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Coronavirus, Covid-19

Harris says mandatory self-isolation for two weeks for those arriving in Ireland from next week

The Minister for Health addressed reporters this evening.

22/05/2020 19:37:00

Anyone arriving in Ireland will have to fill out a mandatory passenger location form and could face follow-up checks to ensure that people are staying where they said they would be.

The Minister for Health addressed reporters this evening.

Also from next week, anyone arriving in Ireland will have to fill out a mandatory passenger location form and could face follow-up checks to ensure that people are staying where they said they would be.Harris also said at a press conference this evening that no non-essential travel outside Ireland should take place in the immediate future.

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The government will continue to monitor proposals for mandatory self-isolation regimes, he said.“We continue to advise everyone against non-essential travel,” Harris said. “However, if a person does arrive into Ireland, they will legally obliged to fill out this form, regardless of their nationality.

The Form will be used to facilitate a system of follow up checks to make sure people who travel to the country are staying where they said that they would. The Form will also ensure more accurate and quicker contact tracing, should we have a confirmed case on a flight or ferry coming into Ireland. “Every measure we take is aimed at stopping the spread of Covid-19 and protecting people from this virus. This is no different.”

New regulations set to take effect from Thursday 28 May will provide for fines of up to €2,500 or up to six months’ imprisonment for the following:- Failure to complete and give the form to a relevant person- Providing information that to the person’s knowledge is false or misleading (whether on the form, when presenting the form, or in subsequent follow-up checks)

- Failure to provide further information to a relevant person upon request (who suspects that the form has not been completed properly)- Failure to update residence or contact details if they change within 14 days of arrival into the State.There are a number of exceptions where people will not have to complete this form, and that includes aircraft crew, diplomats and international transport workers.

#Open journalism No news is bad news Support The Journal Your contributions will help us continue to deliver the stories that are important to youSupport us nowThese rules will initially last until 18 June, when they will be reviewed.The measures were criticised as “unworkable” and “unimplementable” by Ryanair CEO Eddie Wilson (Michael O’Leary is the CEO of the wider Ryanair group).

He told RTÉ’s Drivetime that it “dent confidence on people travelling to Ireland”.“It sounds great but it doesn’t work,” he said. “You’re saying to people Ireland is closed, when Spain is open, Greece and Portugal as well. We need to restore air links and air travel.”

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In the UK, it was announced this evening that similar measures will come into effect on new arrivals from 8 June. However, it won’t apply to people coming from Ireland.Harris said today he was eager to align as closely as possible to the UK in this regard.


Could🙄🙄😂 Sure we have no need of overseas tourists or business people- do we ? 🧐 we can just grow potatoes and scallions and isolate ourselves on our little island forever So I can come in file the form, then get on the bus, travel to location, then if I notify them of change of location I can get on the bus , and repeat and when I am done , get on the bus back to the airport . Perfect no bother ,

Could face means wont face, also you can just swan down here from the north with no stopping so just arrive into northern ireland & tipp in down to the south. Seriously?Minister. Yet people from the worst affected country in Europe are exempt? WTF, where is the logic?Can journalists finally start asking proper questions? How about: What’s the point of locking down 5m people if 1.8m people from NI can freely travel wherever they want on the island?

HEY! Anybody arriving into Ireland will be arrested and fined €2,500 as soon as they travel 5 Kms from the airport. I'll be ringing 999 if I see a tourist and demanding that they are arrested until and UNLESS travel restriction distances are lifted for us RURAL NATIVES first!! Hey, wait! How are they going to get to where they will be staying? Are they all going to sleep in the airport or what? Irish people cannot go more than 5kms from their home. I have seen no member of my family since March because they live too far away in rural Ireland.

4 / 6 weeks to late 🙄🙄, seriously think we have idiots running this country.... How do some of these people get up in the morning😳😳 2 months later 😂😂 Stable door. Horse has bolted Good plan. Should have been done weeks ago Isolated yourself and get some Education I hope the HSE personnel will remain assigned at Irish airports, and that this does not fall to airline crew to distribute these forms on board! SimonHarrisTD

“Could” the escape word. Sounds perfect and a great idea in theory but over the last week I've seen dozens of English registration high end cars (mercedes, land rovers etc) travelling off the boat in Rosslare. A few of those are guaranteed to have brought the virus with them, what do we do about them?

That came out weeks ago. It will fall apart as the EU will onject Not could but should Approx 15k test/day capacity currently available in Ireland but 3k test/day being conducted. Is it not possible to test all arriving passengers using this spare capacity?Passengers still fill out form 2,3 day mini quarantine until results available.PCR not antibody serology test

This should have been done before Cheltenham Took the prick this long to make that decision. SeanCorcoran988 Fill in form, go away and do whatever you like. Give me a break. And 10 weeks too late when virus is extinguished?! Ridiculous. Pure optics. KateMcLoughney 👀 About 2 months late ... should have been in from the start ☹

Could face follow up checks!, should be 'Will' face follow up checks. Let's be serious about this. For a moment there I thought I'd travelled back in time to February. Too little too late, Ratweasel. 😂 😂 why didn’t everyone do this when the virus surfaced in China... Probably too late but better than nothing. Face up to 6mths prison or 2500eu fine. Very good penalties. Come to our country, obey our laws.

Ffs I want to go away on holidays with my family for the sake of my mental health. Could face?!! 🤔Think that means won't face!! 😔 “Could face follow up checks”. In other words: “ah go on through, your grand, try fill out the form but if you don’t it’s fine. Go ahead and go wherever the *you know* you want”.

And if they are not where they should be SimonHarrisTD ? We don’t have OT for gardainfo to police this? Months too late.

Govt to sign-off on measures for international arrivalsThe Government is expected to make it mandatory for all travellers arriving in Ireland to provide an address to gardaí and to self-isolate there for two weeks. So reading that I can fly into Belfast and then drive down south no problem? Have I interpreted that correctly Locked us down in March. End of May they decide to begin restricting travel into the country. 🤡 world. ..and how will they communicate to the Northern Ireland authorities just who is intending to cross the border?

Irish troops in Lebanon to return home at the end of next month after Covid-19 delayUpon arrival in Ireland, personnel will be required to spend 14 days in self-isolation.

Govt confirms new measures for all arrivals to IrelandThe Minister for Health Simon Harris has said that from next week all passengers arriving into the country will be legally required to complete a passenger locator form. 3 months too late Simon. Who is going to police it? Any chance you could sort out the sound for the journalists RTE

Ministers to discuss mandatory self-isolation for anyone entering countryCabinet ministers will meet this afternoon to consider the latest public health advice about coronavirus.

Coronavirus Ireland Live Updates: Government approves mandatory locator form for passengers arriving from overseas Coronavirus Ireland Live Updates: Government approves mandatory locator form for passengers arriving in Ireland from overseas A form ....... that’ll sort it ! Till when?

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