Mother-And-Baby Homes

Mother-And-Baby Homes

Groups welcome access to data on mother-and-baby homes

Representative groups of former residents of mother-and-baby homes have welcomed last night's Government announcement regarding access to information for those affected by 'historical' abuses

29/10/2020 09:50:00

Representative groups of former residents of mother-and-baby homes have welcomed last night's Government announcement regarding access to information for those affected by 'historical' abuses

Representative groups of former residents of mother-and-baby homes have welcomed last night's announcement by Government regarding access to information for those affected by historical abuses.

The Government has clarified that adoptees and survivors of mother-and-baby homes are legally entitled to access their personal data.However those seeking information through GDPR laws will have to prove their application does not infringe on the rights of others.

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A row over the treatment of sensitive data currently in the possession of the Mother and Baby Homes Commission of Investigation has caused widespread distress for adoptees and survivors, and led to a political backlash that has taken the coalition by surprise.

In a statement last night, the Government said it had a "detailed reflection" on the issues raised in recent days and "acknowledges and regrets the genuine hurt felt by many people".Minister for Children Roderic O'Gorman said he consulted with the office of the Attorney General who confirmed that GDPR laws do apply to the archive - meaning people will have a right to access personal information.

However, he told RTÉ News that anyone seeking to get information will have to prove that doing so does not infringe on the rights of others, and does not undermine the work of the commission of investigation.In a joint statement, the Adoption Rights Alliance, Justice for Magdalenes Research and the Clann Project say the Government's commitment to work closely with the Data Protection Commission to vindicate the rights of people who experienced forced family separation abuses, is a clear and welcome departure from previous policy.

The representative organisations have called for swift recruitment of data protection law expert committees, to administer the data protection obligations of the department and TUSLA.They also suggest that independent expertise should also be provided to the Adoption Authority of Ireland and other controllers of adoption and institutional records.

The Adoption Rights Alliance, Justice for Magdalenes Research and the Clann Project say the Government's announcement has relevance for its handling of the de facto "sealed" archives of the McAleese Committee and the Ryan Commission, among other commissions of inquiry and additional sources of records of closed, secret, forced adoption and related "historical" abuses.

They point out that the GDPR also applies to non-State data controllers.Regarding the promise of a national archive of records related to institutional trauma during the 20th century, the representative groups warmly welcome the opportunity for Ireland to establish a human rights-based, world-leading inclusive approach to acknowledging and documenting its history of institutional and gender-related abuse.

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"The State must depart from previous habits of excluding and compartmentalising people. Nobody can be left behind", they say.The three organisations say they look forward to working with the Oireachtas Committee on Children on the legislation which will underpin the national archive.

"Although GDPR applies already, dedicated legislation is desirable to give further clarity on personal data rights, but also crucially to allow access to those affected, first and foremost, to broader administrative records."On the timeline for publication of the report, which will be delivered to Minister Roderic O’Gorman tomorrow, they say it must allow the Attorney General to decide if prosecutions might be impacted by the release of sections of the report.

"We hope that the Garda Commissioner is also involved in that deliberation about what prosecutions might result. This is important work and should be given very careful consideration."They have welcomed other measures announced by the Government, including the provision of health and well-being supports for those who wish to avail of them and its commitment to proceed with the legislation to provide for sensitive and appropriate actions at the burial site at the former mother-and-baby Home at Tuam.

The Cabinet has committed to publishing the report as soon as possible but so far there is no definite timeline of when that will be. Read more: RTÉ News »

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No MichealMartinTD this is not true. Numerous legal experts pointed out where you were breaking European law. The bill was unnecessary and a reckless use of the law to archive information that should be accessible to parties concerned. '...aah we had yis goin' there for a while lads...fair believed us ye did..big shoutout to miggo in the aras for rolling with it...'

The only motivation behind the legislation was to bury the files for 30 yrs,and Mr Martin continues to insult survivors with this spin doctors nonsense. Do you think Mr Martin would do a u-turn if he thought they were going to get away with this, not a hope in hell. How many will be prosecuted for the babies found in the septic tank? What happened to those innocent souls? Who is responsible? How much did the church earn for selling children? I’m so ashamed of the Catholic Church

Guy who set up Redress scheme in 2004 that made survivors sign NDA's. Last week that very same guy wanted those survivor's testimonies to be sealed for 30yrs. We see right trough you MichealMartinTD Michael martin in a different world you trying to cover up for Catholic church murders Defending the government by ...laughing at the question.

The fuck is he laughing at 😡 Our illustrious leader 🙄 Can he not just hold his hands up and say they did a terrible job last week, their communication was atrocious, they weren't open to discussion in any way shape or form, and then they tried to blame the outcome on opposition parties. No shred of humility in them at all.

So Micheál Martin throws Roderic O'Gorman under the bus & tells blatant lies. Sure didn't Micheál give anonymity to other peedos? GDPR was mentioned several times to them. They wouldn't accept amendments and forced this through This wasn't a clarification... This was a Uturn. fiannafailparty ...mantra.... we should have done this .. etc etc

Laughing at hiding their crimes as usual. MichealMartinTD needs to resign, immediately. There is absolutely nothing laughable about this matter. “Has the government sustained damage from its whole handling of this controversy” Let’s be clear. The controversy is the state abuse selling and burying babies. Although from their point of view the backlash is controversial. Let’s not forget the real elephant in the room.

Yea, I'd say the survivors of it are really excited to talk to them, they'll be treated the same as the members of the cervical cancer scandal, told they'd not do something and then the next day just go and do it anyway Wouldn't trust this government to look after my dog Why is it funny? Why is this man Taoiseach?

Why is he smirking? MichealMartinTD St Patricks home lied to my mother. CPRS / Cunamh lied to me at 18 and again at 38. I broke the law, four days later I stood in front of my birth mother and learned the truth. Why should we trust you now RepealTheSeal motherandbabyhome Nobody believes you, chap. Nobody

Well he would, wouldn't he? The mere use of the word “legacy issues” speaks volumes here. They are not legacy issues, they are here & now real people. Heartbreaking attitude for survivors to have to deal with. This was wrong from the get go. Every body in the country could see that but all the FF FG and Greens voted to pass it. Political suicide. Majority of TDs in the Dáil shouldn't be there.

So, removes the opportunity they have for justice in their life time. Now willing to meet them for a photo opportunity. Seems unnecessarily cruel. Made a mistake about Peter Tatchell too. Looks like mistakes will be his Ministerial legacy. A bit like Minister Donnelly meeting the 221 group in advance of the cervicalcheck tribunal We know how that one went. Why waste any time engaging with these people... They are not genuine or even interested... It's only for the optics.

NO EXCUSE! COMPLETELY UNQUALIFIED TO BE A MINISTER WITH THIS PORTFOLIO! but then ... PoliticsIsPanto Sneaky Greens and Sneaky Roderic have been exposed. johnjoechad Resign. Disgusting. He should resign. It only became a mistake as soon as they all realised their seats were on the line... He can go and resign! Should have spoken before he rushed through legislation a, why didn’t he ask our advocates to screen it first! Typical bureaucrats they know better than survivors and victims! Even the word “willing” is insulting! Time to play hardball , I’m over pussyfootng

What I fail to understand with this Minister is why he is only now saying he will meet groups. This has been going on for years and we know the worst way to treat people who have faced these unreal situations is to ignore them. A mistake, they were warned about this, that’s incompetence. We also have the cervical inquiry shambles, terminally ill medical card fight. Why does it take citizens who are suffering injustices to have to put needed energy into fighting the state that has clearly let them down😡

We should be celebrating the fact that a Minister acknowledges that he made a mistake, an important step in restoring faith in politics Seek forgiveness eh rodericogorman ! Wow, I'm sure they would be so grateful to hear that. It's not like anyone told you before. You done it, or that you didn't do it deliberately. You little weasal

they need their file without it being full of redacted info. How are they ever going to learn the truth.

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Cabinet agrees plan on mother-and-baby home informationThe Government has clarified that adoptees and survivors of mother and baby homes are legally entitled to access their personal data | So hysteria for nothing? No more like the government seen a petition with 193,000 people, this u turn wasn't off their own back. But what about researchers and other academics who want to tie together an understanding of what happened?

Mother and Baby Home survivors can seek access to personal recordsMinister says information from commission will be available if request passes ‘two tests’ Apparently only if it does'nt infringe on the rights of others. Who are the others? Mothers Fathers Priests Staff Nuns GOVERNMENT So i have to ensure their rights are protected before I can obtain my information? IF this Country had proper leadership the head line would read, Minister confirms Mother and Baby Home survivors have unobstructed and assisted access to personal records, this is their lives here not the states. So? that's a basic data protection right. You need access to all records that relate to you not just your personal ones, there is a difference. Isn't there?

Govt announces plan for survivors of Mother and Baby Homes to access recordsTHE Government has announced a plan for survivors of Mother and Baby Homes to access personal information about themselves under data protection legislation and GDPR rules. In a statement tonight, …

Government to set up archive of records related to institutional trauma in 20th centuryThe government this evening released a statement on Mother and Baby Homes, saying it 'acknowledges and regrets' the hurt felt by people in Irish society ‘We’re sorry ye feel how ye do’ is such a FG apology. i.e. it’s not an apology. Honestly how the hell are we continually putting up with this bullshit. Lazy ass legislation, constant inefficiencies, budget overruns (to put it mildly), casual corruption at every turn and absolute peak incompetence at every level of management. When is enough, enough? When?

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