in the world

Romance-hunters from Limerick in particular were most likely to be rejected


Irish men the 'undisputed ugliest' in the world, according to dating website for 'beautiful people'

Romance-hunters from Limerick in particular were most likely to be rejected

In contrast Ireland’s women have climbed up the table to sixth overall in the world - their highest-ever ranking and tied with France, with an impressive 35 percent acceptance rate.“However, this is the exception and not the norm. Unfortunately, when you look at the stats, Irish men are the undisputed ugliest in the world. They really are in a league of their own.

Although an average of just one in five applicants succeed in gaining membership to the exclusive site, the latest charts confirm once again that success rates vary widely from country to country.He said: “The concept is based on a fundamental human fact - that people want to be with someone they find attractive.”

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Ireland, get Colin on the phone for me, a.s.a.p! We need to discuss this article immediately! 😜 When a whole ass HOZIER exists? All people beautiful every people Prepare to eat your words i doubt that i present u colin morgan 😌😌 ManLikeMeyIer2i fionncooney ‘undisputed ugliest’ ... ya cheers BoxingSharp

The Irish For: Why do so many Irish politicians start out as teachers?Darach Ó Séaghdha asks why we elect so many múinteoirí to the Oireachtas. Perhaps it’s because teachers see the problems of society reflected in the classroom, perhaps it’s because the role requires a positive attitude to public service and care. It’s very frustrating how many take every opportunity to discredit teacher value. Job for life, get elected and they keep a post open for you. That's why there's so many temp positions with no job security while TD's have the security of two jobs, two pensions, rental properties and 50k expenses per annum no questions asked. It’s great how recent events have changed Twitter into a positive, supportive forum 🥺 bekind

uptheyid They obviously haven't been to any GAA game 🥵 DavidMcCready1 No one presenting this bullshit as fact has any credibility...whatsoever uh Balls that would be the brits Will not stand for this for one second Oh As long as we have our best friend to help us through Hold on there a minute! I’ve been told I’m a hunk from women who owed me money 🤣🤣😂🤣

Michelle Keegan says sex scene with Irish actor was a great ice-breakerMichelle Keegan says sex scene with Irish actor Damien Molony was a great ice-breaker

brenhyland94 I beg to differ, even in our 60's we still cut a fine figure. I beg to differ! Oft! 🥰💚 xxx I have 2 words to prove you wrong Hot Priest fleabag CurrencyWar1 The best looking Irishmen moved to America in the 19th Century. « ugliest » I know they didn't just hurt my Cillian😐😐😐 have you SEEN Niall Horan or Andrew Scott

Just google Cillian Murphy. For science. Then rewrite this okay but no, here’s why

TCD and Sadsi speakers secure places for Irish Times Debate grand finalLast semi-final held in cadets’ mess at the Curragh Camp

Niall Horan did not live for this bullshit. Have a good night 1984to1776 Imagine the outrage if anyone says this about any ethnicity of color. But do we really care ! Up the hurling ! Brian Gleeson is a stunning example of Irish handsomeness. No way jondav1963 So not true. Haven’t read article btw it’s clearly click bait

Um...I think not The Irish are the MOST beautiful ❤ Do we know what country is first? F**k to the off.

Hopes for Irish Easter Rising film as Neeson son to play Collins 25 years after dadAN IRISH filmmaker is hoping to bring an Easter Rising movie to the big screen – which could be our version of the multi-award winning Sam Mendes flick 1917. And Kevin McCann plans to do it for a f…

I dispute. I STRONGLY dispute. Exhibits 1&2. Niall Horan and Jamie Dornan say 'Hi'👋 Wrong and stupid. The handsomest man I know is of Irish decent At least we have everyone posting photos of that Niall Horan chap to show the world that at least one of us isn't ugly. Eh hello.......Jamie Dornan anybody?

I quite like ugly 😍 michaelfassbender Lies 🇮🇪🦊😜 thanks daily mirror Somebody would like to have a word anaismuthi Bunny_Carr 🤷🏼‍♀️

Parasite is coming to loads more Irish cinemas following Oscar success | JOE.ieIf you haven't seen the movie, we've got some good news for you - 11 new cinemas in Ireland will be showing the movie from this week on. Saw it last night and it's fantastic 👍

y’all forgot about this sexy mf Clearly not 👌🏼🍀 Did you seen this angel!!!! Have you seen Liam Neeson? anyway stream NoJudgement by niall horan for clear skin and to look at this actual piece of fine irish artwork so what are you exactly gonna say about this piece of art, huh? They obviously never saw Niall James Horan

Ehm... Colin Farrel? Domhnall Gleeson? Conor McGregor? niall james horan begs to differ

Prince William and Kate to travel to Galway during Irish visitPrince William and Kate are set to travel to Galway when they visit Ireland next month. Will they visit Athenry ? Not wellcomed Mr and Mrs Battenburg

the fact that u are calling a large group of people “ugly” is the real ugly thing going on. there are many beautiful people in ireland, they ALL are. here’s an example for ya loves ;) Y’all must not have seen my Irish King Domhnall Gleason because ? What the fuck swagdere But they the Irish are their Daddy.

did u guys see domhnall gleeson? Niall Horan? Jamie Dornan? Dude what are you sayin? lobr33zy Gutter journalism

uh no That's why we invented alcohol so the ladies have beer goggles. cillian murphy says hi clearly haven’t been to the Claddagh Ring 🙄 Alright Are you sure about that? Seems like what this website considers 'beautiful' is in the eye🤑 of their beholder🤑 Spoken by a true Irish man Ummm the disrespect to niall horan

Irish lads don’t use dating websites ffs lol they could charm the birds from the trees 🌲 🌲 Absolute bullshit daithimicbineid Nah.. Your Article Utter Rubbish he's the proof !!!! Cabbage_94 😔 Niall Horan, Micheal Fassbender, Aidan Turner and Cillian Murphy say hi ‘Ugly’ This is why no gf xbroco What a pile of shite. Irish men are gorgeous. I said so.

IWannaBeCuter do you see this shit They haven't dated any Dutchmen then? .According to another poll women find the Irish accent the sexiest in the world but I don't think they meant Northern Ireland ! 😁😁😀 Taking solace in the fact I can’t remember the last time I was ranked number one at anything. Solidarity lads ✊

Absolute malarkey. 🤦‍♀️ Bish, where?! 🤷‍♀️ I'm done for now, thanks x robert sheehan can’t relate according to what now

Seriously though, I am absolutely class looking. Love them 😍 Probably because most of them don’t need a dating app. IrishMenRHot Bullshit. I love Irish men 😍 What about their mental health? Awful thing to publish QuotedReplies Irish and proud! ☘️☘️🇮🇪🇮🇪 An Englishman did this poll. Bet it. Niall Horan, Hozier

FefMonty 😥

DaveMarten chizmund Don't listen to them. You're beautiful. 15inchNiggalo 😭😭 Absolute horse merde. Irish men are the undisputed hottest in the world 🔥 I'm not Irish not even by blood but I'll clap when the Irish take back their homeland. The whole of Africa was left out. We should be able to beat them lads at least.

Absolute b.s ‘Being Irish isn’t a skill, it’s a genetic fucking accident’ George Carlin

Once Upon a Time proved it wrong Celtic hate from the judeo Anglo mirror Say no more This may mend any hurt egos lol 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Bang average Irish man here 🤔 Wouldn't you just know that this business is owned and run by the Brits? saw Niall Horan? On a website that is for “beautiful people” They can take their egos and shove it. I know an Irish guy and he’s quite handsome, appearance and personality.

what do I want to say to this dating website: Never saw aborigines eh? DennehyIan fuck sake bringing down our standards Probably because Irish men dont have to go on dating websites.🤔 and the ones that do. Well Il just leave it there lol. Have they never been to teesside? Clearly never seen Gerry Adams in his prime then

Just saying... Publishing hurtful rubbish. Ha ha I’m sure that’s true

This was only 4 years ago. What the hell has happened to us in the meantime? Umm I guess you have never seen Niall Horan And proud of it 🤣 I mean- More Limerick Fellas! YoungMunsterRFC Ah, what's not to admire about Limerickmen! GarryowenRugby Gerry54Gerry what?! One of my fave Limerickmen ever What's that you said about Limerickmen?

Irish Tan papers, always got our backs, lads. Unfortunately I can't argue with this DeclanBurke2 😂 Whoop out of that. Legends. Haha who cares! Shallow You think? Conor Hourihane for Villa could steal your Mrs if she laid eyes on him, what a load of BS this website is Oh ok. May I present an exception to the rule C_Marsh123 🇮🇪💪

What crap my dad is Irish and he’s the most handsome man ever Okay but what asshole decided to green light writing an article like this? Everyone is beautiful so kindly get out. umm you forgot about this man not NiallOfficial doe Hey, we may be ugly and hate-filled, but we, um... What was the last thing you said?

You do realise that Niall Horan is Irish, right? Lies Thats true, i went to ireland no so much ago and i get horrofied with your lack of beauty, both men and women. But you r so funny and kind. So i'll go again with no dubt. have you not seen the KING NIALL HORAN!!! diarmuid_32 sorry mate

Have you seen Cian Morrin Okay? Have you seen Pat Mustard? they have not seen Niall Horan and it shows! More negativity from a paper ✊💦 In my humble experience, can confirm this to be patently untrue. Niall Horan, Saoirse Ronan, Colin O'Donoghue, and Hozier say hi Niall is perfection 😘❤️ HeartbreakWeather ❤️ NoJudgement

Well my mammy said were all just gorgeous so fuck you survey 😁😁 Niall Horan and Hozier disagree

UM EXCUSE ME Wrong EXCUSE ME? Bro have you seen Niall Horan? umm NO Couldn't say for sure. Every time I try to check myself out the mirror shatters Hahaha shower of weapons thank god niall horan is a legend y'all keep forgetting niall horan is from ireland smh Ok tf is wrong w ppl 😐

How can they say this when Colin O'donoghue is right there... they know nothing We love them. I disagree, Irish accents are amazing, they are handsome men for example Niall Horan how in the world is that true when niall horan is right there?

BS Cillian Murphy & Jamie Dornan says NO Ehhhmmm nope 🤣🤣👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻❤️❤️❤️ Irish Men - 'Well, you're the one on a dating site because you can't get a ride......' Are you sure? Girls who have absolutely no taste writing this article ffs

Anyways stream NoJudgement by this Irish beauty❤ Srsly? When Niall Horan, Hozier exist?! ZoomerMatthew Not their fault bcoz niall isn't on any dating website so they prolly haven't seen him yet Yeeesss!! Finally world champs in something. Brings a tear to my eye. Do we get a ceremony? na its india Unlucky _imCalum

I signed up. I'm so curious to see how I'm rated 😂💚 Niall Horan exists tho ✌️😗 What about somalis?

Iv'e got money lol. yall clearly forgot niall horan exists You HAVENT SEEN king colin? In high school, a friend of mine traveled to Greece with her family to visit relatives. When she returned, she said the best looking guys are in Ireland. tbf we r up there but it's gotta be Somalis. They haven't seen Jack_Septic_Eye and it shows

Can't argue with that tbf Well your existence is UGLY and your negative attitude!

Bitch I will fight this till the death! Hes fucking gorgeous!!! Colin O'donoghue. From Drogheda Ireland! Ah balls. 😠 Seriously? With everything that's happened recently? You think that bullying people is ok?! Stupid and untrue So sorry for your loss, you obviously have never heard of Niall Horan I don’t know, have u seen israelis 😬

buycapes iJwuDi

Bro are they blind Have they seen Niall Horan Yeah right. shots fired Well then we are a perfect match 😇💓 *dating app is trying to increase its market share in Ireland and did a 'study' for the tabloids to fill a few column inches with and to use for clicks. How original nobody will ever figure it out We're still the best craic though.

Ngl I’m fuming I’m not Irish but Ik this is bs What rot. They clearly never met a Belgian.

I hope my mcm is ok and knows this ain’t about him 😭 ExCuSe Me? not when a whole niall horan exist Undisputed I'll take that 💪💪💪 Albert20mufc Of the WORLD NO WAY!! Irish men are sexy. um what Actually we're the sexiest. Or does onr company stating something not make it true? Why does the Irish Daily Mirror deem this news worthy? True journalism at it's peak.

niall horan is the only exception Kings Sis we been knew 💅 niall is the exception

Exceptions: Niall Horan and Jamie Dornan ShanedHunter correct So they haven't seen Niall Horan! 😱 Is the Mirror actually a thing in Ireland?... Great to see this shitty rags demise. 😉👍 yeah, sure... I think the Brits are the ugliest. Slow news day Pero- NIALL JAMES HORAN Yeah but its the personality that accounts, doesn't it .....

cillian murphy aye - Crabs Unlucky Sssnakeepit Not is true vecaue niall and Jamie dornan and colin farrell are real irish mans Well if we had as many silicone implants as the yanks we'd all be walking around with implants and looking like a ken doll wouldn't we? Sure about that? Irish/Celtic & of Celtic ancestry; Pierce Brosnan, George Clooney, Harrison Ford, Mark Feehily, Stuart Townsend, Matthew McConaughey, Leo Delaney, Colin O'Donoghue, Mel Gibson, Aidan Turner, James Dornan, Tom Hardy, Bradley Cooper, Clive Standen & me...Are askin' you to differ;

IslandGirl286 Irish king can’t relate AmyyJobson hahahaha dodged that one

Yes! We’re number one at something 😏 Now why would an Irish news company want to demean the men that make up their country? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Even if that were true, the accent though. ❤️ Sad people out there This is our President. We are not an ugly people. great source you have there ... very reliable, not subjective at all ...

But but but me ma told me I was handsome(ish) I is a proper scallion I still say tiger in the mirror every morning Surely that means I'm a white chocolate muffin. Imagine the fucking uproar if these genders were switched. nice piece of clickbait from an alleged newspaper

Anyone so conceited to subscribe to a submit their pictures to a site named have failed to realize an eternal truth. Their ‘beauty’ is superficial, transient & fated to decay, whereas their inner ugliness goes to the core & will stay with them forever. Unnecessary of many of our handsome men 😁😁😁😁😁

Oh? English newspaper telling us that. im gonna have to disagree.... WRONGO BUDDY THIS ONE'S THE MOST BEAUTIFUL IRISHMAN EVER awh to have the confidence (to apply to such a site) of a mediocre looking Irishman ... There are plenty of pretty English women who absolutely love 💖 Irish men. Who cares about the so-called “beautiful people” they are absolutely shallow

This how I know the Irish are the progenitors of civilization. Carolinet1976 😯 Niall Horan is an exception. No way! Bressie, Cillian Murphy, Aidan Quinn (in his younger years) JoshieLafferty chin up wee man I can keep going Beauty is an over rated attribute. Consideration, intelligence, and money are much more important. 😎

Chiselled!!! feargalharring try again Go to Hartlepool and come back to me Ah jayaus come on now. No need for that Aye yir ma 😆 🍀😀 This was obviously decided by someone who's bird was ridden raw by an irish fella SuperLensPants KOGMAWIRL

Oh wow guys... I’m so sorry 😔 🖕🏻 These Limerick lads have the answer. Aren't they clever? 😂 Bollocks. Zereleth The dating website probably has men like You must be 10/10 and his name must be Chad Thundercock. EXCUSE ME?!?! now that was an “interesting” read. niall does not agree Lies and slander in my personal opinion tbh


Ask yer ma daily mirror I disagree If they mean not obsessed with tanning and looking in the mirror every 5 mins - cool Soz Loftyhouse I DONT ACCEPT SLANDER FOR MY IRISH MEN NO STOP THIS DELETE niall horan can't relate According to dating website for 'beautiful people' 😂😂😂 ffs would ye go and ask me arse 🤣

I'll FIGHT them Nirishbob

Yeah that's just ridiculous Lol yeah sure... Well that’s me to the vets so.. both Irish and from Limerick.. does having an 10 inch appendage make up for my hunchback and lazy eye? we don't care I'm not sure about that 😁 As someone married to an Irishman I’ll politely disagree! dearbhlagh_ JnrLong half ugly?

michael_parr11 Where’s that old pic of bglendenning Hey! I resemble that remark! Gabh mo leithscéal What de ye know! British men are the ugliest in British newspaper. There’s No such thing as bad publicity. Clipart_Bear king JohnBishop100 is right, Irish men are punching well above our weight Ah jaysus I believe you're confusing us with Republicans. Easy mistake, but a stupid one. Then again, you used to be edited by piersmorgan , didn't you?

jennifergarton see? Most Irish thing av heard 🤦‍♂️🤣 iamdylancurran Pierce Brosnan Jonathan Rhys Meyers Matthew McConaughey Aidan Turner Jamie Dornan Colin Farrell to name but a few. Irish men prefer not to efeminate and coiffeur in favour of a raw natural appearance and that is what others see as ugly?

Well, this is a lie. That’s fair enough. We’re feckin mingers. Fucking grow up or shut down forever ripcarolineflack Whatever.. generally Irish men just aren’t that wrapped up in vanity. Tend to take more pride in who they are, not what they look like. 🇮🇪 Probably conducted the survey using the new search engine

Imagine the response if this had said women.

Well, thanks for the honour, I guess How dare you!! I hope they did a poll on personality also in the interest of balance! We'd be right up there at the top!! 🤔😉 Well , that’s in the eye of the beholder ... mine tell me otherwise 😁 'Ugliest'! Depends what they consider ‘ugly’. Personally find vanity & judging people on looks alone hugely unattractive.

Totally agree.... You can Factually tell that dating website that most irish men DONT GIVE A FUCK

Wooo Hooooo we're 👉 World Leaders 👈 There is no truth in this. We’ll agree to disagree.. 😏 lCRl_ Have Indian men been wiped out entirely? Okay? Have you seen Niall Horan? I dare you to Say that again after you see this man,you won’t. Hi I am 5 foot tall I have no teeth and no hair. But I won 17 million on the lotto last week. Can I join your beautiful people club?

WTFFF NIALL HORAN Sitting here in new orleans we cant even claim to be the biggest pissheads either 😁 Runts of Europe What? Faced with this problem Irishmen developed the ability to laugh the knickers off women instead! SaurEd6 We only got to the quarter finals in Italia 90 I’m gonna celebrate tonight 🔥

I may be ugly but you’re fat and I can... em ok work away In fairness, I’m “bet down”

To be fair all my Irish mates are pug ugly. Ah sure I’m living proof of ‘get by with what you have’ UglyDucklingAndProud The prettiest man I ever saw was Irish. He didn't think so which was even cuter. Duh. Not newsworthy. Considering the events of this weekend, it seems inappropriate to be tweeting 'stories' like this.

If we are gonna be ugly might as well be the best at it Sorted Best accents though apparently they've never seen hozier, tragic for them! I respectfully disagree

filthytory you love to see that COrvoV3 Hmmm 🤔 Sure ...🇮🇪 Now you’re spreading fake news Irishmen are the BEST! I suspect only really fuckin desperate irish blokes apply. And we aren't great at personal grooming of fruit. Fuckers in Limerick giving us Irish men a bad name... 👇🏻 a_coulterhockey doesn seem to affect bigturtni online

What a load of balls my mammy told me I was gorgeous. And Irish mammys are never wrong. Did the company at least pay you for this press release? Shallow rubbish

me next time 😤 Us ugly Irish lads are one of the last acceptable stereotypes. There is a bit of beauty in us though....and that beauty if that we truly don't give a fuck :) Well wtf is this Well my fella is a ride 🤗🤗 What a load of nonsense ever seen a amazon man ? Guess you go and find out. Cheqraise1 Bollocks.....

Why doesn't 'Beautiful People' show us their managers or a couple of the gorgeous guys on their books so we can assess their breathtaking loveliness and superior good looks in comparison to Irish men...?

Bet you feel pretty stupid now Cheqraise1 Yeah that colin farrell is some ugly bastard.. and as for jamie dornan, cillian murphy and that Fassbender lad dont get me started It would take the mirror to come up this shit So, it's a choice between Liam Neeson or Colin Farrel and some saddo who thinks they're God's gift on 'Beautiful People' (🙄) - gosh difficult choice there... I've met some stunners from Ireland & elsewhere - none of them needed to join a dating site for the terminally vain.

Cheqraise1 But I'm not Irish FFS! Harsh!!... lol!... gimmie a funny witty Irishman any day of the week 👍 And Inidan men are better looking? Please 😂😂 paddy73146772 jasper19889 imagine it was an Asian or African country picked , be an uproar 😂😂 Oh it's to bully the Paddy and Mick! !!

Well that’s bollox.... Irish men are the best in the world! I prefer Irish men! I've not met an ugly Irishman. I like 'em. Gosh hope no one tops themselves isn't this bulling mental health issues? Not all Irish men. There's Cillian Murphy and Colin Farrell and......well who cares anyway! More trash for people to read. Good grief.

Cant agree with this at all Ghastly


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