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Hong Kong activist Tony Chung charged with secession

Hong Kong activist Tony Chung is the first public political figure to be prosecuted under a national security law imposed by Beijing

29/10/2020 09:54:00

Hong Kong activist Tony Chung has been charged with secession, money laundering and conspiring to publish seditious content, the first public political figure to be prosecuted under a new national security law

Hong Kong activist Tony Chung is the first public political figure to be prosecuted under a national security law imposed by Beijing

He is the first public political figure to be prosecuted under a sweeping new national security law Beijing imposed on the city in June.If found guilty, he could face a prison sentence of between three years and life.The 19-year-old appeared in court two days after he was arrested in a Hong Kong coffee shop opposite the US consulate.

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The UK-based activist group Friends of Hong Kong said he had planned to enter the consulate to claim asylum.Mr Chung is a former member of Student Localism, a small group that advocated Hong Kong's independence from China.The group disbanded its Hong Kong network shortly before Beijing blanketed the city in its new security law but it has kept its international chapters going.

The new national security legislation outlawed a host of new crimes, including expressing political views such as advocating independence or greater autonomy for Hong Kong.Mr Chung and three other members of Student Localism were first arrested by a newly created national security police unit in July on suspicion of inciting secession via social media posts.

However, Mr Chung was arrested again on Tuesday morning by plainclothes police just metres away from the US consulate. A UK-based activist group calling itself Friends of Hong Kong put out a statement shortly afterwards saying it had been trying to arrange for him to enter the US consulate that day and apply for asylum.

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Was his gang not waving the American fleg and calling for America to invade Hong Kong. I think we are being played. in other words, illegal detention for some random crimes made-up by the authorities on the spot. The HongKong as we know is officially finished. Nowadays it is under authoritarian rule with state agents and HKGestapo everywhere. HongKongNeedsHelp

CCPChina has been criminalizing free speech in Hong Kong. Even worse, the tyranny is riding on its sharp power to contaminate the free world with the same approach. Actions must be taken before it's too late. CCP_is_terrorist save12hkyouths FreeTonyChung How the tide has turned! UK should walk it's talk, and quickly accept the 3 million BNO holders and their dependents.

SaveTonyChung StandWithHongKong Save12HKYouth save12 he just a kid, crazy policy How about something a bit closer to home? FreeAssange Is tyranny, tyranny, tyranny! They are not the ones who make faults. This situation is unprecedented and heart-wrenching. save12hkyouths TonyChung kerokero_HKer The World should say no to Tyranny! . Although facing the evil Chinazi, NationalSecurityLaw & PoliceBrutality, Hongkongers are not giving up! Sanction XiJinPing, CarrieLam, HKGov & CCP Officals! FreeHK SOSHK SAVE12HKYOUTHS StandWithHongKong AntiChinazi

kerokero_HKer HongKongProtester is resisting the evil CCP Chinazi & its shameless puppets for long time.. So much pain, PoliceBrutality, Exhausted & Traumatized.. but HKer is not going to give up hope, justice & humanright.. HongKonger HongKongNeedsHelp FreeHK StandWithHK If words from a 19yo can cause secession to a country, I don’t think the country is such a strong one. The boy is done nothing wrong in exercising his freedom of speech! FreeTonyChung StandWithHongKong

PWD901 If CCP considers this young boy a threat to national security, perhaps the regime is already at the point of collapse StandWithHongKong FreeTonyChung save12hkyouths The CCP once again made young people disappear from the public eye. He were politically persecuted under the 'CCP Security Law.' But the real 'crime' he committed was simply because he deeply loved Hong Kong😔

All his charges are excuses under the national security law. HK save12hkyouths MilkTeaAlliance StandWithBelarus Political prosecution doesn't need a reasonable reason in Hong Kong. Only need to provide a vulnerability reason from the executioner. SSILoveHK We have nothing to lose now Youths are perilous in HK today. hk police like to stop and search them at anytime and anywhere. save12hkyouths HK MilkTeaAlliance StandWithBelarus

This is a pure political prosecution of student activists by CCP China. The NationalSecurityLaw is a serious threat to the freedoms, human rights and personal security of both local or foreign people in Hong Kong. StandWithHongKong Chinazi FreeTonyChung China detain them by suggesting that they are terrorists Now,they are doing the same China no doubt is tyranny StandWithHongKong FreeTonyChung

thank you for speaking up for the arrested youngsters; in Hong Kong, youngsters can be mysteriously arrested by the Hong Kong police in the name of national security law SaveTonyChung PoliceState What a joke. A young man less than 20 is prosecuted with charges like an international terrorist! Is this rule of law or rule by law? StandWithHongKong save12hkyouths FreeTonyChung

Why would a 19 year old charged w/ succession? This is purely a speech crime. The CCP is trying to threaten us and keep our mouth shut. F_uck you. FreeTonyChung StandWithHongKong FreeTonyChung save12hkyouths 😭please FreeTonyChung🙌🏻 He just wants to live in freedom😢 Ccp is now using different means to oppress activists in hk. standwithhk save12hkyouths

Hong Kong will be the biggest concentration camps in the world CCP is so afraid of brave students & youths who stand against them & protect their right of free speech. This evil party, puppet HK gov, its watchdog HK police are killing the freedom of HK ppl, destroying HK future. CCP must be sanctioned i& eliminated. standwithhk

The new law has become terrible weapon for Beijing to arrest pro-democracy activists. Hong Kong has lost the freedom of speech completely. Chung was denied bail. That means a 19-year-old boy is being detained 4 his speech n w/o trial. StandWithHongKong save12hkyouths Save12HKYouth China CCP 🇨🇳 has decided to hunt all of us 🇭🇰 ➡️ Free Speak out is not allowed ➡️ Seeking asylum is not allowed The only thing allowed by 🇨🇳 is to shut up & stay 😡🤬

'RuLe By LaW' FreeTonyChung PoliceState Trumped up charges are tactics for strangling our freedom of speech. Any pro democracy contents could be redefined as seditious contents under the National Security Law. Illegal arrest of 3 dissidents as the 12 youths needed to be save. CCP is worser than Nazi and ISIS to kidnapping and making genocide step by step. Whole world 7 billions must stand together to exterminate CCP asap for own safety.

This is rule by law. SOS from HongKong CCP China’s testing response from international community The foreign gentle disagreement is only agreement to the dictators NeverAgain NewNazi NoMorePeacefulPolicy since China openly arrested a 19 yo youth avoiding him to flee in US consult in HK Welcome to the white terror era in Hong Kong - the national security law is a curse to HK.

This is ridiculous a 19-year-old boy can subvert the power of CCP, totally nonsense to detain Tony Chung. Is CCP that fragile? StandWithHongKong FreeTonyChung

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