Homes found for over 100 families in past two months

More than 100 families who were living in emergency accomodation in Dublin found new homes in March and April, according to Focus Ireland.

23/05/2020 15:37:00

More than 100 families who were living in emergency accomodation in Dublin found new homes in March and April, according to Focus Ireland.

More than 100 families who were living in emergency accomodation in Dublin found new homes in March and April, according to Focus Ireland.

According to Department of Housing figures, 1,103 families were homeless in Dublin in March, including 2,491 children.The charity said it worked with Dublin City Council and Dublin Region Homeless Executive to find homes for 52 households in March and 54 in April.

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 These families included 233 children.Meanwhile, the number of families becoming homeless has fallen from an average of around 90 a month, to 32 in March and just 14 in April.However, a Focus Ireland spokesperson said the charity is extremely worried that there could be a new surge in the number of families becoming homeless if a temporary rent freeze and ban on evictions, introduced in response to the Covid-19 crisis, are lifted.

The measures were put in place for three months on 27 March.Earlier this month Minister for Housing Eoghan Murphy said that he could "foresee them being extended, but that decision hasn't been made by Cabinet". Read more: RTÉ News »

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