How different would the world be if Hillary had won the last US presidential election?

Dan O'Brien: How different would the world be today if Hillary Clinton had won the last US presidential election?

28/05/2020 13:15:00

Dan O'Brien: How different would the world be today if Hillary Clinton had won the last US presidential election?

How different would the world be today if Hillary Clinton had won the last US presidential election? Since the pandemic changed the world, this question has been posed more than a few times.


Clinton's are awful. Corrupt, friends with bad people. Silly article Not as many people would die from covid and there wouldn’t be talk of shooting people because they demand justice. Weird. You had this tweet sent earlier too 😂 all the comments are from different people on this one but all saying the same thing. Hillary is not like by anyone😂

Scary to think off, definitely way more terrorist attacks and more wars, US economy in tatters mass unemployment etc etc etc It's would be like Venezuela now. Alot of kids dead... Who killary Clinton? Yea I can only imagine how many innocent people would be dead now! Economy in tatters . the left running wild . ISIL still in full flow causing havoc globally . A lot more people dead from COVID - 19 .

The world would be an even darker place. 2016 was stolen and we’re going to prove it if the woman to his left becomes President in 2024... More drone attacks. More Wars WWIII We would more than likely be up to our necks in WWIII It would have someone with some political and diplomatic savvy. Probably worse.

OMG Yes Yes Poor old Libtards, still stuck on Groundhog Day, wakes up each morning and Trump's still Presidential. America would be at war for sure and Jeff would or received a pardon! Corrupt, way more corrupt! But she lost so who cares 👍🏻 Well if Hillary won there would be alot more dead people in the middle east

a hell of a lot worse with Bill harassing young women unrestrained and the crime family's foundation flourishing. Do you realise how much blood she has on her hands ? A lot more than Trump , that’s for sure. I’m thinking , we wouldn’t be seeing the non stop bullying and disrespect shown to a POTUS ... and a generation of young people wouldn’t be thinking , that it’s OK to bully.

No point in thinking about it because she didn’t. If my aunt had balls she'd be my uncle. Bad. Imagine a president who could at least sound like an adult. Full scale war with Russia and Iran with Syria as the battleground. There wouldn't be one and I can say that with certainty She would have continued bombing the Middle East and the world would be in the midst of a war .

We would see the US totally destroyed and possibly a world war, ISIS out of control, north Korea and Iran full on nuclear power, etc. So thank God that witch didn't win. Love reading all the comments. Looks like people are woke as fuck in Ireland, many of ye following Q Parts of the middle east and Afghanistan would most certainly still be getting the shit bombed out of them.

If that monster killary won then we would be living in hell. And Bill the rat up to his eyeballs explaining his adventures to the Virgin Islands with Epstein and the Horny Prince..👿 I would say it would be worse. Now imagine a woman nuking ME A lot more people dead.... Thank God she didn’t More war Epstein would still be a live and America would be in more wars

Far, far better off. world war 3 Epstein would still be alive and North Korea would be a pile of ash. So many other things too but those are the first in my mind. Hmm, let me see... 🤔 Well, if you're calling for the implementation of a 'no-fly zone' over the airspace of a country (Syria) that has already invited in Russian aircraft to patrol its skies, I'd say that's a recipe for something like this 👇

It would be equally shit because they're equally as shit She won. She wasn’t allowed to serve. Myself and yourself Dan, would be lying side by side in a trench in a beautiful desert somewhere in the bowls of arrad Syria, convincing each other its for OUR freedom. War, war and more war. Laura Silsby was a missionary who went to Haiti and was arrested for abducting children. Guess who was funding her Hillary mf Clinton

About 80,000 American citizens would be alive and the other 20,000 a higher percentage would survive She is the embodiment of the decay. She relishes is the suffering of those who believe her.. Anyone who interacts with her is dicing with death. Hmm, let me see... 🤔 Well, if you're calling for the implementation of a 'no-fly zone' over the airspace of a country (Syria) that has already invited in Russian aircraft to patrol its skies, I'd say that's a recipe for something like this 👇

Covid 19 would be the least of our troubles. Nuclear winter? The Irish media's Hilary Clinton wankfest rolls on. She lost the election tough shit get over it. Clinton is a warmonger,she would have murdered millions of innocent women and children by now. Clinton is the devil incarnate In fact it would have been x100 worse. She would have dropped bombs all over the Middle East and provoked a direct conflict with Russia and China on Venezuela and Syria

Far, far worse than it is now. A serious war monger and serious dodgy friends yuk Well there wouldve been a large delivery of cigars to the White House on Day 1... Fact! There’s a reason people voted for Trump and not Hilary Clinton.. She is one of the most corrupt politicians in USA after Obama !! Accepting millions from Saudi for he Clinton foundation as well as defending child rapists when she was a practicing lawyer!!

USA will be to busy fighting some other war for petrol that they will not bother with covid19 What is “characteristically erratic” .... Could that also be defined as trying to find the truth if one is being led up the garden path! If the said narrative keeps changing so too does the objective to obtain truthful answers. Your unbiased views are trash

The US would be part of the United States of China. Hilary is pro war. Donald is anti war. Case closed. If my Aunt had 🏈 she'd be my uncle! No one knows, it's all speculation not much...i m afraid.. Much much worse. Hilary is a warmonger. Be a shit hole It seems the disdain for Hillary in the US almost eclipses that of the Donald...almost.

More children would be missing 😂 Exactly the same Really different horrible, it would effect the whole world and we wouldnt have known till it was too late. Question for you why arent u reporting president trump and all he has put up with in his presidency or even just report his news unbiasly? They would never have been caught for treason

If you know anything about Hillary them you will know that she visited Epsteins Island, not as many times as Bill though. Child trafficking, Pedos and a Satanic temple are some of the highlights of this vacation. Not fiction...Evidence on Weinsteins laptop. A far better place 🤦‍♂️ Shed still be dropping bombs on the Middle East just like BarackObama began. Likely there would be another war somewhere else and a few more people would be suicided

Wrong question,Real President Carter clarified this Hillary&Tim did win 2016 was stolen I'm sure even more wars would have been started by the evil bitch HillaryClinton .It doesn't matter GOP or DNC both are based on profiting from death and destruction......just of course as long as it happens far from US borders.

evil. simple as , the truth has emgerged about this women, and media fail to do their job, pizzagate. SRA, bengazi, and so much more, charity fraud , clinton body list , The business community in the US know that serious changes in trade with China were essential and essential for a long time, in particular because of developments over the last 10yrs.

'' if''....... What is he grabbing?

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