Donal De Buitlear, Simon Harris, Irish Congress Of Trade Unions, Irish Hospital Consultants Association

Donal De Buitlear, Simon Harris

Harris will treat ‘ageist’ attacks on him by consultants with contempt

Minster says Government will pay for deal on pay parity with doctors if agreement reached

10/10/2019 01:45:00

Minister for Health Simon Harris has said he will treat personalised “ageist-type” attacks on him by hospital consultants with contempt

Minster says Government will pay for deal on pay parity with doctors if agreement reached

‘Gets upset’Mr Harris said on Wednesday that “when you invite one representative body, the other gets upset, gets together a couple of doctors and decide a vote of no confidence in you”.He said the IHCA represented many excellent doctors and superb clinical leaders. However he said “personalised ageist-type attacks will be treated with contempt by me”.

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The Minister said the initial talks with the IMO on pay parity for consultants and reforms such as the recent Donal de Buitléir, report, which examines phasing out of private practice from public hospitals, would commence next Thursday.Mr Harris said the IHCA should not dismiss the very important issues highlighted in the report on private practice in public hospitals.

“If we are to reform our health service we need to look at the facts of private practice in public hospitals. We are out of step with so many countries. I have been very clear that I do not think that is a sustainable position.”FundedSpeaking at a briefing on Budget 2020, the Minister indicated that if an agreement was reached by Government with medical organisations , it would be funded.

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Ageism doesn't exist, because there are laws against it. JobPath told me that so it must be true. Peevish & puerile. ProfPayEquality & other highly-qualified medical professionals have been stressing the need for collegiality & collaboration between them & politicians. This reaction is unworthy of their work & the Office of Minister imo. GretaThunberg is 16. carecantwait

Headline could read “Failing Minister For Health Attempts to Spin a commentary on his competence from doctors as attack on his age: But his Age was never once mentioned by the Doctors” Relative youth is irrelevant. He’s just as bad as politicians twice his age Is Dominic Cummings moonlighting as SimonHarrisTD political advisor?carecantwait blamethedoctors blametheeu

God love him,poor babe. He’s a master of spin. With the millions they pay on media consultants it’s no surprise. He should have been sacked years ago. So hospital consultants are still pissed off because someone dared to treat them as employees, and not the little gods they believe themselves to be? James Reilly was a middle aged doctor and they weren’t mad about him, Varakdkar a younger one, harney, noonan. What do they want?

Great state of mind going forward. play victim while the best people in our society have been working their arses off to save lives. How about you cut tax and give them what they need . Think Simon needs some time in an exclusion zone Could be a hate crime ? ha ha ha As he rides off on his BMX to go home for tea to play his Xbox.

How is this gobshite still in office? He makes an art form of incompetence. SimonHarrisTD where in that statement did you see an “ageist” attack? Doctors ,nurses and people on trolleys or waiting lists are already feeling your and FG/FF contempt each and every day. One of his two special advisers in an Irish Times journo. She keeps her Identity Politics Key Concepts in her purse at all times

In other words... ”I’M GOING TO MY ROOM!” What about the non-personalised attacks on his professional performance by hospital consultants? He’ll treat those with contempt too I suppose. It is wrong to attack his age when we should be attacking his complete and utter ineptitude SimonHarrisTD seems to be conflating experience and age. Just as he conflates promising to reduce waiting lists and watching them lengthen.

Here's a suggestion for how to express your contempt SimonHarrisTD We should treat his stint as Minister for Health with contempt Simon 'The Bitch' Harris Is Muppet an ageist attack on Harris? Or would it be considered an anthropomorphic attack on a muppet to compare Harris to one? Oh God SimonHarrisTD this is fucking sad

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