Hozier warns ‘something dreadful is coming’ following death of George Nkencho

Hozier warns ‘something dreadful is coming’ following death of George Nkencho

14/01/2021 00:15:00

Hozier warns ‘something dreadful is coming’ following death of George Nkencho

Singer-songwriter Hozier has warned “something dreadful is coming” if the issue of “racial hatred” in Ireland is not addressed.

he musician took to Twitter to comment on the death of George Nkencho (27) who was shot six times by gardaí outside his home in west Dublin last month.Mr Nkencho, who had a history of mental health problems, was earlier alleged to have been involved in a confrontation at a local shop where he was armed with a knife and assaulted a staff member.

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Hozier, whose real name is Andrew Byrne, appealed to the country’s “white settled community” to “take very seriously the efforts that were made online to spread lies about George Nkencho and attack his family in the aftermath of this horrible event”.Read More

Candlelight vigil to be held in honour of George NkenchoMr Nkencho was alleged by some to have had criminal convictions, despite having had none.Hozier said: "The criminal investigation into the death of George Nkencho is to be welcomed, but regardless of how it turns out, this man was completely and utterly failed in his need for help. headtopics.com

"My heart breaks for his family and the loved ones he leaves behind. I cannot imagine the grief and trauma they are left with and I hope the family are offered the closure and justice they are due."The Bray native warned that “something dreadful is coming” unless people across the country start addressing racism.

“Until we as a nation (and global) community take seriously the growing threat of neo-facism and white supremacy and bring ourselves to investigate our own unobserved ethno-nationalistic sentiments this problem will only worsen with time,” he said.He condemned the circulation of false information and lies surrounding the tragedy on social media.

“It can’t be left to Ireland's black citizens and people of colour to fend off the injustice of racial hatred."It's something that is enabled by, takes root in, and is enacted by elements of our own community, and it is that very community which has the political representation and collective power to address and disassemble it.

"We all want to live in a country we can be proud of, and we all have a role to play in that,” he added. Read more: Independent.ie »

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OMG this was NOT a racial attack... People need to STOP calling it that.. the Gardaí done everything they could to stop him and he kept coming. They had to call armed response ffs Wow Twitter really brings out the worst in people We should all heed the words of a one trick pony. Dial it down a notch Hozier. Ireland isn't Alabama

Says the white boy who went to one of the most exclusive schools in the country! that would be his album then. Hozier and his ilk almost want a racial divide so as to capitalise on it. Also, it’s amazing how Hozier and the media has ignored the violence and intimidation in Blanchardstown after the shooting. Might have something to do with no journalists living there.

More massive street C-outs if the enrichment continues. I don't listen to low IQ hippies who subtly preach critical race theory and identity politics. 'White settled community' yeah on mr collective guilt. Why'd he close his twitter? If you can't take the heat stay out of the kitchen. More privileged lecturing nobody can answer

Hozier warns ‘something dreadful is coming’ what! another album? You mean more Hozier music? More knife producing scum Hope the guards sort them like they did a couple of weeks ago👌 Hes gonna release a new album I like his music what a shame he an idiot. Another do gooder celebrity offering his shitty opinion. If the shopworker had died at the hands of that vicious thug, Hozier wouldn't give a toss.

Ahh. 'modern', progressive, multi-culti Ireland. Turning out to be a violent, dis-civic and divided sh*thole, just like all the other experiments in multi culti society carried out elsewhere in Europe. He’s right. There is a racial education that needs to happen in Ireland. Our diversity only fully happened in the past 25 years. Although the shooting isn’t racial motivated the commentary afterwards has been.

What another album of his? I'm sorry now but what a fucking pussy even for soccer standards When is he going to shout his new songs at us? And the 'independent' is really bottomfeeding on this one. Any sane person will support the Guard. Tell me what makes this musicians an expert? His fame That was not a racial issue. Why are the media trying to stirr this up? The Irish people are not buying it.

This fella talks shite, he fails to understand that this man threatened people with a knife, he put people in fear for their lives, he was shot because he posed a danger to the public This is modern day Ireland of course something dreadful is coming, way to go Nostradamus. Gobshite hozier’s music More anti Irish comments from the prod surprise surprise.

Wanker The only people bringing race into this, is George Nkencho's family. It is tragic what happened and it has flushed out a lot of racists clowns on social media, but certainly no need to fuel the fire by chanting 'No justice, no peace, no racist police'. Hozier comments a total disgrace, betrayal of his people. As has Louisekennedy97 for writing such a skewed piece, 'alleged confrontation' photos of a man's slashed face obviously not enough to call this a hanous attack.

The lad was acting like a little scumbag throwing a knife around...and tried to knife the garda..one less dickhead in the world good George was failed by the state, just like all the others who need mental health services. He was shot with a knife in his hand attacking Gardai. The death is regrettable, but how can people say it was racially motivated. Hozier

RememberMyNoah 💙 Did he condemn the behaviour of his brother asking for the murder of 'The Fed' Read the article. He is talking about how George's family have been subjected to horrendous racist abuse, hate mail and threats. Is this what we have come to? We have to stand up against these vile actions. BlackLivesMatter

Something dreadfully like another Hozier song I fear. Stick to the shit music Hose man A new release? Something dreadful has already arrived. Hozier is worried about white supremacy while the people of Dublin West are worried if all Nigerians are carrying knives. Get back into your gated mansion there Hozier. GeorgeNkencho

More of his music? Is it another Hozier album? Called it out Hozier .well done A Stabbing ? We had that already !! But no mention of the Man traumatised from a broken Jaw by the ‘Victim’? JusticeForWayne Who is Hozier? Hozier stop trying to ignite trouble it isn't a race issue, if he was white the same thing would have happened.

No, please no, not another Stormzy album. Feck sake! Your new album? may god bless all girlfriend-beaters and family-batterers, aren't we all still catholic? You're a very good singer/songwriter please stay doing that and don't turn into another Bono, one is more than enough I agree with the aftermath & lies, but allowing the investigation to conclude is surely more responsible before wider conclusions are drawn by expert singer/songwriter/musicians!

A new album? christineomg5 Well he got himself noticed, any publicity is good publicity as they say. Sad tho 😔. christineomg5 People In the comment section have the privilege to ignore these warnings sadly the same can't be said for the rest of us.He is right something worse is coming sooner or later.

Incitement. Can he be impeached? “white settled community” ?!! I wonder did the person who’s face he slashed “know something dreadful was coming” One song wonder. How in Christ does he get so much coverage. A has been and self obsessed egomaniac But it can be left to Hozier and the Independent to preempt the investigation into this poor mans death and to set about stirring racial tension to a fever pitch. I don’t k ow the truth about why or how this man died. Neither does a once respectable newspaper trading scandal 4 👍

Who’s Nkencho? Helter-skelter seems to be coming alright Hozier the soyboy and who's never done a day's work in his life is outraged because he hasnt a clue about real life He basically saying the shooting was racially motivated. Way to go Hozy. Very helpful to the situation. Never heard of hozier, Tosser

Due to your qualification as a musician, I often repeat your social commentary and pass it off as my own opinion. ....he's releasing another single. Take him to church and lock the door behind him ffs What a soothsayer. Jedward in Eurovision? Stick to writing songs,who does he think he is,some kind of messiah,he annoys the fuck out of me.

Yeah Hozier is a reliable source🙄🙄 Please research case of Noah Donohoe (a little 14 year old Belfast boy ) who went missing in June and whose body was found naked in a storm drain 6 Days later .Thank you ,you can speak so eloquently on his poor mother’s behalf.x Not more music please New song idea for him: Take me to Hospital. You're welcome.

It's...not...a....racial....issue Wouldn’t worry too much about his opinion Yeah, it’s called media shit stirring So absolutely unacceptable to allow a crowd to gather for whatever reason under current guidelines- it’s actually not permitted but I suppose I’m not supposed to say that.... Hozier a new album?

No more than after John Carty killing - if anything a better way to deal with the mentally ill when armed and acting out will be found. If there isnt, it will be fought for. Yeah lots of BLM protests! 😬😬 Fear of hospitals is unusual. Was he working or on gardening leave prior to the incident? Maybe a memory of something upsetting...

He's obviously writing another song Poor lad. Seems like he's been radicalised on Twitter. Not a helpful comment Another fuckin album Is he releasing a new album?