Halley’S Comet, Meteor Shower, Orionid, Shooting Stars

Halley’S Comet, Meteor Shower

Hundreds of shooting stars set to light up Irish skies tonight due to Halley's Comet debris

Previous years have seen dozens of shooting stars pass within an hour.


The peak time for this debris to reach earth's orbit usually occurs between the 21 and 25 October, and astronomers believe tonight from 11.30pm onward will be the best time to catch a glimpse.

Previous years have seen dozens of shooting stars pass within an hour.

“Basically Halley’s Comet goes around the sun roughly once in a human lifetime… it’s been doing that thousands of times so it has dirtied its orbit and there is loads of debris,” David Moore, editor of Astronomy Ireland magazine said.

“The naked eye is best to watch this type of thing. We ask people to count the number of shooting stars they see ever 15 minutes and send them in. The only reason we know this shower is active is because thousands of people do this every year.”

“Dry tonight, with mostly clear skies in the south and east, where it will be cold,” it said, adding “cloudier conditions will prevail in the west and north, however, so less cold here”.

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